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Type of Massage:
Therapeutic & Erotic
$ 95 / 60 minutes
$ 130 / 90 minutes
$ 165 / 120 minutes
$ 285 / 180 minutes
$ 100 / 60 minutes
$ 140 / 90 minutes
$ 170 / 120 minutes
$ 385 / 180 minutes
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About Spa2U's Massage


I have multiple certifications in Thai Massage, an ancient healing practice where your body is gently placed in yoga like stretches while being rhythmically massaged and your acupressure points stimulated. It requires me to use my entire body; mostly my hands and feet, but also my arms, legs, knees, elbows and torso to reduce the tension trapped in your body. (If you like feet I am your guy.) This can be a very intimate massage as I manipulate your body into the various stretches in order to reach the various muscle groups, the stretch also allows me to penetrate deeper without damaging or bruising the surrounding tissues.

Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, also known as the loving touch is a widely known for it's benefits on the nervous system and the lymphatic system. It is deeply soothing and extremely sensual. My hands glide over your entire body penetrating deep into problem areas. I initially learned from a master of the art on the Big Island - the key is in the rhythm of the stroke, like waves licking the shore.

Can't decide which one to do? Try the Thai Me Up Lomi Down Half Spa Day - 90 minutes Thai massage followed by an ayurvedic facial massage and a 90 minute Lomi Lomi. The Thai Massage will beat the knots and stress out of you while the Lomi Lomi's wave like strokes and gentle kneading pulls any remaining stress and tension right out of you. Ask for availability and pricing.

I book up really fast, to secure your appointment schedule it 24 hours in advance.


Text is the fastest way to reach me.

The above listed rates are strictly for therapeutic massage.

Erotic Massage Rates are as Follows:

$150 for 60 min

$180 for 90 min

$240 for 120 min

$385 for half Spa Day

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  • December 07, 2014


    Was able to catch Houston last minute, luckily he had a opening due to the holiday. I received a therapeutic table massage and I was extreamly satisfied. The consistency of pressure was constant throughout, and he checked in with me a couple of times which was appreciated. His apartment was clean and welcoming, and Houston was very friendly and passionate about what he does. I can't wait to come back and try his thai and shiatsu combination massage. Male massage review by Eman (1 review)
  • July 08, 2013


    I just had my second massage with Houston. Unbelievably, it was even better than my first, which I didn’t think was possible. I got to his studio, which, like before, was immaculately clean and smelled amazing. And somehow, he looked even better than he did the first time I met him. My first experience with Houston was a Thai massage on a mat on the floor, where he used his feet more than half the time – it was an amazing experience and was the reason I came back. This time, he had his table out and said he was going to use his recent training in Hawaii to try a modified Lomi-Lomi massage on me. I was very skeptical. My Thai massage with him was so amazing, why mess with a good thing, right? I shouldn’t have worried. I’ve asked Houston to work as deeply on me as possible. This massage was everything I could have wanted. He used his hands, arms and elbows to get deeper into my muscles than any masseur has ever gone. And then, he would break up this extremely intense work with gentler strokes that felt truly heavenly – and this is coming from someone who has never liked gentle strokes from masseurs. At one point in the massage, when he could somehow tell I was distracted thinking about the stressful week I had, he put a blindfold over my face to help me relax. This actually made me focus on the massage and made the whole experience much more erotically intense. When he felt me tense up, he worked those areas to help me loosen up. When he felt my body melt to his touch, which happened several dozen times, he kept that stroke going to keep me in that moment longer. I told Houston emphatically that he needed to go extremely deep on me, and he really did – passing the point most masseurs would have stopped out of fear or hurting their client. But Houston really knows the human body and how much it can take. He took total control over my body in a way I didn’t think was possible. It is evident after the first five minutes of his work that Houston takes massage extremely seriously and has studied and practiced to perfect his trade. All I kept thinking throughout the massage is “how does he know exactly what I need?” It’s like he was reading my mind and giving me the massage I had only dreamed of before. The massage was both therapeutic and sensual from start to finish. Houston integrates it all seamlessly without sacrificing any benefits of the massage. It was one of the most surreal physical experiences I have ever had and I will remember it always. Call Houston now – meeting him will be the best thing you’ve done for your body in a long time. Male massage review by T (1 review)
  • December 31, 2012


    This was my third visit to Houston (and my third review), and he's more amazing every time. He takes absolute control of the massage in a gently authoritative way, and this time the stretches were even more therapeutic than previously, as was the erotic element, which is fully integrated throughout. Although he's a much younger and hotter guy than I am, he made me feel very special, with an intimacy that is warm and friendly. We once again had a very good conversation in the beginning phase of the massage-he's a super interesting guy to talk to. My last massage with him was the best I ever had...until today. I recommend him with great enthusiasm! Male massage review by Tom (15 reviews)
  • November 13, 2012


    I recently went to see Houston. Amazing experience. Very profesional, very clean and quiet cozy place. It is located in the middle of downtown. But the Massage is worth the parking hassle. I picked the therapeutic massage option for 70 usd. and I walked in in pain and left in bliss. For you gym goers and athletes I do highly recommend his Therapeutic massage. I have had many therapeutic and I really enjoyed how he incorporated stretching into the session as he massaged you. It wasn't just massage then stretch it was both at the same time. He used his feet a lot which was a huge plus because it really adds to the pressure for those that enjoy deep pressure. Overall I gave it at an 8 because I am a damn picky person but he is pretty damn awesome... Highly recommend this guy Male massage review by j (5 reviews)
  • July 10, 2014


    Booking an appointment with Houston was simple and straightforward. He was friendly and easy and we booked a Thai me up Lomi down combo massage for a couple days later. I went to his place downtown. The building was cool and the parking was easy. Houston's massage was well worth the trek downtown. Houston is friendly, attractive and he knows what he is doing. He started with an amazing detailed Thai 90 minute massage done on a mat on the floor using his hands, feet and entire body.It was really amazing. I mean, really. Afterward, my body felt moved, stretched and released. It was one of the best massages experiences I have ever had. He puts so much of himself and so much energy into the work. It was remarkable. We then moved to the table and lovely relaxing 90 minute Lomi Lomi massage that was equally as effective but entirely different than the floor work. Smooth long strokes and the easy working of the muscles left me completely relaxed. I highly recommend the combo. It was a special afternoon of body work. I'll be back. Male massage review by Bill (1 review)

More about his massage services

Therapeutic & Erotic
1 day
Cash, Credit Cards
Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Night
3 Years
Table, Floor, Mat
Acupressure , Anma , Chair Massage , Erotic , Lomi Lomi , Manual Lymphatic Drainage , Neuromuscular , Reiki , Shiatsu , Thai , Thai Herbal Massage , Yoga
Massage Oil, Various, Alba Botanica Lotion
Wide Range
incall, outcall, hotel, travel
I'm professionally trained with multiple certifications in Thai Massage, Reikli, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Shiatsu. Also certified as a yoga teacher and as a personal trainer. I am dedicated to making your body look and feel it's absolute best. Message me to schedule your appointment today.

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27,255 times
Downtown LA

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Body Grooming
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Hair styling
Inversion Table Therapy
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Mud treatments
Nutrition Consulting
Personal Training
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Yoga Instruction

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