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October 2015<br />Mark
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This masseur is currently unavailable. If you are interested in booking a massage with him, please write him an email to let him know you are interested."

palm springs
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  • June 2015<br />Mark
  • June 2015<br />Mark
  • June 2015<br />Mark
  • June 2015<br />Mark
  • June 2015<br />Mark
  • October 2015<br />Mark

About Mark's Massage

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Welcome men!

Thank you fo visiting my Massage M4M PAGE!
Come experience a WORLD CLASS Treatment with me today!

I have perfected my M2M massage healing craft for 25 years.
My sessions are truly unlike any other Male Massage you have
ever experienced.
Let me lead you on a transformative journey that will take you deep inside your bliss, leaving you peacefully energized and totally restored!

My work is a skilled blend of eclectic modalities I have mastered over 2 decades.
My space is dedicated solely to
my healing practice.
It is pristine, tranquil and serene.
Beautifully adorned with a zen garden, trickling fountains, trance inducing music and a deliciously comfortable
professional massage table.
My signature oil is a hand crafted, unique blended formula of organic, hypoallergenic essential oils and fresh healing herbs.

I have been the general manager of 5 Star Spas including the Spa at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, hence
your session with me is truly WORLD CLASS Luxury
at super reasonable rates!

You will feel amazing and walk out of your personalized session completley realaxed and lob ving life again.

I look forward to making your body feel amazing soon.

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Palm Springs

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