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May 2012<br />Manup
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Techniques: Swedish Massage,
Sports Massage 

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This masseur is currently unavailable. If you are interested in booking a massage with him, please write him an email to let him know you are interested."

washington, d.c.
$ 125 / 60 minutes
$ 185 / 90 minutes
$ 225 / 120 minutes
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About Manup's Massage

Hi guys

Thanks for checking me out.

Climb aboard the table!! While traveling, INCALLS only.

Masculine, VGL pro-trained masseur with a gym-built body offering a quality therapeutic/sensual massage.

Having been professionally trained with 7 yrs experience as a masseur I pride myself on tailoring my massage to my client's specific needs.

I incorporate various massage techniques by combining primarily Swedish/Sports techniques with localized deep tissue work. Body to Body technique is also used --It's MAN on MAN. I use my entire body as a way to transfer pressure and weight onto your body, providing therapeutic massage with sensual, medium and heavy pressure. The massage is sensual not sexual. I am in my underwear during this whole process, which makes it very sensual and intimate experience. You also have the option to get the massage customized -- more information is provided via phone-call only.

Table, candles, music, quality lotions, towels...and HOT masseur! It's best of both worlds -a real legit massage with a sensual edge.

Hit me up!
Oh, and I am very respectful of my clients privacy and request their discretion in return, so I do NOT send out face pics.Thanks!

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  • April 03, 2012


    This message is posted by one of CJ’s many regular clients. Each visit is better than the last. CJ is a man who gives a man’s massage. Sometimes you may wonder if he has used a razor lately but then again, he is a man who gives a man a massage. While I have been relaxing on his table I’ve forgotten the physical pace and strength he is exerting until I realize the beads of perspiration across his back and entire torso. CJ is doing man work. CJ’s intensity brings the greatest pleasure and feeling to every part of my body every time I see him. CJ is a man who knows a man’s entire body. Hello hugs quickly lead to the fluid strokes and caresses of gentle, firm hands. While I was up on the table CJ was sometimes next to me, then he was over me and then he was under an arm or my legs. It is fun to remember a certain technique CJ uses but I have often found that the familiar pattern is enhanced by new variation or interpretation. If that sounds like a musical review let me tell you that CJ is well practiced. CJ’s hands could be on any musical instrument. Think of the stretch of a solo pianist reaching from left to right on the keyboard or from the nape of your neck to the soles of your feet. Think of a bow going across the stings on a violin. Replace the bow and the strings with your arm from fingers to the shoulder and CJ’s hands going from light to firm touch back and forth. Or maybe CJ has the hands of the conductor who extracts every note from the orchestra that is your body (skin, muscles, arms, hands, legs, feet, back, neck, chest and torso to blend a perfect symphony? Fully satisfied I have always hugged CJ goodbye while eagerly looking forward to his next performance Male massage review by ryan (1 review)
  • March 20, 2012


    ncredible! Really amazing massage. I saw CJ when he was last visiting NYC from Washington and I am so glad that I did. This was really one of the best massages I have EVER received, and I've gotten a lot of them. It was really what his ad described - a pro level, spa like massage with some an amazing sensual edge. I really felt like I was floating when I left, without a care in the world. First of all he is INCREDIBLY handsome; don't let the "no face pics" rule scare you. A really strapping young man with a body that is even leaner and tighter than in his pics. A great smile, beautiful green eyes, and, of course, that AMAZING ass that is so well shown in his pictures. From the time he greeted me I felt right at home - he was warm and welcoming, and seemed genuinely happy that I was there. As we undressed together (I peeled off his jeans for him) we discussed what sort of massage I was looking for and if I had any injuries or sore spots that needed special "attention". Once I was on the table, and could feel his warm body over mine I was a goner. Really, this is a pro massage - not a "rub and tug" - but the sensual part of it was incredible. HOT HOT HOT. Nothing about the session felt rushed or unthorough. I mean, he really worked me over and I totally lost myself in the pleasure of his touch. I think I fell asleep a few times, I was so relaxed. And then of course, I woke up completely when he told me it was time to 'turn over', haha. When we finished he provided me with hot towels and a glass of water, and we chatted for about 15 minutes before I left. My session was schedule for 90 mins, and I was astounded to see that he had worked on me for almost two hours! That's how great it was. CJ said he was thinking about moving to NYC permanently - and I hope so. DC's loss will definitely be NY's gain! Thanks, CJ- Male massage review by Matthew (2 reviews)
  • September 23, 2011


    This was amazing! I have never had a massage like this before, and I get ALOT of massages. I was lucky enough to catch CJ when before he left DC, and I am so glad I did. I have been looking at his picture and wanting to call him, but was a little intimidated by those thighs and butt(!!) But, WOW, am I glad I did. Not only are the pictures dead on, but the guy is incredibly handsome-and NICE! And this was the most wonderful massage. TOTALLY professional and legitimate, with an incredible edge of sensuality. Making the appointment was easy, and when I got to his place, he had it all - table, candles, soft music. Not only that, he was incredibly warm and friendly, and made me feel at home right away. He got undressed, and he got to work. I had originally asked for 60 mins, but as soon as he started, I knew I wanted more, so I requested we extend it to 90 and he sweetly accomodated. He uses his whole body in ways I have never experienced, and felt so good - he seemed to know exactly where I needed the most attention, and delivered it. I dozed several times, which was wonderful but also frustrating because I really wanted to enjoy every second of his touch. It was deep at times, and then soft and relaxing...but always right. And he checked with me alot to make sure it was the pressure I wanted, and how I was doing. By the time he whispered to me to turn over, I felt like I was floating. Afterwards, I was totally and completely relaxed, and he cleaned me up, offered me water, and we chatted and I slowly came back to earth. Come back to DC soon, CJ! Male massage review by Matthew (2 reviews)
  • August 18, 2011


    I am SO glad to see that CJ is advertising again, although a little sad that the secret will be out. I have been a client of his for nearly two years, and have gotten massages in the various cities he has visited. I must admit, he gets better and better with each massage. Just when you think you know what is coming next, he will surprise you with a new touch, or a new move, which sends pure waves of pleasure and relaxation throughout your body. Everything is VERY professional – the table, the sheets, the lotion, and especially the masseur. This guy is the real thing – no false pretense, just a down-to-earth, sincere, and VERY personable guy. He can talk about a wide range of topics (or not talk if that is what you prefer), and always gives you MUCH MUCH more massage than what you are paying for. And, if this were all not enough, this guy is SUPER good-looking – very charming, very masculine, and yet still has some of that ‘boy next door’ quality. Guys, book your massage with him today! His schedule fills up fast, and you will certainly NOT be disappointed. He is well worth the cost and also well worth adjusting your schedule for! Book him today! Male massage review by Jim (3 reviews)

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2 hrs
Morning, Afternoon, Evening
8 Years
Sports Massage, Swedish Massage

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