Solo Or Four Hand Sensual/erotic Male-Ssage!

July 2013<br />Greg
Above Photo Uploaded: July 2013
Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Swedish Massage, Sports Massage,
Therapeutic Touch, 4 Hands Massage...

Inactive Masseur

This masseur is currently unavailable. If you are interested in booking a massage with him, please write him an email to let him know you are interested."

$ 40 / 30 minutes
$ 80 / 60 minutes
$ 120 / 90 minutes
$ 60 / 30 minutes
$ 100 / 60 minutes
$ 140 / 90 minutes
  • October 2013<br />Greg
  • October 2013<br />Greg

About Greg's Massage

When you are going to be in the Jacksonville area, please contact me for the ultimate in relaxation and stress release!!!

***FOUR HAND MASSAGE now available evenings and weekends with advance notice, subject to availability. Ask for details!!! ***

Other services now include Manscaping and Body Salt Scrub Exfoliation.

With over 15 years experience, I have very talented hands and my goal is relaxation. Lay back and unwind while I work out the stresses of daily life with firm touch, as hard or soft as you like, it's all about you. I relax you not just with my touch but also with atmosphere, personality and my caring demeanor. I have very strong yet soft hands that can truly help you relax or work out the stress in your body and muscles I promise that when your time is up, you won't want me to stop. I respect all boundaries and treat everyone with the same courtesy and respect I would like to receive myself.

While you're with me, my time and attention will be focused solely on you. I combine the traditional massage techniques with so much more. My touch is a bit different. It's more flowing and relaxing. I ask you to forget everything and focus on where my hands are on your body...what better way to drift away? This is about making you feel good and relaxing in the moment as well as when you fall asleep later that evening, a relaxation you can carry with you all week. Time to take some you time and that is my goal, your total relaxation and giving you some time for yourself.

Relax in a safe warm friendly environment. No hang ups or worries, be yourself, old young. large or small doesn't matter. Just a great massage. Professional and Private. Shower available if needed.

Very flexible schedule and reasonable rates very strong and experienced with the aim of total relaxation through great massage. My relaxation massage will make you feel great, relieve stress and re-energize your body.

Feel free to call anytime, if I don't answer I may be in a session, leave me a message and I will get back to you ASAP. I also receive e-mails instantly. I look forward to getting my hands on you!

Massage Reviews For Greg

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  • September 29, 2013


    I was going to be in Jacksonville for a long weekend and e-mailed Greg asking for a 4-hand massage. My time was very limited because I was with friends. Greg and his partner were able to accomodate my schedule and it only got better from there! When I arrived, I was greeted by two handsome men with warm welcoming smiles. We undressed and I got comfortable on their table. And what a table it was; warm and plush. And for the next 90 minutes plus I was in complete heaven! I was totally pampered by two gorgeous men who are also beautifully trained in massage. They would check in periodically to make sure the pressure was okay. Other than that, my moans of ecstacy were the limit of conversation! Their hands never left my body. I have had four-hand massages before, but this was truly in a class of its own. They are completely in synch with each other. He explained they were partners and totally get each other. The entire session was perfect! Deep, therapeutic strokes combined with great stretches, and slow, sensual, loving touch interspersed throughout. This truly was the best of both worlds. Fortunately I get to Jacksonville about 5 times a year, so I will be able to repeat this bliss many times in the future. I rate them a 10; but only because I can't rate them higher! Male massage review by Wesley (3 reviews)
  • September 12, 2011


    Greg was among the best massage artists that I have had (and I've had my share). His personality, spirit and touch were the perfect combination. He answered my call immediately and was open about setting up a time that was mutually beneficial. I met him at his apartment and he put me at ease quite quickly, even though I was a little nervous. His session was different from any I have had before because it started with soft jazz music and soft lighting. It laid the foundation for a pair of STRONG, yet intuitive massage lotion coated hands that took away days of stress. Greg was great and I will definately seek him out! Male massage review by Roger (1 review)
  • September 08, 2011


    I just had my second appt with Greg...really, an outstanding massage - professional, beautiful surrounding and beautiful man! he is so damn hot! more importantly Greg knows how to give an excellent massage - hit all the sore points, combined several modalities and had perfect pressure, for me, medium pressure, not super deep...he really cares about his work and it shows - brief interview about expectations, soft music and shower if you need it. Greg is kind, super and all man - and had just the right amount of sensual - perfectly legit, while taking you to a blissful state! You won't regret it. Can't wait for my next session. Male massage review by Roger (1 review)
  • September 08, 2011


    I am a very satisfied repeat client of Greg's. Greg has everything one desires in a masseur: outstanding technique, personality, exceptionally handsome and fit, and an eagerness to please. Top scores in every category. Male massage review by Robert (1 review)

More about his massage services

Early AM, Morning, Noon/Lunch, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Late PM
17 Years
Table, Bed, Floor
4 Hands Massage, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Touch
Heated lotion, Heated Oil, Massage Lotion, Massage Oil, Various, AVEDA massage lotion, AVEDA massage oil, Massage FX Oil
Wide Range
Greg was trained in a 4 hand massage in Atlanta and has transferred recently to the Jacksonville Beach area. With over 15 years of experience, he is certainly experienced in the massage and erotic rubdown arts!

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