Aussie Alex- Incall Outcall Massage & Swim Lessons  

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June 2015<br />Alex
Available Now
Above Photo Uploaded: June 2015
Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Therapeutic Touch, Swedish Massage,
Sports Massage, Reflexology...
$ 80 / 30 minutes
$ 125 / 60 minutes
$ 180 / 90 minutes
$ 240 / 120 minutes
$ 180 / 60 minutes
$ 270 / 90 minutes
$ 360 / 120 minutes
  • June 2015<br />Alex

About Alex's Massage

I offer One of the Best Therapeutic Massage Experiences you will find "Guaranteed" I also offer Private Swim Coaching/Stroke Correction & Learn to Swim.

YOUR MASSAGE can take place at my beautifully warm, tranquil and private space in West Hollywood- OR, I can also Travel to You in the comfort of your home or hotel, the choice is yours-

I tailor-make your massage to what YOU SPECIFICALLY NEED TODAY, or, Simply settle back and relax into my energetic yet calming massage style and let me 'Melt Away' the stresses of daily life and enliven your body, mind and soul.

No Hassle "FREE" OFF STREET Parking

MASSAGE RATES (Cash & Credit Cards Accepted) & Discounted Package Sessions Available:

INCALL: 60 MIN-$125; 90MIN-$180; 120MIN-$240
OUTCALL: 60MIN-$180; 90MIN-$270; 120MIN-$360

Out-Call massages "I offer 30 minutes Total Travel Time FREE, if more than 30minutes a Travel rate will apply.

PRIVATE SWIM COACH- I offer Personal Coaching & Learn to Swim. I am a Former Australian & international Champion Swimmer, Qualified & Certified Level 1 Coach.

NOTE: PLEASE CALL OR TEXT CELL (Be so kind to give your first name), thank you.

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  • July 12, 2015


    I found Alex last week when looking over this website. Alex was not only accomidating he was amazing. His massage studio is beautiful and calming. Alex made it a point to ask me how I was doing and where he needed to focus his massage techniques on and what areas of my body. I would suggest a 90 minute massge to get the full understanding of his gifts. His the only masseur I will going to in the future. Thank you Alex, I will be seeing you soon. You need not see anyone else. Alex will be your guy! Male massage review by Joe (2 reviews)
  • May 13, 2015


    Simply said... The best massage that I've ever had. This sites been more miss then hit with good massage experiences, but I've hit massage gold with Alex. He's warm, genuine, intuitive and REALLY GOOD! If you are looking for an AWESOME massage experience, then I highly recommend Alex. Honestly, it'll be your loss if you don't try him out. Cheers! Male massage review by hh (1 review)
  • March 19, 2015


    I've seen Alex about a dozen times over the past 9 months, both in LA and in Palm Springs. I first contacted him because of his proximity to my house (walking distance) and because he's a certified masseur. Since then, he's moved about a mile away, but I continue to go see him because he's THAT good. He responds to calls/texts quickly when trying to get a time slot with him. Alex works out of a dedicated studio space with a heated table that's very comfortable. He often uses a very pleasant aromatherapy and a scented misting water at the end of the session to both relax and rejuvenate you. His many hours of training and status as a top swimmer and athlete are evident when he works on you, and he checks in regularly to make sure you're comfortable and the level of pressure is okay. He's been a big help in helping put my body back together after endurance running or cycling training and races. He's also great if you need something less deep tissue/sports oriented and just want to relax. On top of everything else, he has a charming Aussie accent. I can't recommend Alex enough if you're looking for an experienced practitioner who does legitimate massage. He absolutely delivers on the part of his ad that says he offers "one of the best therapeutic massage experiences you will find - guaranteed" It's true. I use Alex exclusively and look forward to his great therapeutic work and Aussie charm each time. Male massage review by Brett (2 reviews)
  • October 08, 2014


    The first time I met Alex was in Palm Springs. When in town, he works out of a beautiful home with a comfortable, spotless spa room and table. At our first session, Alex greeted me at the door with that huge beautiful smile and I was immediately relaxed and comfortable. Before starting he was very thorough in reviewing areas needing attention, any limitations and amount of pressure I would like. As Alex began the massage, he regularly and gently checked in for feedback. His light Australian accent is so charming and engaging! Immediately, I felt the work of an exceptional therapist. His strong hands and long strokes soothe every muscle. Alex truly has a special gift. He builds a connection and you feel so cared for. On his table my body relaxes like I’ve never experienced on a massage table. I feel like I’m melting into his soft table and then floating into a meditative state. He works all areas especially my legs, which are always my tightest area. Afterward, Alex’s massages make me feel better for days. I can be a restless sleeper, but after his massages I sleep like a baby and some regular aches and pains, particularly in my back are gone! As an average businessman in my 60’s, I’ve enjoyed many massages in some of the worlds leading luxury spas and top personal massage therapists, but no massage anywhere has measured up to Alex. He is a true caring and intuitive professional, who makes you feel like center of his universe every minute of the session. His techniques are the best I’ve ever experienced anywhere for any price. Some background: Alex is Australian, where massage therapy is strictly regulated and requires a degree and extensive training. Believe me, Australia’s loss is our gain! If you don’t do a minimum of 90 minutes, you’ll be kicking yourself. If you want the BEST therapeutic massage available anywhere in the world, treat yourself to Alex. BUT WARNING – no one else will ever measure up. Male massage review by Topher (1 review)
  • July 10, 2014


    This man is the REAL deal. I was lucky enough to be on his table yesterday and my body still feels incredible. He's a master in the art of massage! And don't let his handsome face and awesome physique confuse the issue. This man heals!!! This man KNOWS the body. I'm a runner and a fitness junky and I've had many massages in my life and times. Alex has a gift that is rare and I'm glad I moved back to LA so that I can see him weekly. He's got techniques and a style that must be of his own creation because I've never experienced them before. In one session, he alleviated some pain issues of mine that I assumed would take weeks and weeks to heal. Other masseurs would do well to study from him. I have hamstring and shoulder issues like many athletes and this man addressed them like no one before. I like deep work and that's what he gave me and I'm sure he can adjust pressure to any client's liking. The space he has created is serene and clean and parking was easy. I'll be back again and again. Alex is going to be not just a treat for me but an essential part of my training from now on. I'm grateful he's here. Men, you want the best massage of your life, contact this guy. He's a total gentleman, too. Super sweet actually. I'm grateful to find him. And what's most important in a review is this: I already have a session set up with him for next week. Male massage review by ely (1 review)
  • June 22, 2013


    It is a rare case when a masseur can provide a warm and intimate massage experience without crossing the line of appropriateness, but Alex is able to do it. Let me tell you about my experience with him: It was very easy to make an appointment with Alex, which is always a good sign. When I arrived, his subtle Australian accent created a charmed environment right away (Have you ever met an Australian you didn't like?) and his gentle, friendly personality confirmed that the experience would be a rare pleasure. It got even better as it went along. He had water available next to the massage table, which was covered with plush, comfortable towels instead of just a sheet. As he started, he used medium pressure and asked if I wanted it softer or stronger, but it was right the way it was. He is obviously well trained and uses original techniques that others don't know and I can't describe. I went for the two hour version, and I will every time. It is too good not to get all of it you can get. You can always tell when a masseur does massage because he enjoys it instead of doing it just for money, and it makes you enjoy it more because you feel that you are being cared for and not just handled. I think Alex enjoys his work more than any therapist I have ever experienced, and it shows. There was a heightened sense of care coming from Alex throughout the massage. Treat yourself and see what I mean. Male massage review by Marty (3 reviews)
  • February 12, 2012


    I can't recommend Alex highly enough. From the time I spoke to Alex on the phone to the end of the appointment, I felt taken care of. I had called inquiring about a last minute appointment and although he had a busy schedule, he was kind enough to fit me in. Alex has created an incredible, dedicated massage room that is clean, comfortable and relaxing. He took the time to ask about my body issues and aches and pains. I had a lot of soreness in my shoulders and upper back from working out and swimming, so he said he would be sure to pay special attention to those areas. His technique and pressure were great and he checked in often to make sure I was comfortable, especially when he was working out some of the tougher knots. It was easy to relax in Alex's care and let him work through the trouble spots. I left feeling overall relaxed and pain free. It was honestly the best massage I have ever had! Male massage review by dj (1 review)
  • November 10, 2011


    This is the first review I have ever written on Massagem4m, Alex provided the best massage of anyone I have ever had on this site. Not only was it a great massage but Alex is also a really nice guy, someone you would want to be friends with and just as handsome as his pics. He has a great space with a dedicated room for massage that is very comfortable and super clean. I finally found a masseur on this site that I will return to again and again. Thanks Alex! Male massage review by Todd (1 review)
  • June 03, 2011


    Alex is the masseur that I have been hoping to find for years. There may be many ‘good’ masseurs at there, but he is definitely one of the very few great ones. He is engaging, very knowledgeable, generous, and serious about his craft; he also happens to be quite handsome and welcoming. He created a space where I felt this was my custom session, attentive to the details of my sports injuries, and not just another massage to tick off. He is genuine and caring and works in a dedicated studio that is well equipped, warm, and most comfortable. Alex is now my go to healer. If you train, use your body seriously, or just stressed, this man is your antidote. Male massage review by Troy (1 review)
  • March 03, 2011


    I rarely write reviews, but my massage experience with Alex was so amazing that I feel the need to share. He is not only an extremely skilled and trained masseur but he is also one of the most genuine and handsome men I've had the pleasure of meeting. He's friendly and from the moment you meet him you feel relaxed. He makes sure to check in with you on your massage needs, and adjusts his pressure to your liking. He's very strong and was able to apply great pressure to release the tension in my shoulders and neck. He works in a very clean and zen environment and has a dedicated room with clean linens, etc. I originally was only going to do the 60 min massage but asked if he'd extend me to 90 because I was in pure bliss. A DEFINITE find and I will be back. Thank you Alex. Male massage review by Alan (1 review)

More about his massage services

Varies, Please Contact
Cash, Credit Cards
Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Night
10 Years
Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Chair Massage, Deep Tissue, Lymph System Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Touch
Wide Range
Alex is an Easy-Going, Caring, Courteous Aussie Lad. He has an extensive 3 years training in Remedial Massage & Therapies and is also a Certified Personal Fitness Instructor & Swim Coach. Now in his 10th year of working with his client base throughout Australia-New Zealand-Sth Africa & Europe- NOW in Los Angeles- So, please feel free to call or text him and experience the best of what Australia has to offer.

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85,451 times

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Body Grooming
Body Scrubs
Gong Meditation
Hair styling
Inversion Table Therapy
Life Coaching
Meditation Coaching
Mud treatments
Nutrition Consulting
Personal Training
Physical Therapy
Yoga Instruction

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