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June 2015<br />Jeffery
Above Photo Uploaded: June 2015
Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Custom, Therapeutic Touch,
Swedish Massage, Sports Massage...
$ 250 / 60 minutes
$ 300 / 60 minutes
  • June 2015<br />Jeffery
  • June 2015<br />Jeffery
  • June 2015<br />Jeffery
  • June 2015<br />Jeffery

About Jeffery's Massage

6' 3, 240 lbs, long-time masseur: therapeutic, healing, extremely body-sensitive and aware. Licensed as a massage therapist since 1994 and nationally certified for massage in 1993.........the massage is both intensely therapeutic and extremely RELAXING. Strong, gentle, huge hands. I am a relaxed, very strong, empathetic muscle daddy. Trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology. Large space in a 1920's Spanish-style Los Angeles home with EASY street parking, fireplace, shower available. Street parking open all day on opposite side of street and both sides for nights.
Combination massage rates start at $250 (incall) per hour, and outcall starting at $275/300, the $275 for very close clients (not late at night). My Combo Sports Massage incorporates internal stretching, among other interesting modalities. I focus almost entirely on deep and very deep Man on Man Massage, Male Massage, Combo Massage and Combination Massage.

Please be very serious about an appointment and making logistics work, as well as being ready to schedule it, when you choose to call me. I don't really do "standard massage," generally, other than as described above, but ask me about therapeutic massage, no release requested, if you are truly interested in a massage of that type, and rates will be provided. I do amazing standard massage, so expect those rates to be considerably higher than what you might expect.

Chicago April, 2015:

Downtown by Rush Hospital Sunday Apr 19, 2015, and Monday morning. By O'hare in another hotel for rest of Monday - all day and evening.
Payment by PayPal possible only when I know you, trust you, and you have a PayPal account available to use to pay me. Otherwise, please take the money out of the bank and make a cash payment, please.

Travel: Call or text to make appt. if you want faster service. Please include your CELL NUMBER if you want a quick response.

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  • May 24, 2012


    I met Jeffery at LB pride where he was providing 10min massage samples for m4m massage. I am a really thick muscled guy and work my off weight lifting in the gym, and so I am constantly on the look out for someone strong-looking that provides great massages for a guy built like me who trains as hard as I do. I have been unsuccessful thus far in finding a massage therapists that suites my needs, that is until I met Jeff at LB pride! I am glad I stopped by that tent man!! When Jeff put his hands on me after I sat on the massage chair at pride, I instantly knew I finally found the right massage guy!! His grip and pressure was instantly relaxing. I was just melting in the massage chair and because the massage was so good... I even went so far to ask him if he would massage my chest too, which he did. In 10 minutes - maybe a little more I think - (seem like it), he massaged my entire back, traps, shoulders, arms, and chest. His grip and pressure on my muscles was not only therapeutic, it was equally strong, deep, and without any pain. Most other massage therapists I have gone to seem to think they need to resort to their elbows to get deep enough in me - I hate that and it doesn't feel good. Jeff uses his body weight, his strong hands, and forearms in a very therapeutic and way. Needless to state, of course when I got home that night I immediately looked him up on this site to make an appointment. The next day I sent him a text and he booked me that night. The whole body massage experience I received from Jeff that evening was just as I expected. His home his calming as you walk to his door - lots of landscape, he provided me his shower with a towel both before and after my massage, and he was warm and welcoming. He explored my muscles in a way that demonstrated professionalism, experience, and knowledge that would allow him to provide a client-specific experience that catered to my massage needs. He identified areas that needed extra attention, and if they were intimate, personal area's - he would politely ask and confirm with me if it was OK if he provided service to those area. He is quite the professional. I have a specific area where my hamstrings originate - the ischial tuberosity - that is quite knotted, tight, and scarred. Stretching has not helped thus far, nor has any other massage therapist or chiropractor been knowledgeable enough to position me in the correct manner to be able to access that area for proper treatment. Not Jeff! He knew hot to position my legs in a manner that was comfortable so that he could rub and breakdown the scar tissue in the area of my ischial tuberosty. My hamstring have not felt as loose as they did that night in years. Not only did my hamstrings feel good, I had this feeling of complete relaxation and freedom of movement that I have been yearning for, for a long time. My chest felt amazing as well, and pretty swollen (in a good way) from the pump an EXCELLENT massage elicits. So, I'll be getting my therapeutic massages from Jeff from now-on when he is available. Male massage review by Hank (2 reviews)
  • October 04, 2010


    Being new to this, I spent a lot of time emailing and talking with Jeff who put me at ease. I was so comfortable that I booked two nights and ended up spending two glorious days with him in San Diego while on a business trip. Jeff is well educated and a great conversationalist. It was like we were long time friends getting together when we finally met. Jeff takes very good care of himself and is incredibly gorgeous, which completed the package. Our time spent together was the best I could have hoped for and his concentration on touch was phenomenal!! Don't hesitate to book time with Jeff, he is the ultimate , whether for an hour or a weekend, you won't be disappointed!! Male massage review by Wayne (1 review)
  • December 12, 2009


    My partner & I have used Jeff many times. On this occasion he came up to our house and gave both of us massages and both were wonderful. Jeff's skill & training are matched only by his compassion and dedication to his clients. He's a big guy but he uses his weight & strength selectively. His massage always leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed and pampered. And while his technique is highly professional and therapeutic, at the same time it's quite . I really love the way he uses his hairy torso as a kind of body brush. Hard to describe but trust me, you'll love it! But the reason we keep using Jeff is his personality. He's smart, funny and a truly kind man who cares about people and helping ease their aches & pains. If you're serious about a massage that will rejuvenate your body & spirit, Jeff's your man. Male massage review by Lon (9 reviews)
  • February 14, 2004


    Wow! Completely unlike any massage that either myself or my partner have ever had. We contacted Jeff from his posting on this site for back to back appointments during a relaxing weekend in Los Angeles. He was prompt and just a really nice guy when returning the call to book. Jeff took some time both during the phone call AND when we first arrived for our appointments to explain that his massage technique was a little different and to find out about our needs - just as nice and genuine in person as he was on the phone. In the afterglow of the massage, a few things that stand out about what makes the experience different. First, Jeff uses his entire body in the massage - he works up to this point but there are times during the massage that feel incredible ( , relaxing but not ) and leave you wondering how he achieved the effect. Second, the energy that Jeff shares (neither my partner or myself are particularly spiritual) is just fantastic - you feel it during the massage and it stays with you for some time afterwards. There is nothing mechanical or systematic about the massage - during the few times that we actually had our eyes open during the massage we noticed that Jeff had his eyes closed. You feel as though he's working with different senses to 'feel' what your needs are - very focused on you. Would we do it again - definitely. Unfortunately we live about an hour away from Los Angeles but we will be making an effort to make this a regular visit. After years of receiving massage, I would have to say this was the ultimate in full senses deep massage. Wow! Male massage review by  (1 review)
  • May 27, 2003


    My partner and I have used Jeff as a masseur numerous times. We have had massages at some of the finest spas in the country, and Jeff is better than any of them. Jeff is completely accomodating, the consumate professional and the discussions are always fun. What makes Jeff even more exceptional is that instead of giving us the same massage every time, he gives a different massage with each visit. He incorporates just the right pressure, uses great oils, and his reflexology is outstanding. We used to cycle through 3 different masseurs for the different types of massage. Jeff has eliminated the rest of them. He is that good!!! Thanks Jeff! Male massage review by  (1 review)
  • March 08, 2011


    This review is long overdue, but I guess that's fitting since I drooled over Jeffery's pictures for nearly 8 years before I finally got a chance to meet him. I first saw his ad on massagem4m in 2003 and from that moment, I knew I wanted to meet this man. Unfortunately, we never seemed to be in the same city at the same time. I had scheduled two appointments in the past and I had to cancel one because I got snowed in at home and the other because the recession caused work to cut back travel. We finally were able to work out a meeting in San Francisco and all was going well until I got food poisoning my second day there, the day that Jeffery arrived there. I decided that we had missed each other enough, and I went through with it. I am glad I did. I was not really in the mood to do anything, but when he met me in the door I did feel a bit better. Jeffery is even hotter in person than he is in pictures. Not only is he handsome with a hot muscular body, but he also has a charming personality. Having this wonderful man hold me in his arms for an hour was the best medicine I could have had. I look forward to meeting him someday when mother nature, the economy, or a bad serving of chicken does not get in the way. He is a definite 10+ and worth every penny! Male massage review by massagelover (5 reviews)
  • February 03, 2010


    Jeff is a gentle giant. His enormous hands and huge armspread envelop your body in a way a smaller man just isn't capable of. And he uses his size to its full advantage. Alternately deep and , his unique massage works out all your knots and stress, leaving you invigorated and rejuvenated. I'll definitely go back to him soon. Male massage review by S. (1 review)
  • March 11, 2009


    Jeff gave me an excellent massage. I am glad I did not schedule one at the hotel where I was staying. Jeff was very calm and explained how he wanted me positioned, and checked in with me to make sure that I was comfortable. His touch was strong and firm, but too much. He seemed to enjoy his work, we talked a bit about our conferences but focused on the relaxing aspects of the massage. I'd never had such an extensive massage and I don't know if I'll find anyone that does a better job. Too bad we are on different coasts, I'll have to find an excuse to get out his way and schedule another appointment one of these days. Male massage review by Frank (3 reviews)
  • January 06, 2009


    I met Jeff through the BMB web site and set up an appointment via email. I was in San Diego on business for a week, and he was able to work with my schedule. When I arrived for the appointment, he greeted me with a warm smile and made me feel immediately at ease. The massage was a wonderful experience, very and soothing. Jeff worked with his shirt off, often incorporating his body when appropriate. He has very large, strong hands, and the frame to match. Jeff is very skilled in his work, which combined with his nurturing presence made for a great 90 minutes that was over much too fast. If I am ever in his area again, I will be a repeat customer. Thanks, Jeff. Male massage review by Carl (1 review)
  • January 09, 2008


    Dear Jeff: Just a note of thanks for an amazing, extremely and very therapeutic massage! I awoke this morning with no lower back pain whatsoever. I especially enjoyed the way in which you integrated your torso into the massage - very soothing and . I'll definitely be back and will recommend you to my friends. You're a strong man with a gentle soul, and you have a rare gift. Thank you for sharing it with me. Male massage review by Lon (9 reviews)

More about his massage services

Varies, Please Contact
Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening
22 Years
Custom, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Touch
Deep tissue massage lotion/cream, Biotone Massage Oil
Wide Range
You can find more details about Jeffery on the Bigmusclebear website, under Bullcrew. Please specify whether you wish a table to be used for combo massage outcalls.

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