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November 2011<br />Clint
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Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Custom, Swedish Massage 

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$ 80 / 60 minutes
$ 120 / 90 minutes
$ 100 / 60 minutes
$ 140 / 90 minutes
  • October 2013<br />Clint
  • October 2013<br />Clint

About Clint's Massage

I offer a full hour, full body, Therapeutic Massage (90 minute sessions also available). I am trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Body Electric style massage techniques with 12 years experience. I am very strong, so I can really work deep to help you release your muscle tension. My touch is also deeply intuitive and very nurturing. I work on a table, using all natural massage cream. The massage I give you can be purely therapeutic or I can combine it with erotic touch. One of my goals, beyond giving a FANTASTIC, healing massage, is to help you have an awareness of your body that feels open, sensual, & connected. Many masseurs either keep their massage completely clinical, or they just do erotic work with little or no massage technique. I provide both. It is a very healing combination.

I am 5'7, 160 lbs, and athletic. I have a shower available for those who need to rinse off, either before or after the massage. My hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Please no calls after Midnight. It's always best to book ahead. PEACE!

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  • August 14, 2011


    Within a minute of being on the table with Clint, I could tell he knew what he was doing. Not only does he have the skills which any massage school can teach, but he has that certain natural/instinctual vibe where you know he isn't just going through the motions. Would not change a thing about the massage. Male massage review by Michael (2 reviews)
  • August 12, 2008


    I had seen Clint's profile numerous times but hadn't made the call until yesterday. Clint was able to get me in that same evening and off I went. He's more handsome in person than his photos and he makes you feel at home immediately. He offered me a glass of water and then I got undressed. Whatever training Clint has had paid off because all through my massage I could tell he was able to find the spots that really needed the work. His pressure would adjust appropriately. Sensual massage can sometimes be a waste of money but in this case I got a great massage with a little fantasy thrown in as I could feel him pushing up against me from time to time. Between the sensual strokes and the hard deep strokes, I felt as if I was in a perfect state of being. Definitely worth seeing again and I will be back! Male massage review by Michael (9 reviews)
  • June 24, 2008


    Lets be clear here. Clint is a man's man out of a Walt Whitman wet dream. He might be a fireman or cop by trade but when he is with you, he is a man that understands exactly what men need. His green Irish eyes catch your eyes with a knowing stare that all men understand. His hands and beautiful body are instruments made for the focused purpose of bringing pleasure and healing to other men. As he takes you into his place of total pleasure and relaxation you will release any fear you have ever had of giving yourself over to another man. You will completely trust this beautiful being and feel as if you are one with him. You will let go, and he will catch you. Clint is the essence of manhood which he is happy to share through massage. Simply the best massage you will ever receive. On a scale of 1 to 10, a 12+ Male massage review by carl (1 review)
  • August 31, 2007


    I haven't had a massage in several months and decided to treat myself. My regular is no longer practicing so I went searching for someone new. Clint seemed like the guy for the job. He was pleasant on the phone, arranged for an a appointment and then called back a while later to tell me that if I wanted he could even take me earlier. From the start Clint was easy to be around. He's also MUCH hotter in person than I expected and I thought he was hot in his pictures! Clint asked me what I wanted in the massage, how "hard" I wanted him to rub, etc. Suffice it to say he is intuitive, friendly and very easy to look at. His massage was one of the best I've ever had - I didn't want it to end - compared to the last massage I got at my gym which I couldn't get done with fast enough! The ambiance, his skills and his being all combined to make for an amazing experience - I'll definitely call Clint again! Male massage review by Barry (1 review)
  • August 25, 2007


    well first off I am an old crusty truck driver. I suspect he did not treat me any diffrent than anyone else. Clint has a magic way about him. I arrived at the apointed time and from then on it was as close to narvana as I have ever been. he played the most wonderful music. it made me think I was at a desert palace somewhere. when I closed my eyes the sorce of pampering was so there. he eased me in, and out. he is very carful of his level of touch. I had been working for almost 87 days in a row when I visited him. he was just wonderful in everyway. there are massages, and then there is Clint he is the one magical being that can let you leave this world and float in another for a time. I so needed that. he is someone dreams are made of, and he has a way of passing on that magic to you, and letting you dream. his home is decorated so wonderfully. it is all a part of it.... ClintMagic Male massage review by Jim (1 review)
  • July 09, 2007


    This was the second time I have been to Clint and, again, the massage was so amazing he simply deserves some kudos. This is not just a rub-down. Clint has very strong hands: I like deep pressure, I asked for it, and he gave me the best deep tissue massage I have ever had. He immediately put me at ease: he's cute and down-to-earth in an utterly unpretentious way. So often masseurs rush over the legs, but I have some circulation issues, so I appreciate a leg massage that feels truly therapeutic. The massage was perfectly paced and he took time to give a great massage head to toe. I'll definitely be back. Male massage review by Dale (2 reviews)
  • June 07, 2007


    Once Clint and I got through some initial phone tag, he was very accommodating and flexible with his Sunday schedule so I booked an in call at his location close to where I was staying. He gave excellent directions and his place was cozy and warm. I really appreciate Clint's encompassing approach to healing massage. Great deep tissue work where I really needed it mixed with bodyelectric style sensual/relaxing work. What a great blissful blend of techniques. He has a warm grounding energy and I was at once relaxed as soon as he put his strong hands on me. I've found my new masseur for LA. Thanks Clint for a wonderful experience. Peace Male massage review by keith (8 reviews)
  • May 31, 2007


    Have had two appointments with Clint and both were excellent. The second time, called him late and he adjusted his schedule to fit me in. Really exceptional masseur, and really like that he is roughly the same size as me. Very respectful and accommodating of my personal needs. Asked about what I wanted beforehand, adjusted the pressure as neededand worked especially hard on the problem areas (shoulders and upper arms). He also does this friction-rub thing on the back that feels like your skin will burn off, but it really relaxes the muscles. A very relaxing, sensual experience. Left feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. Have had a number of massages from different masseurs, and Clint is the best-I'm sticking with him. Male massage review by Guy (1 review)
  • May 23, 2007


    I called Clint late on a Sunday morning and he was able to fit me in early the same evening. His dimly lit studio is warm with great energy that matches his, and parking was easy! He asked about what type of massage I wanted and the amount of pressure I liked before we started. I added to the mix that I had a bit of a tweaked area on the right side of my neck. He maintains a quiet sense of being with you as he moves about, constantly maintaining touch/contact with you. It is all done in the most sensual and caring manner. He also was aware of my breathing and varied the amount of pressure and touch, listening to what my breath patterns were telling him; I actually heard him breathing along with me in sort of a coaching method. I drifted off into "massageland" as he went about his work, giving attention to all areas including my sore neck. He found some other areas where something was a bit knotted up in my back and also worked to resolve those tensions. He was especially good at key pressure points sometimes overlooked (joint areas like hip, knee, ankle, etc.) and when I did open my eyes to see where he was at, he checked in with me to see how it was all going. Although I have had a fair amount of massage and knew the 90 minute massage was drawing to an end, it left me longing for more of his great energy and touch. I surely will be back to this great accomplished guy. Male massage review by Bob (4 reviews)
  • January 08, 2007


    The guys were referred to us by a friend, and I can only say - WOW. They arrived on time and were very professional. They have great smiles and really went out of their way to make us feel good. Both are quite skilled and have excellent technique. We've had them back and look forward to making it regular... Definitely try them! Male massage review by Tim (2 reviews)

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2 hrs
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13 Years
Custom, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage
Biotone Massage Cream
Wide Range
in call, out call, hotel

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