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November 2007<br />Jeff
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Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Sensual, Sports Massage,
Shiatsu, Acupressure...

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$ 80 / 60 minutes
$ 110 / 90 minutes
$ 120 / 70 minutes
$ 150 / 90 minutes
  • November 2007<br />Jeff
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About Jeff's Massage

Nationally certified, I have 19 years of professional experience to offer you a strong and sensually nurturing integration of Asian and Western modalities. I use hands, forearms, elbows and even knees (on larger muscles) to induce you into a state of deep relaxation. My client list ranges from cerebral palsey in wheel chair, cancer to weekend warriors and competitive athletes. So whatever conditions and ailments you have, we can work together to tailor something specific.

My private residential studio is heated and quiet with easy access to freeways and close walk to Glen Park BART Station. I use superb non-scented oil, soft linens and soothing music. I am super-friendly and easy going. I keep 90% client retention with reference upon request. This is no “skin rubdown”. I am truly passionate about the art of massage and eager to share that “magic bliss” with you. Namaste.

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  • January 03, 2013


    For a good handful of years I have been trying to establish an appointment with Jeff...either he is traveling or my schedule while I visit San Fran does not always afford me the opportunity for massage. Ironically, this holiday season I decided to be spontaneous and it really paid is an understatement! I told Jeff his hands and fingertips were simply MAGIC! Jeff definitely knows his technique with precision and fluidity by facilitating many modalities weaving in therapeutic and sensual elements. I highly recommend his technique! During our setting up of the appointment, Jeff was wonderfully accommodating, has a beautiful massage studio, and is super nice! I would really like to see him again for another massage during another visit to the city by the bay! Male massage review by Ted (12 reviews)
  • January 06, 2012


    Sent email first and received a note he was out of town but would return in a few days. I sent another note to ask for available times on the day of his return and followed up with a call which he answered. We agreed on an appt time for the next day. Jeff's studio is well appointed with nice music and aroma. He provides a warmed towel for exposed areas he is not working on which was really nice. I would describe Jeff's technique as very precise and never random. It was obvious he has developed a very structured approach to ensure a total body massage is exactly that. A real highlight for me was when he actually stood on me and used his feet to apply pressure. Jeff's sensual parts of the session were very respectful and beautifully accommodating. He is indeed an extremely attractive Asian guy. This was truly a great experience for me and I will certainly see Jeff again. Male massage review by John (3 reviews)
  • January 26, 2010


    Wow, that was quite an experience! I gotta say that my body is floating after a 90 min session from Jeff. He definitely has a lot of "tricks" in his bag on how to target different muscles with elbows, thumbs, even knees. Somehow I was completely relaxed when he was working very deeply on me....I guess that's what he describes his work as gentle yet strong. Jeff was very professional and has an amazing house with a massage studio that's warm, comfortable, and quiet. He is quite skilled and has a lot of experience. Looking foward to my next one! Male massage review by Jeff (2 reviews)
  • December 08, 2009


    I have seen Jeff more than a few times, there are others - but he is clearly the best in Bay Area. His studio is exceptionally clean and welcoming, warm & with great music. One thing about Jeff, he is passionate about his massage skills,, and knows how to customize them for each client. Can only back-up what other reviewers have said, give him a try if you haven't already. Male massage review by peter (25 reviews)
  • November 20, 2009


    I have availed myself of Jeff's services many times. He has always answered my calls or returned my e-mails in a timely manner. He has a private massage room which he keeps clean and warm. There is a small water fountain, gentle music and heated table which this skinny dude really appreciates. It's a very comfortable environment. Jeff's warm hands are always in-sync with my body's needs; rarely does his fingers leave my body once the massage begins.Our massage sessions are delightful, relaxing, yet energetic experiences. Male massage review by Douglas (1 review)
  • March 03, 2007


    Jeff was very responsive, flexible and professional. We traded about 3 phone calls. Lesson learned, don't make appointments while driving. In any case, we found a mutual time for the appointment. Jeff's credentials are impressive and his massage validates those credentials. I like deep tissue work and Jeff's massage met my expectations. I also liked his friction strokes which were very soothing and prepared me for the deep tissue work that Jeff performed. I highly recommend Jeff and his work. I also encourage you to really discuss what your expectations are with Jeff before the session. It really helps your peace of mind. Male massage review by Randy (2 reviews)
  • February 14, 2007


    Jeff returned my phone call promptly and gave me excellent directions to his home. Parking was easy. His home is very cozy and well -appointed, and the separate massage room was warm, aromatic and filled with soothing music. Jeff is a personal and professional masseur, with a warm smile and a soothing touch. Jeff offers one of the most professfional, sensual massages I've ever had. He spent a lot of effort on my shoulders and back, as I requested. He combines brisk, firm, strong pressure strokes with slow, blissfully gentle touches that are remarkably sensual. He includes Thai-style stretching of the limbs and wonderfully relaxing massage of my neck, head and face ... an area many masseurs neglect. The 90-minutes went by quickly, and I was completely spent. Male massage review by lou (4 reviews)
  • July 20, 2005


    What a wonderful massage I received from Jeff! Truly the best massage I've received since moving to the bay area. You can tell he is well trained/educated. I was a walking "knot" as my body was tense all over from stress and a hard workout session with my trainer earlier that day. Jeff was able to locate the knots and work on them until they relaxed. Jeff is confident in his abilities w/out being arrogant. Wonderful technique which is truly professional, tender, and skilled. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a genuine legitimate therapeutic massage! Male massage review by brad (2 reviews)
  • January 24, 2005


    My first contact with Jeff was by phone. He returned my call within 45 minutes. Even on the phone he was happy, upbeat and you could “hear his smile”. We discussed my past massage experiences, what physical problems I was trying to solve and set my first appointment. I remember my first session like it was yesterday. He met me at the door wearing that smile I could hear on the phone. His home is immaculately clean and bright. The massage studio gives you a sense of calm, with soft, indirect lighting, quiet background music and running water fountain. From the first minute he touches my back to begin, to the last second of the 90 minute massage, where his hands just seems to float away, he has the most amazing ability to feel the “exact spot” that is causing my discomfort. I don’t have to tell him when the pain is, he already knows. Jeff is unbelievably intuitive when it comes to sensing where the pain is. Many times, I have been laying on the table and thinking, “it feels so good and I’m so relaxed I can’t speak”, but if he would just move about a half an inch to the left, it would be “right on the spot” where the pain is the greatest-and in 10 seconds he moves “directly to that exact spot”. It’s like he is reading my mind. This has happen more times than I can remember. His skill and his sense of where the pain is, is unbelievable. With Jeff, I always leave my massage feeling a sense of being relaxed and energized. I feel lighter on my feet and have a range of motion in my back and shoulders that “lasts for days”. I have never before experienced anything like it. I am so addicted to my “weekly 90 minute session” that when he want on vacation for three weeks, I looked around and tried several other “massage therapists” and not only was I unhappy with my experience, but I realized just how attentive to detail Jeff is. I noticed by their absence, things that he was doing to make me feel more comfortable, such as always keeping my body covered except for the area he was currently working on and to always be touching me with at least “one hand” during the massage. (To have the therapist, suddenly stop touching you for 30 seconds to a minute, does so break the mood of relaxation the develops during the massage.) I feel that my weekly massage with Jeff is as important as my health insurance. Am I prejudiced? You bet your life I am, but then I have personal experience. If you are looking for a professional massage, you have found it. You won’t believe it until you have experienced it for yourself. Give Jeff a call. Male massage review by Jeff (2 reviews)
  • January 03, 2005


    Jeff was very pleasant on the phone and was able to work me in the same day. His lovely home is equipped with a separate massage studio that is esthetically beautiful and relaxing. Parking was easy. I have had 50 or more massages in the past year and Jeff's was by far the best. I have chronic back and shoulder pain and deal with a lot of stress and tension on the job, so I was looking for a combination of therapeutic massage and sensual relaxation. Jeff's skills are excellent. He was able to manipulate my muscles using a variety of techniques - some familiar to me and some unfamiliar. There were no purposeless motions. I often find during a massage that only about half of the motions seem to be effective. Each technique was highly skilled. Jeff is also fun to talk with, is kind and gentle, yet strong and sexy too. I highly recommend Jeff. Male massage review by Christopher (1 review)

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3 hrs
Noon/Lunch, Evening
21 Years
Table, Mat
Acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Oshiatsu, Sensual, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Thai, Tuina Medical Massage
Deep tissue massage lotion/cream, Massage Cream, Biotone Massage Oil
Wide Range
in call, out call, hotel, travel
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