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Dick: Sexy Hairy Ape Therapeutic & Erotic CMT

September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
Above Photo Uploaded: September 2014
Dick Tanos
Type of Massage:
Therapeutic & Erotic
los angeles
12/02 - 12/09
12/09 - 12/16
$ 120 / 60 minutes
$ 150 / 90 minutes
$ 140 / 75 minutes
$ 200 / 120 minutes
$ 160 / 60 minutes
$ 200 / 90 minutes
$ 175 / 75 minutes
$ 240 / 120 minutes
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
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  • November 2014<br />Dick Tanos
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos
  • September 2014<br />Dick Tanos

About Dick Tanos's Massage

Happy holidays, guys! My name's Dick. I'm a trained massage therapist in Deep Tissue, Swedish & Sports. I offer therapeutic, sensual & naked erotic massage for gay, bi & curious men. With 13yrs experience & 100+ glowing M4M reviews, see why executives, tourists, couples & men new to this all call me. I'm a 6'2", 205lb, big dick stallion. Built like a Marine & skilled like a Spa Pro. I use my XL strong hands for deep penetrating strokes; adding my forearms, biceps & beefy chest to rub, knead, pound, bind, encompass your body whole. I work completely naked or in my underwear (your choice) & mutual touch is encouraged. My repeat clients know I'm a master in the art of healing. For an unforgettable massage & explosive release, call Dick!

I'm a rugby player & wrestler who loves the gym & getting naked in front of men. I love my job! Love the interaction, healing, & camaraderie between men. 100% discreet & respectful of boundaries. I always arrive on time, freshly showered & without cologne or deodorant. I look like a man & smell like a man & promise you an unforgettable time – whether you want a therapeutic or erotic combo (just let me know). I also offer nippleplay, Turkish bodyrubs, couples sessions & more. All age/shape welcome! Book an Incall or Outcall to your Home, Hotel, Condo. EMAIL, TXT or CALL 10am-2am!

6'2", 205lbs, 44" hairy chest, 18" biceps (BIG guns, baby!), hairy worked-out legs, thick 9x6 dick, HUGE balls, BIG knob-size nipples (erogenous as fuck!). I also have a DEEP masculine voice & am very verbal adept ;o).

I bring my table or work on your bed (your choice) anywhere in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Studio City, Orange County, Pasadena & more. I have a business parking permit (I can park in all restricted & commercial zones).

Dedicated massage room in my private apartment in LA's Studio City area, pro table, private shower, garaged parking, bottled water, unscented lotions.

Dec 02 - Dec 09: Miami, Florida (Art Basel Events)
Dec 09 - Dec 16 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
(I will have a rental car & travel to all areas between Miami & Ft. Lauderdale)

Massage Reviews For Dick Tanos

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  • November 21, 2014


    One of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure to meet via this site (or any other). Dick turned out to be the perfect example of how a man should act. I've been in LA the last eight years and it can take me a while to warm up to someone. I hit it off right away with Dick for some reason. I have to admit, I initially was skeptical he was as good as everyone says he is. I'll have to eat those words cause Dick turned out to be one of the greatest, kindest and totally amazing massage therapist I have ever met! He worked my body over like a trained gladiator and didn't stop until he was drenched in sweat. Dick is stunningly handsome, with an awesome rugger's body, and a strong, firm grip. He was able to get rid of the crick in my neck, loosen my tight quads, and pop my back within the first thirty minutes. On top of that, he makes the massage much more interactive and personable. He's one big naked guy who knows a thing or two about hedonism! Totally worth a visit if you have not made him a favorite already! Male massage review by Chris (4 reviews)
  • November 14, 2014


    The guy is one good looking son-of-a-bitch! But hasn't a single ounce of bad attitude! Not sure how this lion-hearted jock can be this nice but I ain't complaining cause Dick is a rare breed. His massage skills are rooted in technique and solid. Real deep tissue thanks to those huge hands. Fun erotic bits here and there. And he likes to show off that kielbasa Grade A dick of his (woof!). Had a blast and I am grateful he saw me on such short notice. Dick, you are a fucking hunk! Male massage review by flipster99 (10 reviews)
  • October 28, 2014


    Dick is very personable and intelligent. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great massage with a personal touch. To be with a guy with such a libido AND massage skill is rare. Very masculine. Confident. Great body. Total sweetheart. Becoming quite habit forming. Male massage review by Neal (4 reviews)
  • October 10, 2014


    Dick's reviews and bio intrigued me, especially since my regular masseur up and disappeared from the face of the earth. So I've been looking for a new masseur as my regular. Dick may have become that man just yet. I enjoyed the massage portion as much as the sensual portion. His apartment is clean, private and with art pieces ranging from Disneyland memorabilia to fashion photography. The legit massage lasted 70 minutes and the remaining 20 minutes was a very thrilling erotic affair coupled with nipple play and lots of passion, which we both like very much. Dick is just as good as any masseur I've met. And I walked away happy that I met him. Will be back in a couple of months. Male massage review by Aaron K. (8 reviews)
  • August 08, 2014


    Had a great time with Dick. There are only three words to describe Dick: AMAZING HOT NAKEDNESS! What you see is what you get! Male massage review by Bennet (9 reviews)
  • May 28, 2014


    Dick is a supersexual being who just happens to be built for giving massages. Just perfect at this job but also 100% reliable and sweet for a man who looks like an English Rugby hooligan. Book his #2 Erotic Combo and you can't go wrong. Male massage review by davies46 (11 reviews)
  • March 18, 2014


    The ultimate rock star treatment! Mr. Big Dick is the man for maximum unwinding. A very nice, extremely hung Middle Eastern French man with a manly, calm personality. He is sought after big time (book early for same day). Dick is a total body masseur. I really like how he does his massage with his table with him either on top of you or positioned for easy access to where your hands are so you can grab his cock, rugby thighs, hairy pecs and giant nipples at any time. This one is all about massage, service, and making a guy feel great! Dick is no small twerp! He's huge! Beefy body like a football player. During the massage, he focuses a lot of his energy on your back and butt and uses his entire body, including his hard dick, to put pressure on your back sliding up and down as he goes from your head to your ankles. Had a blast! Male massage review by uberaddict (31 reviews)
  • September 21, 2013


    I first contacted Dick via text and he was very responsive. When I spoke with him over the phone, all of this positive energy came out of him. For a lot of masseurs it may be show, but for Dick it was really him. It was easy to make the appointment and when I was available a little earlier than planned, Dick accomodated the earlier time. He communicated prior to arriving and when he showed up, he was professional, friendly and ready to get to work. His massage is outstanding. He is compleletly focused on his client and its an amazing combination of massage, sensuality and fun. He is talkative, friendly, high energy and incredibly sexy. Whenever I'm in Los Angeles, Dick is my guy hands down! Male massage review by Jeff (11 reviews)
  • May 10, 2013


    Dick 's a good guy. Matches Burke Williams but delivers on the erotic like a wild buck. Alternates between a light and firm touch that is very relaxing and sensual. Been seeing him a few times now. He's masculine, very beefy, impressive dick size, and genuinely laid back. Earns my repeat biz. Male massage review by amir (9 reviews)
  • April 14, 2013


    You leave tired, worked out, relaxed, and downright feeling fantastic! Go for the 90 minutes and you wont be disappointed! His massage techniques are great and the sensual side was wonderfully exhausting! Don't miss the opportunity! Well worth it!! Male massage review by brian (32 reviews)
  • January 02, 2013


    One of my TOP TEN! Laid back, chiseled face, beefy footballer build, big swinging ape dick, balls like a champ, loads & loads of groin milk! Knows how to massage & WHERE to massage. VERY Bi friendly. My 3rd time seeing him & he's always game for a hotel romp. Makes my list of naked massage buddies complete. What else can I say that hasn't already been said?! This is one rad dude! Male massage review by SoulCycle (24 reviews)
  • August 11, 2011


    Wow. Just "wow." It took a few weeks for me to build up the nerve to call Dick, but it turned out that there was no reason to be nervous: he's a really nice guy, very friendly, zero attitude. He showed up right on time and was super-friendly, very engaging, which was a relief: I've had some not-so-swift massages before, probably because I'm out of shape and not any masseur's dream. So to have a masseur seem like he's really ENJOYING working on me? That was awesome. The massage was great, and the extra? Awesome. Mindblowing. This guy isn't a twinkie or a flake, he's a man. A beefy, hunky, meaty MAN - and the whole experience was fantastic. I'll be back again. Male massage review by Kirby (3 reviews)
  • April 17, 2011


    Very pleased with Dick. He treats people with much respect. Something not many guys on here do at all. Dick not only talked to me with patience on the phone, he is very friendly and nice to older men. I've had problems before with others who hung up on me, but Dick is the opposite of such behavior. The massage was one of the best deep tissue massage I've ever got from a white person. Great strokes that were never too hard on my joints and neck injury (cervical bulging c3-c4). Good guy for sure. Male massage review by Lesse (2 reviews)
  • February 17, 2010


    2 of us here. Celebrated Valentine's day at the Peninsula in Beverly Hills. Had Dick over to work us good. He showed up promptly at 9pm and we headed to the pool. Dick wore speedos, extra sexy cause it was barely covering up his thobbing dick. After 20 min we went to our suite and he massaged us both naked. 3 words for you: Pure. Hot. Bliss. My partner thought we had big dicks but Dick is an ox. Found out his tongue is just as long. This was a great night. Wish more men were as fun and shameless as Dick. Treat him good. Cause he is fantastic at what he does. Male massage review by WildOnes (2 reviews)
  • September 29, 2009


    A great experience. Dick is professionally trained; it is obvious from his technique as well as his demeanor. He is great to look at (photos don't do him justice - really) and also has a tremendous amount of sensuality. The massage was controlled and extremely relaxing but also invigorating. He has a great personality and really has a good time with the massage. He truly has a gift. I look forward to seeing him again in the future! Male massage review by Scott (7 reviews)

More about his massage services

Therapeutic & Erotic
Varies, Please Contact
Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Night
13 Years
Table, Bed
Body Electric , Deep Tissue , Erotic , Sensual , Sports Massage , Swedish Massage
Therapro Massage Lotion, Therapro Massage Oil, Therapro Massage Cream
Wide Range
incall, outcall, hotel, travel
I found this in British Men's Vogue & thought it was cool... "There are five tests a man has to pass to be a 'Gentleman': He must have a job he loves; he mustn't be cheap or miserly; he should open a door for women, & stand up when his guests enter a room; he must never be racist or harassing; & he must look his best when leaving his house, as a mark of respect for others."

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