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$ 100 / 60 minutes
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$ 100 / 60 minutes
$ 150 / 90 minutes
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About Joe's Massage

I'm a massage therapist with 5yrs experience in swedish style, using the best techniques with the erotic/sensual touch taylor made to you! My big and strong hands will reach THE RIGHT POINTS where you will get the MAX TENSION RELIEF AND RELAXATION, FULL BODY CONTACT INCLUDED! Soft relaxing and/or deep tissue available.

Pretty open in my schedule to reach all my clients needs regarding availability and most of the time 1hr advance notice works with me.... I WORK EARLY MORNINGS AND VERY LATE NIGHTS... Give me a try.... you will come back!

My pics are recent but I'm in a little better shape lately and people often say I look better in person ;)

I'm so confident about my work and techniques that there is no extra charge for outcalls, after the session you will decide how much to tip me for traveling....

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  • September 14, 2012


    2 months after my first massage and I've had 2 more massages, I'd have one every week if I could. I just had to post another review for JOE! I can guarentee if you try Joe you will return for another massage. He says you will get MAX TENSION RELIFE AND will! His pictures in his profile show you a beautiful man and I can only say he is even better in person with a smile to match. An absolute gem you don't want to pass up. Male massage review by Jeff (1 review)
  • March 20, 2012


    I was able to visit Joe once again when i was in the san jose area..He is still the gem of the silicon valley and delivers a massage that leaves you wanting to return for another session sooner than later...joe has that special magical touch that puts you in a state of pure bliss...I highly suggest you give joe a call and enjoy the finest in the area...thank you again joe.. Male massage review by dan (3 reviews)
  • August 17, 2011


    I was visiting the chicago area for two days and after playing tourist and doing alot of walking , I was extremely tired, and was in need of a massage.There are many websites and i always seem to find the finest on M4M..and that i did with Joe..We set up a time and Joe arrived with a smile and ready to go. He delivers an experience that was beyond incredible...He made me feel so very very satisfied and has that special touch that makes one feel so so special.He is quite handsome and I highly suggest you give him a call..Thanks man... Male massage review by dan (3 reviews)
  • April 02, 2011


    Joe is an amazing man, this is the second time I hired Joe to give me a massage, and have to say I didn't think the massage could get any better than the first time but it did. Joe returned my call quickly and was able to do the massage with very short notice. Have to say Joe is the best massuer that I have had and an amazing man to talk too. I enjoyed the massage and felt as if I have know Joe all my life. Thank you Joe for a job well done, can't wait to see you again. Male massage review by fernando (1 review)
  • January 11, 2011


    The only thing that was hard for me was trying to stay awake while he was melting away my stiff muscles. His pics honestly don't do him justice. I am an above average looking guy & even I found him very handsome. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it! Male massage review by Caribe (1 review)
  • November 18, 2010


    I called Joe in the morning and made an appointment for that evening. He is located close to downtown SJ and early parking requires a permit so he had me park in his spot at the apartment. Joe was very polite and put me at ease immediately and offered a bottle of water before starting the massage. The massage was done on a bed and I loved the body contact but the massage was probably one of the best that I ever had. The music was soothing and so was every stroke from Joe's hands! After the massage he offered the use of his shower. After showering and dressing we talked for a few minutes before I left. I went in with a lot of stress, sore legs and sore back. I left completely relaxed and all the soreness had dissappeared and I noticed that I actually felt much much younger. Could Joe's massage be the fountain of youth? Joe is very very good looking and takes very good care of himself. Others have said he looks better in person and I agree. Joe, "I'll be back!" Male massage review by Jim (2 reviews)
  • October 15, 2010


    I texted Joe for my appointment, he replied within the next 10 minutes. I arrived on time and the massage started. I have been to many massage places all over the world. No one has made me feel as comfortable, relaxed and friendly than Joe. He is a great guy and has a beautiful body and has angel hands. His place is cozy and spotless clean. I wish I lived in the bay area to see himm more often. Great music and perfect atmosphere. Male massage review by Robert (1 review)
  • March 27, 2010


    I called Joe for an appt because I felt like treating myself and had seen him advertised for awhile on here. He was a bit late, but apologized for that. His space is relaxing and he himself is quite personable and handsome (more handsome than the pictures on here show). He was quite skilled with the massage and I appreciated the combination of therapeutic and sensual strokes. I always appreciate when I am offered water and a shower and he did both. I will definitely visit him again! Male massage review by Matt (8 reviews)
  • November 17, 2009


    I contacted Joe several days to my desired appointment date/time. He was very responsive and polite in returning my call so we set a date a few days out. I was nervous and apprehensive as this was my second time in wanting to schedule and experience a massage. I shared with him that I was a "masters" swimmer and runner, and in very good shape for a guy in my early forties, and was looking for a therapeutic, relaxing an sensual massage as another means to care for my physical well being. When I met Joe I was very pleased as he was polite had a calming disposition, and he took some additional time to learn more about what I needed. He offered me water and then allowed me get comfortable. The setting was quiet, soothing and the music was soft and mesmerizing. I felt very comfortable in the setting. As for the massage- my experience- it was absolutely "awesome" and "wonderful", he was very focused on addressing the issues I discussed and was just superb at working my shoulders, back , legs and feet with great care. I am very sensitive and he really took his time in ensuring that the pace, vigor, and pressure worked with what I felt comfortable with, and it allowed me to feel at ease during the session. Equally important Joe was really enjoyable to converse with and he took my lead on the level and amount of dialogue. What was great he was honestly interested in what I had to say and was intellectually curious so my overall experience was more than what I could have asked for with him for my first session. When it was all over I felt refreshed, and in the perfect- physically and mentally, I guess like a million+. I am selfish to say that I look forward to seeing him again on a more regular basis and hope that he will always be available. He is a skilled "gem" with his practice. I never give high rating, but he my perfect 10! Male massage review by Joseph (1 review)
  • November 15, 2009


    I'm new to San Jose and have been looking for a regular massage therapist. I called Joe and an hour later I was in his studio. He greeted me warmly and offered me water. Then he proceeded to get to work with an expert touch. He worked my shoulders, back and neck with a variety of pressures. His touch was as smooth as silk and he was extremely polite and courteous throughout our time together. When he finished my back, he asked me to turn over. He knew exactly what to do for an exciting and relaxing front side massage. I can tell that Joe loves what he does,takes his time and pays careful attention to all the details. It was an unhurried and enjoyable 90 minutes. I will be seeing Joe again. Male massage review by Marty (12 reviews)

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Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Night
7 Years
Table, Bed
Aromatherapy, Custom, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage
Heated Oil, Massage Cream, Massage Oil, Biotone Massage Lotion, Biotone Massage Oil
Medium to Deep
incall, outcall, hotel

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