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July 2013<br />David
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Therapeutic & Sensual
$ 225 / 120 minutes
$ 175 / 90 minutes
$ 260 / 120 minutes
$ 210 / 90 minutes
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About David's Massage

I check my PHONE ONLY so please call when ready.  NO EMAIL-> I do NOT check email.

About David ...
I have over 11 years of experience. My training is in injury recovery and I know how to care for your body. I am intuitive and I have a naturally soothing touch. I am professionally trained and creative. I developed my technique that is unlike what they teach in schools. I maintain my body in top shape to insure you get a firm and deep massage treatment. I am a discreet and respectful professional.

The Massage

Thorough body manipulation. Heavy Sports RubDown. DeepTissue/Sports/Swedish/PressurePoint/Trager/Reflexology~ Opens you up. Releases all of your stress. This massage is very sensual and nurturing. We all need and enjoy skin on skin contact. I do not use any creams during the preliminary assessment. I determine where your body is storing stagnant energy by going over your body from head to toe. To make better contact with your muscles, I do not introduce the cream until later into the massage when I introduce BIOTONE's DualPurpose Massage Cream and begin using broad, sensuous strokes, for your full-body massage. Your stress dissolves. I man-handle your body in ways that will stimulate your circulation while releasing tensions. My 90 minute massage is a very intimate sensual massage. Try my new Quickfix5o…30 minutes for $5obucks: focuses on specific body parts with quick d-stressing techniques.

My Storefront

My storefront location is a very inviting and calm space. My clean, well designed facility has an amazing quartz convection lamp bathing the table (and our bodies) with heat. I am conveniently located near very easy street parking. I am also close to MUNI bus routes and a short walk from a BART station.

Booking your Massage
Call me with any questions you may have regarding my techniques. Read my testimonials for more detailed information., or simply ask.
My clients include San Francisco's Four and Five Star Hotels, Who's Who execs, Professional Sports athletes and YOU. I also work with couples who are looking to expand their vocabulary of intimate touch. (please inquire)

I check my PHONE ONLY so please call when ready.

I look forward to touching you.
Cash or Credit.

This is a great massage - you will be very well taken care of.

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  • June 27, 2013


    David gave me a great massage from someone who knows all his stuff. His description in his ad is very true, since what I experienced is just what he described. How refreshing.He has a pleasing personality and I enjoyed the massage very much and am glad I called him. Male massage review by Baron (3 reviews)
  • September 24, 2010


    I saw David last Saturday and it was a wonderful experience. He lives in a very unique and interesting space, although not set up solely for massage. We didn't talk much and he even didn't ask me where I needed work. However, he managed to locate and address all of the right spots. He even got my traps to relax like no one had before (he's been doing this a long time and it shows). I asked for the 2 hour session and it gave him a chance to go over my entire body twice - once without lotion and the second time with lotion. He spent a great deal of time on top of me, which was nice to feel the warmth of the table below and the warmth of his body above, particularly in the openness of the room. At the end, I didn't want to move. He's a little more expensive than most but he's definitely a keeper. Thanks, David! Male massage review by Frank (7 reviews)
  • April 19, 2005


    I found David's profile on this site, and primarily influenced by the reviews called him with short notice for a Saturday afternoon. He phoned me back within an hour and saw me at the time that was most convenient for me. David's massage is quite unique. The masseur I have been using for several years has left the area, and I've been trying different ones with different techniques. I found David's approach to be the best fit for me and would highly recommend him to anyone. He has a very nice studio where he performs the massage (centrally located in San Francisco), and I found his presence to be both relaxing and comforting. The first hour of the massage is done "dry," which was perfect for me-he was able to work out all those knots and adhesions that I tend to accumulate in my back and shoulders. He also did a great job on loosening my legs, the quads and hamstrings and shins which are always tight for me. His touch is very intuitive and he knew exactly how much pressure was enough and when to back off. I play softball and the following day I had a game-I could tell a huge difference in my body movement. This is most definitely a massage I will return for! Male massage review by Philip (1 review)
  • March 24, 2004


    I am a serious athlete who plays roughly 20 hours or more of tennis a week. I met David referred by a friend as someone who specialised in treating athletes with the particular needs that we have around joints, tendons and muscles. I know it probably sounds like "overhype" but David is truly awesome. He really is. He is so acutely aware of the body and how it's put together, that he gave me the most intuitive massage ever. He really knows the body and more than that, he approaches his work with a passion I've never had before. He made me feel like I was his entire attention and he was entirely "present" for me and for my pains. If you are seeking a soft touch or a mellow swedish type massage, then Dave is not your guy. If you are looking however to get those long overdue adhesions, or "popcorn" spots really released, then David could be your man. One unique feature of his studio is that he has a heat lamp hanging from the ceiling so that while you are on the table you are staying nice and warm!!! Very nice treat!!! I will be an ongoing customer and can recommend him to other athletes as well - he knows sports and how it relates very specifically to the body. Bob Male massage review by Bob (1 review)
  • January 21, 2004


    David was very prompt at answering my e-mail and in setting up an appointment that was convenient for me.Even though I arrived 15 min. early for may apointment David had everything ready to go and started right in . He greeted me at the door in a warm and professional manner. Explained how he works , took a brief history and began a body assessment . His touch was sure and firm, and though he did not use oil or lotion for a good deal of the massage his hands slid smoothly. The massage was very physical in approach with a lot of rocking & shaking intermingled with log strokes. As he worked, David never broke contact with my which reinforced the feeling of well being and care.When I got off his table I knew I hd been relly touched. Male massage review by  (1 review)
  • December 04, 2003


    this guy has a truly unusual set up. He has a store front in San Francisco that is made up into his home. Very welcoming and different. He hugged me when I got there. He took me into the massage area and left the room to wash his hands. I got on the table and he came into the room right away. His touch is amazing. I melted into his nurturing hands. He uses a massage technique that I never ever had before where he vibrated my muscles and rocked my body and even took my whole shoulder into his hands and made a kind of circular motion and it opened up my shoulder and upper back. He kind of pummeled my buttocks but not too hard and when he started working on my feet-whoa- he did all of these bending moves to my feet that made them open up and crack and my feet felt like they had circulation for the first time in a long time. All of that part of the massage, he did with just his bare hands. Then he began to use this slick cream and treated my skin to a very sensual rub. The one thing that I noticed was that he was very present and intuitive about where I was 'storing' tension and stress. He was very direct but not invasive. I never had a massage like this before. Male massage review by  (1 review)

More about his massage services

Therapeutic & Sensual
Varies, Please Contact
Cash, Credit Cards
Afternoon, Evening
12 Years
Integrative Massage , Reflexology , Shiatsu , Sports Massage , Swedish Massage , Trager
Biotone Massage Cream
Wide Range
incall, outcall, hotel, travel
David has developed an integrated style of revitalizing bodywork for 2 decades. His specialized technique, including the amazing personal connective bond that he establishes with each individual, is particularly effective in negotiating channels for deep tissue relaxation in one session. Ongoing regularly scheduled sessions are recommended. This is a great massage-you will be very well taken care of.

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