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lake worth

About Kahler's Massage

$15 off my reg.$100 massage, now just $85 bucks! plus I add an extra 10 min. reg. $100 @ 60 min. now $85 @ 70 min

Because I'm limited here on this site, to fully explain the expereince, feel free to email me for a fulller explanation.I have a very detailed info. page I can forward to you. This website has recently eliminated some basic language ( words) to be able to fully explain the expereince/

Now located in my wonderful new house, on 10 acres, located right next to my commercial orchid nursery, massage room always has uncommon orchids filling the room.

Unapologetically intimate- Because without intimate touch, there is an absence of humanity.

My web page is in construction this week, sorry fella's, a new web master is taking over my sites, trusting it will be available soon.

I celebrate the importance and power of the Subjective, and the imtimate -in Bodywork...without shame or apology. These are aspects of the human being that, without them, one cannot experience being whole.

Our intimate Nature is to be embraced, enjoyed and expressed in ways that spark passion for life and others. It is a driving force that accompanies true health and wellness.

Know that you can relax in a legit therapeutic experience,(L.M.T.) yet you will experience unique intimate modalities which sooth and stimulate your physical, metal , intimate and emotional zones. Every part of your body will be touched and stimulated.The expereince is professional, yet passionate. I can work the entire body, from head to toe, and the sensitive spots between.

I'm a fit, attractive 47 year old GWM,6 foot, 180 pounds, clean cut looks, clean shaven and keep myself in shape ( Physical, Mental and Spiritual )I have been a certified massage therapist since 1998, National, Florida and North Carolina certification. My years of experience has allowed me to fine tune my massage techniques. In just a few moments with you, I can locate possible tension spots. Each signature massage is customized to your wants, needs and desires at the moment. Typically my massage combines different modalities that not only relax and sooth, but allow tight and stressed areas to release and restore. You will find my massage stimulating, relaxing, revitalizing, exciting and releasing.

A combination of Swedish, Trigger Point, ( deeper Tissue) Reflexology, with unique intimate modalities. I have created this blend of legit therapeutic modalities, and precise intimate touch over several years of working with all male clients, but I'm always open to learning and exploring new ideas of touch. However the massage will be as unique as you are.

My massage utilizes the 'whole' body. This experience will entice your physical body, sooth your thoughts and mind, and allow you to enter a realm of complete freedom. This allows your inner and outer self to be open to a healing, and intimate experience. Your level of intimate feeling will be prolonged on edge for a long time.

Because I'm limited here on this site, to fully explain the expereince, feel free to email me for a fulller explanation.

When half the world is receiving a massage, and half the world is giving a massage, perhaps we will understand world peace Kaler

Thanks for visiting my page,

It is best to call me to schedule, I rarely see text messages, and may see emails once a day. Kaler.

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