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February 2015<br />Robb
Above Photo Uploaded: February 2015
Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Custom, Swedish Massage,
$ 85 / 60 minutes
$ 115 / 90 minutes
$ 145 / 120 minutes
$ 115 / 60 minutes
$ 145 / 90 minutes
$ 175 / 120 minutes
  • February 2015<br />Robb
  • February 2015<br />Robb
  • February 2015<br />Robb
  • February 2015<br />Robb

About Robb's Massage

I believe that every man has right to be pampered from time to time. He has the right to get comfortable, lie back, and feel the energy of a strong, well-built, and talented man's touch all over his body. Then he has the right to zone out and take a well deserved mini vacation for 60, 90 or 120 minutes! Don't you? Then how about treating yourself to one of the best massages you've ever had, given to you by an in-shape, experienced Professional with GREAT HANDS!

Come on over or let me come to you and then let me do all the work, while you lie on my comfortable, extra thickly padded massage table, listen to some great music, and get massaged with high-quality biotone products all over your body. I will start out on your back, neck and shoulder area, gradually relaxing you with long, gliding strokes, and then as you begin to enter that zone of euphoria, I will gently focus on your tension areas, especially in the low back and shoulders, never takng my hands off you or losing sight of my main focus, which is to relax you and just make you feel good all over. Your experience will then be heightened by my featherlike strokes up and down your body as I slowly ease my way to your feet, calves and that, oh so sensitive, inner thigh and butt area. Allow me to then invigorate you with my signature butt routine that is guaranteed to leave you tingly all over. My butt routine alone is worth the trip! My clients have told me that at that point they feel both zoned out and exhilarated all at the same time.

Then I have you turn over and and lie there completely relaxed and vulnerable, as I get as comfortable as you like! Then let me massage your front side as I explore all those sensitive areas once again. Finally, I will transfer you to a continued, more dream-like state of complete relaxation that will linger with you long after the massage is over! Your complete relaxation and satisfaction are guaranteed!

Remember, draping is optional! Make sure to be freshly showered before your massage, as I like to massage all the nooks and crannies! Shower available here for those of you coming straight from work. Looking forward getting my hands all over you!

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  • February 21, 2014


    Easy to schedule and a great personality, Rob was professional, intimate, and in his technique, combining several different styles. A fantastic experience, Felt like a four-hand massage! Incredible. Male massage review by Boomer (7 reviews)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thanks for the review! It was great meeting you, and I am so glad you enjoyed the experience!
  • May 22, 2013


    My name is John. I emailed Rob asking for a massage and that I had been a client of his before. It had been over 2 years but he remembered who I was. Rob, worked me into his schedule for 90 minute session and I really loved my massage. He is not a clock watcher and is very skilled in his massage. He knew without me even telling him the areas that needed the attention. Rob is a great conversationalist and has a great personality and body. He is very connected to your needs. I would recommend Rob to anybody that wants a great masseur. Do not mess around with these masseurs that say they will make you feel great. Rob is a certified masseur. So if you are serious about getting a great massage with somebody that has years of experience contact Rob, you will not be disappointed. Male massage review by John (1 review)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thanks John for your great review. It is always a pleasure to see you, and I am very glad that I was able to leave you completely refreshed, released and renewed!
  • February 25, 2013


    I contacted Rob about a month before I was coming to Orlando. He responded very quickly and advised me to contact him about a week before. I did and when I arrived in Orlando called to confirm. He came to my hotel and was very professional. The massaged was fantastic! Both therapeutic and all in one.. I booked a 2-hour with him and the time seemed to be over too quickly. I would recommend Rob to anyone looking for a great massage with some fun included. Thanks Rob! Will look forward to my next trip to Orlando! Male massage review by Russ (1 review)
  • January 18, 2013


    Rob was very easy to find and lives close to me. Loved his neighborhood and his private massage room was super comfy. He really gave me the works form head to toe start to finish. Wonderful man!!! Male massage review by don (2 reviews)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thanks for the great review. It was a pleasure meeting you. Please come back again soon!
  • October 01, 2012


    I traveled to Orlando for a few days vacation after an intense business trip on the gulf coast. I predicted my need for a high quality massage experience weeks before my trip and contacted Rob in advance. He reeponded immediately and requested that i email him a few days prior to my arrival. Once in Orlando, i contacted Rob and we confirmed our appointment. As often happens with my schedule, I had to call Rob the day of our appointment and tell him that I was not able to make our early afternoon time-readily he responded with a later time that evening which worked perfectly for me. I arrived and was met at the door of a very attractive home in a quiet residential community, complete with wild peacocks roaming through the front yards. After a few moments of getting acquainted, I was offered cool water and invited in to the massage area. The atmosphere was wonderful-setting the stage for a relaxing and stimulating experience. Low lighting, calmimg music, and lovely aromas completed the stage for an outstanding tactile journey. Rob utilizes a variety of techniques that he integrates into a progressive experience reaching a point of total pleasure. I was totally satisfied and was pleased to learn that he was enjoying my massage in his own special way. Rob is friendly, polite, cordial, and discreet. I will be contacting Rob on my next trip to Orlando for sure. Male massage review by JOEY (1 review)
  • February 11, 2012


    Had a wonderful massage from Rob. Rob's place is easy to find. I arrived, got undressed and hopped up on the table. Rob's skilled hands worked on my back giving the right amount of pressure which felt wonderful. All the while he incorporated elements to the massage whiich were most welcome. Rob has been blessed with a nice body and a friendly personality and that's saying a mouthful. Once he had rubbed every single spot on my back, I flipped over and Rob did a great job on the front. I was relaxed and spent. I highly recommend Rob. You'll leave satisfied, relaxed and with a smilie on your face. Male massage review by Scott (9 reviews)
  • January 22, 2012


    I called rob at the last minute and luckily he was available. He was very outgoing on the phone. He showed up on time with his table in tow and everything else he needed to get started. The space was a little tight, but he managed well. From start to finish the massage was deep, smooth and all at once. Rob hit all the right spots, it was one complete massage. I wish I lived closer so that I could become a regular! Thanks Rob for a fantastic massage and for being a great guy! Male massage review by bob (1 review)
  • October 18, 2011


    Rob took my call for a same time appointment on a very dreary day, which also happened to be my birthday, in Orlando - we agreed on the time and he supplied me with his address. I ended up running a bit late because of a wreck on I-4; I called Rob and this was not a problem. His message space is beautiful and I've never been on a more comfortable table. I undressed and laid on my stomach - Rob's massage was right on target with a balance of slowly increasing elements. He is very pleasant and worked on me very thoroughly from the top of my head to my toes. He is attractive and his hands never left my body; he has supplies strategically placed around the room, so he never has to take his attention off me. I was little stuffed up and when I rolled over, Rob dropped a very pleasant mint liquid in my month and put eucalyptus on my chest - it was wonderful. The element continued to build to a most satisfying point, after which he continued to work on my legs and feet. I've been to several therapists in the Tampa and Orlando area and my experience with Rob was head and shoulders the best. I cannot wait to see him again in the very near future. Male massage review by Van (2 reviews)
    Masseur Remarks:
    thanks for your great review. it was a pleasure working on you. looking forward to our next meeting!
  • May 26, 2011


    I called rob late at night and he was very patient with me. it turned out i could not keep the appt, but called back the next day again. He then gave me his address and I made my way over. He greeted me at the door and asked me if I wanted some water and if I needed to use the rest room. His house was in a great neighborhood and very clean, and he looked exactly like his pics, which was great, since I really liked his look. After I got on the table and Rob started to touch me, I knew it was going to be a great massage. His energy was incredible and I responded accordingly. I was tingling all over. That was until he got to my butt. Then i was more than tingling, I was off to another planet. It was unbelievable. Words can't describe how good it felt to have his strong curious hands explore my butt every which way. I guess it has to be experienced to be believed. Rob really has a gift. He is the whole package wrapped into one. If you are coming in from out of town and don't know who to pick, give Rob a call! You are sure to get a little bit of heaven without having to go all the way to Now I know who my new masseur in Orlando will be. Thanks Rob for one fantastic massage. Male massage review by antonio (1 review)
  • January 20, 2011


    i arrived in orlando for a conference in the afternoon and knew i would be very busy for the next few days, so i decided to call rob, because i liked his pics and reviews, and he looked like a nice guy who really knew his stuff. He was very pleasant on the phone and agreed to come to my hotel room at 8:30. When he arrived, he looked just like his pics and i could tell even under his clothes that he worked out a lot. he proceeded to set up the table, his lotions and music, washed his hands and then we got started. I am not sure exactly what happened after that, because at some point i lost all track of time and drifted in and out of euphoria and reality many times over and over again. the massage encompassed everything i could want from a massage and then some. all my tight spots were addressed and all my "tender" spots were addressed as well. he really spent a lot of time on my gluts too, which had been very tight from the plane ride. Even rob himself seemed to get very comfortable with me at some point, which i might add was a pleasant surprise. yes, he definitely works out! so if u get to orlando and want a fantastic, relax me completely, give me a break from my everyday life massage, CALL ROB! Male massage review by robert (1 review)

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3 hrs
Cash, Credit Cards
Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Night
15 Years
Table, Bed
Custom, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Thai
Deep tissue massage lotion/cream, Heated lotion, Various, Biotone Massage Cream, Biotone Massage Lotion
Rob is an open-minded, professionally trained massage therapist providing you the utmost in therapy and pleasure. Sit back, relax and allow his magical hands to take you to a place where you can completely slip away into a feeling of nirvana and complete relaxation. He will always follow your cues, take the massage in any direction you like, while completely respecting your boundaries at all times. Once you get a taste of Rob's abilities, you will be sure to become a repeat customer

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