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About Rod's Massage

Hello Men! It's time for the best Man On Man Massage you'll ever have.

I'm affectionate, passionate, patient and nonjudgmental: inexperienced men feel especially comfortable with me.

The massage is Swedish, Deep, Erotic and Hot! And so Am I!

I have over 60 rave reviews for one reason: I give The Best erotic massage.

I have 11 years of experience and hundreds of hours of training. This is a REAL, professional massage that just happens to be sensual and erotic too (bonus for you!). Therapy takes place on a heated Massage Table.

I'm an escort, and also a Certified Massage Therapist with powerful hands and deeply penetrating fingers.

41 years old, Green Eyes, Sandy-Blond Hair, Very Handsome Nordic Face, Fair Skin, Classic Lean Muscular Physique. Masculine and EZGoing. Rest assured that I am perfectly discreet.

My private West Hollywood space is very comfortable, easy to find, easy parking, very discreet entrance. You'll leave my apartment feeling like a new, improved, man. I look forward to getting my hands on you-soon.

-Rod Hagen.

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  • July 24, 2014


    Terrific experience and great massage. Parking was easy. Rod greeted me at the door with a warm and genuinely friendly hug. i do a lot of running and he knew exactly how to work all the stress and tightness out of my legs. Felt amazing after- he really gets all of the right spots. Can't wait to go back and see him. Male massage review by Frank (1 review)
  • June 28, 2014


    Rod was exactly as his profile described. He was professional and caring and made me feel like I was the most important person in the world for 60 minutes. His touch was smooth and with his years of experience, he was able to know just what to do to make me feel relaxed and invigorated. He is cute, strong, and very concerned every minute that I was happy and enjoying the experience. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to be taken away from it all for the whole time you are in his very capable hands. Male massage review by David (8 reviews)
  • February 02, 2014


    Rod has got your back :-). Has one of the best personalities on the phone and treats you like a very good friend. That all coupled with the fact that Rod is handsome, sexy and a bit of a dirty-minded jock, all make him a perfect find. I thought he was remarkably handsome in his photos- even without seeing his face -and happily those photos were all telling the truth. In person he's even more handsome. He's a stunningly beautiful Northern European in person. His eyes! That smile! And man…. that smooth, chiseled body! Rod is strong, professional and a truly wonderful massage therapist. Rod's way of massage is much more soothing, much more interactive, much more rejuvenating, and it feels a lot more masculine and sexual than the other guys I've found online. So far Rod is the masseur to beat. And I hope to see him again. Male massage review by Holden (19 reviews)
  • December 16, 2012


    From before we met until after I got home, Rod made sure I had the best possible experience. His directions were clear and helpful - not just the usual "put me in your GPS". He even reminded me to curb my wheels. Rod met me at the door with a very warm hug, welcoming me like a friend - a lucky friend, as within five minutes we were both naked and my massage had begun. It was strong, technically excellent, and uninhibited. I'm a little uptight, myself; and I'd discussed my boundaries with Rod before we met. He was respectful and kind, but he didn't let my reticence spoil the experience for me. And soon he was playfully probing my boundaries with just the right touch. . . From the neck down, Rod looks like his pictures. From the neck up, he's a classic northern european - with a face that was made for a tux. Rod is probably the most cultured CMT I've met. During (parts of) the massage, we chatted about modern literary fiction and the kind of movies some people call "films". I subsequently read a book he'd recommended, and was reminded of how well he'd read *me*. (Thanks, Rod.) If you're a cerebral control freak, somewhat anxious about what might happen during an erotic massage, yet deeply craving it, Rod's your guy. If you're not… he's probably your guy too. After our meeting, Rod sent me a thank-you note, a rare and thoughtful touch that I really appreciated. Male massage review by Andy (6 reviews)
  • September 02, 2011


    Rod's a cool guy and everything was easy about the logistics and we even started a bit earlier than our scheduled appointment as that was good for both of us. Feeling good today; one day post massage always tells me more about the experience than just the immediate body feedback which was all good as well. His touch was deep and firm when it needed to be, in the places it needed to be, as I had spent hours dancing the night before and my body was a little tight in certain places. He does connect with you by placing you face up to start with, and works his way in both a purposeful and sensual manner into a space where I felt safe, cared for and very relaxed. He made me feel like I was his only client and he was out to make me feel good in every way he could while having a heightened experience of caring touch. We spent a fair amount of time talking during the massage which is unusal for me, but it was playful, informative and fun (and my choice this day). He is a stud in many ways due to his own physical regiment and it was a pleasure during the times I was able to see watch him work. No doubt from all the time he has spent with different types of clients with different needs, he adapted well to whatever I said or did and often added some surprise caressing and even deep eye contact to take the experience into a more intimate sensual one. This guy is the real deal, everything was spot on, and when it wasn't he made adjustments to make it so. And if you happen to be a legman like me; he has the greatest legs...yumm. Now how to afford him once a week is the question? Muah, Bob Male massage review by Bob (4 reviews)
  • May 15, 2011


    It took me sometime to finally have the courage to call Rod and schedule an appointment. Being in my late 40's and out of shape makes me a little uneasy to be naked in the same room as someone who looks as good as Rod. I mentioned that to him in an email and he simply answered: "I'm looking forward to meeting you". I felt somewhat confident so I made the appointment. I was still a little nervous when I knocked at his door but as soon as he opened it all I could see was this handsome face wearing a radiant smile. Then he hugged me. It wasn't one quick business-like hug but an embrace that seem to last a long time and immediately put me at ease. I already knew from some reviewers that Rod is a great conversationalist but I didn't expect him to make a connection with me so quickly. In just few minutes we were talking about my country of origin, my aspirations, and his interests in culture and sports. When the time came for me to disrobe I was already relaxed and not a bit self-conscious. Not even when I caught a glimpse of that Greek god of a body next to me. Then I couldn't help but keep staring. He told me to lie down on my back and I asked him why he starts his massage sessions that way. He told me he likes to connect with the person first by looking them in the eyes. Then the massage started. Rod has some strong hands and deep penetrating fingers. He started on my feet -and it felt so good! - while he kept checking my level of comfort, his hands skillfully exploring my body, looking for knots that need to be undone. After working all the way to my chest and neck he told me to turn over. At that point he added some very nice sensual touches while he worked his magic in a therapeutic way. He wasn't talking anymore as he seemed to be concentrating on his work . And I was floating. I barely heard when he told me to turn around again for some superb erotic touches. He finished the session in a way that I have never experienced before, with a firm, intimate, loving embrace, as I exploded in the safety of his arms. Pure ecstasy. He didn't rush away but stayed with me while I rested a bit, a sensation of complete satisfaction running through my whole body. I couldn't even remember how stressed out I was when I arrived at his studio. When it was time for me to leave he gave me another hug and sent me off with a kiss. Thank you Rob for such a great experience. I can't wait to go see you again. Male massage review by Albert (6 reviews)
  • December 17, 2010


    i was able to connect with rod in the morning and was able to schedule a same day appointment for that afternoon. I sure needed a massage, i met rod at his apartment in west hollywood, and it was meeting a long past friend, he is very handsome and has a very sexy body, i was smitted. we had a long embrace and he offered me some water, i undressed and so did he, we started face up on my back, he started with my feet and worked his way up it was so awesome. then i turned over and he stared on my legs, calves and back it was the best massage i ever had and a very good ending. he started the shower for me and i wished he was in there with me, after my shower we had another long embrace before i left... Male massage review by larry  (6 reviews)
  • February 03, 2010


    Apprehensive, nervous and late .... no matter Ron called me to check on my driving /location status and being almost 20 minutes late he jumped out and me to give me a parking permit. He should not have done that, but I was late and had no time to find parking. WOW, all "sexy" stuff aside, I felt like I just popped in on an old friend. He greeted me with a sincere strong hug so I could calm down. I have neuromuscular disease and have been to 10 massage centers but Ron surpassed all and massaged my pained spots beyond expectation, A warm, clean apartment and a newly sheeted table ready for me, Ron worked on my pain, took direction from me so well and concentrated on any area that needed work, He was brilliant and again I felt I was with a familiar friend throughout. The sensuous part was brilliant - he took it slowly, but again I wasn't afraid anymore. He was very verbal and encouraging making it all the more sensual - allowing me to "drop" my inhibitions. I will be back again - wish I had $ to see him every week, re: his therapeutic massage on its own surpassed chiropractors, and three massage centers near me. I am at a loss for words ans STILL think about the massage more than a week later ! I cannot articulate Ron' aptitude, sensitivity and good humor. He is the type of guy, hot and sexy, that STILL exudes warmth. we talked and laughed about things after the massage. Gosh, all things considered - I wanted be his friend and hang out with him he was so nice. BUT back to the massage - THE BEST, SKILLED, SEXY, FRIENDLY MASSEUSE AROUND. DO NOT MISS OUT AN APPOINTMENT WITH RON. DO NOT - as they say, RUN, DON'T WALK to make an appointment. Thank you Ron, See you soon I HOPE ! Male massage review by Greg (3 reviews)
  • February 06, 2007


    I called Rod earlier in the day and left a message. A couple of hours later he returned my call and he told me he had an opening at 7pm. From the moment we talked on the phone I knew I was for a great ride. His apartment is located in a superdescreet location and it's a sanctuary of peace. He hugged me when I got there as if I were an old friend. From that moment on, I know he was a true professional who knows how to make the experience worth the money. His methods were surprisingly at first. He starts on your front which is unusual but it really works. He's able to create a massaur-client relationship and he's such so easy to talk to.. he can discuss any topic, from politics to foreign language films. He's just a great guy to talk to. Felt as I was with an old friend and, well, except from the fact that we were both naked, we could have been having a coffee in any West Hollywood cafe. His techniques are pretty erotic.. when he blows are to your genitals.. oh man, that's heaven! If you are into buttplay, he gives one of the best prostatic massages I've ever received.. and, of course, he's an expert on the happy ending part :) He uses his whole body to make you relax and release your tension. He's a keeper and, although I wanted to keep the secret to myself, for all the reviews posted in this site I think everybody now knows of him. Trust me, it's worth every penny of it. I feel like new today.. Thank you Rod.. you rock! Male massage review by Antonio (16 reviews)
  • February 01, 2007


    I'd been trying to see Rod for a long time. Unfortunately my schedule rarely allows me to plan very far ahead. Finally I was able to make an appointment in advance and it was worth it. He was affectionate, fun, hot, conversational and pressed in all the right places. A nice balance of sensual and therapeutic. Male massage review by Scott (14 reviews)
  • July 12, 2004


    I have been getting massages for years and was getting bored with the standard massage so I decided to try something new. I went on your website and checked it out. I was very intrigued by what I saw. I read many of the articles and a lot of the reviews. I found Rod's ad and became very interested. I sent him an E-Mail and he responded very promptly. Every contact I had with him he responded quickly which I appreciated. I made an appointment and went to his place in West Hollywood. Parking was OK and a permit was required which Rod gave me for the time I was there. I was greeted at the door with a big smile, hug and a kiss. He has an extremely pleasing personality and he certainly knows how to make a person feel welcome and comfortable. We chatted for a few minutes and he offered the use of the bathroom to me as I had a one and a half hour drive to get to his place. After that, he told me to undress and where to put my clothes. He also got undressed and boy does he look great. I laid on my back on the table, which he has set up in his living room, and he began the massage on my feet and then up the legs. He works his way up the thighs and up the stomach, chest and arms. The quality and strength of the massage was perfect. Rod knows just how much pressure to apply to each muscle and make it relax. He also has a special way of massaging the genitals and his kissing and blowing air on them made it very exciting. He then had me turn over and he worked on my back. He really does a great job on all of the back, legs and the butt. He certainly has the touch to make one go into another world while he massages your butt. And the Prostate massage was sensational. After several sensual erotic minutes of this he had me turn over and then he started on my front again. With all the hugs and kisses in between I could hardly concentrate. I was in another world. Within minutes he had me reaching full climax and boy was it great. He then finished up the massage with extra kisses, hugs, and of course, the blowing in the ear and on the genitals. Boy what a way to finish a great massage. Male massage review by Pete (20 reviews)
  • July 10, 2004


    I contacted Rod by email to schedule my appointment and we confirmed the day before. Upon arriving, Rod greeted me at the door with a big hug and immediately made me feel relaxed. To make it even better, he was extremely good looking. We talked for a few minutes before I got undressed and got on the table. Rod undressed as well and began the massage. Aside from having an incredibly sexy body, Rod's hands were amazing. He started on my front and we chatted a bit as he proceeded. After thoroughly working the front side while incorporating some very sensual undertones, Rod had me flip over so he could work on my back. He placed a warm towel on my neck and started with my feet. He, again, did an excellent job on my back and incorporated special touches and would occasionally brush his body up against mine, making it all the more sesual. When the massage ended, I felt completely relaxed and released of all of my stresses. Rod then ran a warm shower for me and we talked a bit more before I left. Aside from the fact that Rod is so good looking and gives an incredible massage, the fact that he is incredibly sweet makes you feel very comfortable to be around him. He was very non-judgemental and made me feel very special. I will definitely contact Rod again the next time I'm in LA but will probably pay more for an extended session with him. I would definitely recommend a session with Rod. Male massage review by Landon (11 reviews)
  • March 01, 2004


    The entire experience with Rod was wonderful. From the moment he greeted me at the door with a warm hug and kiss, throughout the massage, and at the end in getting dressed and ready to leave, I enjoyed Rod's gracious personality and his incredible massage. I left feeling so totally cared for and appreciated, it was almost like being treated the way you wished your lover treated you. I thought Rod got all the tight knots on my body and then some and made me feeling like I could never get enough. I'll definitely look forward to seeing him again. Treat yourself and give him a call right away. He's great. Male massage review by elliot (4 reviews)
  • August 30, 2003


    From the initial phone call to the greeting at the door, Rod made me feel that this was going to be a great massage. He is a very intelligent person and his manner and voice exude comfort. His touch is fantastic, you almost don't realize you are getting a massage. As an avid athlete I develop many tight muscles and by the end of the massage I felt great. My training the next day went great. His sensual touch put me in another world. I highly recommend Rod and will be gong back again soon. I have been getting massages for over 15 years and Rod's ranks right up in the top 3 I have ever had. Male massage review by Jesse (2 reviews)
  • April 07, 2003


    Rod was very friendly when booking my appointment. He gave good directions to his house and explained where to park and so on. He lives in a very nice neighborhood in West Hollywood, safe and clean, which is important when taking in calls. He greeted me at the door and welcomed me into him home as a friend. He asked if I wanted water and showed me where the restroom was in case I needed it at any time. Before he left the room, he told me to get undressed and lie on the table, although his apartment was a bit cool, the heated table gave a perfect temperature balance. He came back into the room when I was ready and undressed himself (A+ Body!) and began the massage. He started with my feet, which was different, but nice. He used warm lotion throughout the massage, and as weird as it sounds, was relaxing and stimulating all at the same time. He began to move further up my body, rubbing my legs and inner thighs. This was a truly erotic experience, while very relaxing. He massaged my stomach and chest, then flipped me over to rub the backside of my body. The nice thing when receiving an erotic massage, is the masseur doesn't leave any part of your body untouched, and Rod was no exception. When all was said and done, I felt 'released' of all tension and very relaxed. He told me to lie still while he warmed up the shower and directed me to the bathroom where I could wash myself off. Before leaving, Rod offered some nice conversation and a bottle of water. He graciously saw me out and thanked me for stopping by. If you looking for an erotic, yet relaxing experience...Rod is definitely your guy. Male massage review by Andy (14 reviews)

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2 hrs
Morning, Noon/Lunch, Afternoon, Evening
9 Years
Deep Tissue , Erotic , Sensual , Swedish Massage
Heated lotion
Wide Range
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Rod Hagen took his friendly Midwest attitude along with him to Los Angeles. He has a couple of college degrees, and after several years as a very well reviewed escort, he decided to add massage to his repertoire. He brings over 300 hours of training and nearly three years of hands on experience to one of the most comfortable tables in LA in his discreet, convenient West Hollywood apartment.

He's smart, strong, fun, affectionate, intuitive and ready to give you a hand.

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