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December 2013<br />Kahler
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Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Custom, Therapeutic Touch,
Swedish Massage, Reflexology...

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This masseur is currently unavailable. If you are interested in booking a massage with him, please write him an email to let him know you are interested."

$ 100 / 65 minutes
$ 120 / 90 minutes
$ 60 / 30 minutes
$ 130 / 70 minutes

About Kahler's Massage

$15 off my reg.$100 massage, now just $85 bucks! plus I add an extra 10 min. reg. $100 @ 60 min. now $85 @ 70 min

Because I'm limited here on this site, to fully explain the expereince, feel free to email me for a fulller explanation.I have a very detailed info. page I can forward to you. This website has recently eliminated some basic language ( words) to be able to fully explain the expereince/

Now located in my wonderful new house, on 10 acres, located right next to my commercial orchid nursery, massage room always has uncommon orchids filling the room.

Unapologetically intimate- Because without intimate touch, there is an absence of humanity.

My web page is in construction this week, sorry fella's, a new web master is taking over my sites, trusting it will be available soon.

I celebrate the importance and power of the Subjective, and the imtimate -in Bodywork...without shame or apology. These are aspects of the human being that, without them, one cannot experience being whole.

Our intimate Nature is to be embraced, enjoyed and expressed in ways that spark passion for life and others. It is a driving force that accompanies true health and wellness.

Know that you can relax in a legit therapeutic experience,(L.M.T.) yet you will experience unique intimate modalities which sooth and stimulate your physical, metal , intimate and emotional zones. Every part of your body will be touched and stimulated.The expereince is professional, yet passionate. I can work the entire body, from head to toe, and the sensitive spots between.

I'm a fit, attractive 47 year old GWM,6 foot, 180 pounds, clean cut looks, clean shaven and keep myself in shape ( Physical, Mental and Spiritual )I have been a certified massage therapist since 1998, National, Florida and North Carolina certification. My years of experience has allowed me to fine tune my massage techniques. In just a few moments with you, I can locate possible tension spots. Each signature massage is customized to your wants, needs and desires at the moment. Typically my massage combines different modalities that not only relax and sooth, but allow tight and stressed areas to release and restore. You will find my massage stimulating, relaxing, revitalizing, exciting and releasing.

A combination of Swedish, Trigger Point, ( deeper Tissue) Reflexology, with unique intimate modalities. I have created this blend of legit therapeutic modalities, and precise intimate touch over several years of working with all male clients, but I'm always open to learning and exploring new ideas of touch. However the massage will be as unique as you are.

My massage utilizes the 'whole' body. This experience will entice your physical body, sooth your thoughts and mind, and allow you to enter a realm of complete freedom. This allows your inner and outer self to be open to a healing, and intimate experience. Your level of intimate feeling will be prolonged on edge for a long time.

Because I'm limited here on this site, to fully explain the expereince, feel free to email me for a fulller explanation.

When half the world is receiving a massage, and half the world is giving a massage, perhaps we will understand world peace Kaler

Thanks for visiting my page,

It is best to call me to schedule, I rarely see text messages, and may see emails once a day. Kaler.

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  • April 07, 2014


    I just had my third or fourth massage session with Kaler, and although it had been more than a year since my last treatment he remembered me. It was amazing that no time seemed to have passed since our last session, as Kaler has a quietly gracious way of putting you immediately at ease from the moment he greets you at the door. His technique is gentle and accommodating, and I felt myself quickly centered and open to the meditative calm of the environment. Kaler is very sensitive to the body's physical reaction under the importance that the touch of his strong yet surprisingly and unburdened hands. He is aware of how important it is for his bodywork treatment to encompass his clients' sense of whole-body wellness. And, in my opinion, he accomplishes as if you were either dissolving into the massage bed or set adrift upon a cloud of joyful bliss. After my massage, I left Kaler's with having experienced completer fulfillment enhanced by within serenity, and anticipating my next healing session with Kaler. I offer my highest recommendations for receiving one of Kaler's exquisitely performed massages. Male massage review by T (1 review)
  • July 19, 2012


    I recently bought a home in Boca Raton, Fl. I plan to spend some winter time there. I called 3 different therapist's in the area. They all sounded fine, but it was Kaler that impressed the most via the phone. He laughed easily, which put me at ease, and when he spoke of his massage work, I felt the passion he has for his work. I get a fair amount of body work, and I have had great and some not so great expereinces, so I have learned to listen to the therapist ( something I also use in my everyday work and life.) Kaler arrived to my home a few minuites before our scheduled appointment. He was dressed nice and presented himself well, and was pleasant. I learned he was from Seattle, which is where I have had a business for several years. He carried everything with him, table was comfortable, sheets were clean and crisp, and the massage cream was slightly warmed. Kaler was able to discover my tension spots with in 30 seconds, and spoke briefly about the types of massage he planned to incorporate. I felt comfortable at this point, and realized I had made a good choice,even before the massage had started. The massage expereince was an absolute therapuetic one, with incredible touch uniquely executed at the perfect time. I felt relaxed, excited, relieved, invigorated and really at peace all in 75 minutes! I have had great therapeutic massage, and have had great massage, but receiving excellent therapeutic with was a true find indeed. The combination of Kaler's expereince, passion, gift and personality made for one of the best massages I have expereinced. Kaler is a nice looking guy, probably in late 40's, but I really appreciated his age and expereince and the place he was in life. It was comfortable conversation, I just don't find with a 20 something guy. Referring Kaler is my pleasure, his massage work is truely a gift. Male massage review by scott (1 review)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thanks Scott for your kind words, I equally enjoyed performing your massage and enjoyed the conversation as well.I look forward to visiting you again!
  • August 03, 2008


    I have had Kaler's massage before, but this time when I came to south Florida on business, I decided to try the 4 handed massage. Since I felt comfortable with Kaler from past appointments, I seemed to relax enough to get the courage up to try the 4 handed massage. All I can say is WOW! I will go to my grave with this experience engraved in my mind and fantasy! When Kaler opened his front door, a handsome friendly Kaler met me with a handshake, and a 'genuine' nice to see you again greeting. Upon entering, he introduced me to Gio, a sexy Latin guy ( in his 30's) in a tank top, who smailed and also extended his hand in greeting. We all relaxed, chatted and undressed. Kaler's comfortable home in a nice area of town, was charming as before. The massage area, is private, cozy, sexy and inviting. The contrast of Kaler's european looks, and Gio's ( I think short for Giovonni) Latin smooth body, was really a turn on. They were friends, business associates, not partners, but their easy attitude with each other, made me wonder if something more was going on. At any rate, they had their unique style down to a fine tuned touch. They kept their tandem hands in sinc, as if in a mirror. The touch was strong, therapeutic, but gentle and precise. I think I may have drifted to sleep a couple times, which I tried to avoid, I didn;t want to miss a beat of this amazing massage. When their hands slid over my body, they would tease me in a way,that created a sexy energy, but at the same time, seemed to sooth my senses, and suggested to me , just to lay still, quite my mind... and just allow this amazing journey taking place. Their intense , suggestive and light touch, seemed playful, but professional. This wonderful energy flowed through my body, and I felt tingles of sensation over my entre body. The thing is, their therapeutic and techniques blended so well, sometimes, I felt it was one in the same. Afterwards, I thought about it, and realized that is what a true experience of both therapeutic and massage should be. When I turned face up, and could see these two handsome, sexy guys working my body, I was extremely relaxed, but aroused. The part seemed to continue a long time, and I seemed to be right at edge. the feeling of complete and utter bliss was extended by 4 talented hands creating a release never thought possible Male massage review by John (1 review)
  • December 22, 2012


    Great job! Kaler was very intuitive, finding problem areas I wasn't even aware of. Excellent touch. This man knows what he's doing. Male massage review by John (1 review)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thank you for your kind words, and glad it was a great expereince for you, and look forward to seeing you again on my table.
  • October 06, 2010


    I was very stressed after a long five days of seminar classes so I called Kaler and he quickly responded. He came to my hotel and it was the best massage that I had in a long time. Kaler took the time to explain what he was working on for my stress and where my stress was. I enjoyed his personality and conversation only when the massage began we did not converse he concentrated on my body. Not only was I in heaven with a fantastic massage but the ending was a that I will always remember. His gentleness and concern for my body took all the stress away and I was able to leave the next morning feeling like a new person returning to my business. Male massage review by Vincent (2 reviews)
  • February 14, 2008


    I made an apointment with Kaler, to come to my hotel, The Boca Resort.He arrived on time, with his table on a cart, he was warm and friendly from the beginning. I knew imediatley that I had made the right choice. I was amazed at all brought with him, a heated table cover, sheets, an ipod with soothing music, a candle, bolsters etc. We chatted a few minuits, and I climbed on the table. We both were nude, and that put me at ease. Kaler has taken care of his body, and I found him attractive. His technique was unique, alternating between lighter and depper tissue. The pressure point massage, was so exact in corelation to my tightness. He just knew where to press/touch, everything flowed perfect, and almost felt like he moved to the soothing music. Every part of my body was worked on.The technique was new to me, but after that massage, have signed up for a weekend seminar with . Later we chatted, and Kaler told me about his studies with the Religious Science of Mind Church, a new thought church ( like Unity) new thought.He is a certified Spiritual Mind Practioner,and I found all this interesting,, he touches more then your body, he reaches places few people have explored, your inner being, your soul. I don't think I ever felt so much at ease or at a complete place of serenty. There is only one therapist I plan to see, when I return to South Florida, and it Kaler Male massage review by Wesley (1 review)
  • October 20, 2006


    Kaler was very friendly and quick in his communications and soon after contacting him. His place is beautifully appointed and after an introduction and review of what I was looking for we both stripped and got ready. His techniqe was wonderful, and thorough. He checked on the pressure and how I was doing, and completely took care of me. I definitely would recommend visiting Kaler. Male massage review by Steve (14 reviews)
  • August 22, 2006


    I called Kaler from out of town and he called me back very quickly. We made arrangements to meet two days hence since I was coming to fort lauderdale on holiday. I reconfirmed my appointment and got directions two hours before the appointment. He met me at the door. Is an attractive man. Was very nice and put me at ease immediately. I was sweating from the heat and he offered me a shower before we started which I did. When I got back in to the room, he was already naked and ready for me. He is a very attractive man, gentle but firm in his touch. I like a firm massage and he gave me one. We talked for awhile and then he told me to just relax and we stopped talking. He did a complete body rub first back and then front. I was relaxed and sleepy at the end but became stimulated at the end and the total release was wonderful. Afterwards he let me take my time getting dressed and was very polite. He knows his stuff and I would go back to him again. Bob Male massage review by bob (2 reviews)
  • May 13, 2006


    Kaler returned my emails and voice mails promptly. He lived just a few blocks from my guest house ( The Grand) on the beach.This was GREAT MASSAGE!!! From the moment I walked in, to the moment I walked out, Kaler was amazing. His massage was very good, but combine that with good looks, charm and smarts and I had the "total package" Kaler's energy and smile had me in heaven. Refering kaler is easy, he is a must see in south Florida. Male massage review by Octavio (1 review)
  • December 30, 2005


    Terrific massage. Kaler found the spots that needed attention - shoulders and lower back. The massage was firm and include very flairs. Kaler was great looking and allowed ing. Outstanding ending including dragging a towel slowing over the body. Male massage review by Duane (1 review)

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4 Hands Massage, Acupressure, Custom, Deep Tissue, Equine, Integrative Massage, Lymph System Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular, Orthopedic Massage, Postural Integration, Rebalancing, Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Touch, Touch For Health, Trauma Erase, Trigger Point
Various, AVEDA massage lotion, Biotone Massage Cream, Biotone Massage Oil
Wide Range
I utilizes my education, experience and Intuition, to create an experience that uniquely travels beyond your expectations, and delivers you to a realm of Peace, Freedom and Complete Satisfaction. You will Relax, but be very aroused. I have a passion for my massage work, and if you have ever had a massage experience that is created from passion, you will know it is one of the best massages you have ever had .When you live and work in passion, you have discovered your true calling and purpo

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