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June 2015<br />Robb
Above Photo Uploaded: June 2015
Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Custom, Swedish Massage,
$ 90 / 60 minutes
$ 120 / 90 minutes
$ 150 / 120 minutes
$ 120 / 60 minutes
$ 150 / 90 minutes
$ 180 / 120 minutes
  • June 2015<br />Robb
  • June 2015<br />Robb
  • June 2015<br />Robb

About Robb's Massage

I believe that every man has right to be pampered from time to time. He has the right to get comfortable, lie back, and feel the energy of a strong, well-built, and talented man's touch all over his body. Then he has the right to zone out and take a well deserved mini vacation for 60, 90 or 120 minutes! Don't you? Then how about treating yourself to one of the best massages you've ever had, given to you by an in-shape, experienced Professional with GREAT HANDS!

Come on over or let me come to you and then let me do all the work, while you lie on my comfortable, extra thickly padded massage table, listen to some great music, and get massaged with high-quality biotone products all over your body. I will start out on your back, neck and shoulder area, gradually relaxing you with long, gliding strokes, and then as you begin to enter that zone of euphoria, I will gently focus on your tension areas, especially in the low back and shoulders, never takng my hands off you or losing sight of my main focus, which is to relax you and just make you feel good all over. Your experience will then be heightened by my featherlike strokes up and down your body as I slowly ease my way to your feet, calves and butt area. Allow me to then invigorate you with my signature butt routine that is guaranteed to leave you tingly all over. My butt routine alone is worth the trip! My clients have told me that at that point they feel both zoned out and exhilarated all at the same time.

Then I have you turn over and and lie there completely relaxed! Your complete relaxation and satisfaction are guaranteed!

Remember, draping is optional! Make sure to be freshly showered before your massage! Shower available here for those of you coming straight from work. Looking forward getting my hands all over you!

Massage Reviews For Robb

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  • April 14, 2015


    Robb was deeply caring, giving, is an excellent masseur-knows his stuff! I was very touch deprived and he took excellent of all of me. Everything was very professional ..yet he was very personal. We bonded quickly and I enjoyed his hands all over my body. Very talented and he listens well in an attempt to meet the client's needs. I'd hire him again! Male massage review by Anonymous (1 review)
  • May 22, 2013


    My name is John. I emailed Rob asking for a massage and that I had been a client of his before. It had been over 2 years but he remembered who I was. Rob, worked me into his schedule for 90 minute session and I really loved my massage. He is not a clock watcher and is very skilled in his massage. He knew without me even telling him the areas that needed the attention. Rob is a great conversationalist and has a great personality and body. He is very connected to your needs. I would recommend Rob to anybody that wants a great masseur. Do not mess around with these masseurs that say they will make you feel great. Rob is a certified masseur. So if you are serious about getting a great massage with somebody that has years of experience contact Rob, you will not be disappointed. Male massage review by John (1 review)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thanks John for your great review. It is always a pleasure to see you, and I am very glad that I was able to leave you completely refreshed, released and renewed!
  • January 18, 2013


    Rob was very easy to find and lives close to me. Loved his neighborhood and his private massage room was super comfy. He really gave me the works form head to toe start to finish. Wonderful man!!! Male massage review by don (2 reviews)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thanks for the great review. It was a pleasure meeting you. Please come back again soon!
  • May 26, 2011


    I called rob late at night and he was very patient with me. it turned out i could not keep the appt, but called back the next day again. He then gave me his address and I made my way over. He greeted me at the door and asked me if I wanted some water and if I needed to use the rest room. His house was in a great neighborhood and very clean, and he looked exactly like his pics, which was great, since I really liked his look. After I got on the table and Rob started to touch me, I knew it was going to be a great massage. His energy was incredible and I responded accordingly. I was tingling all over. That was until he got to my butt. Then i was more than tingling, I was off to another planet. It was unbelievable. Words can't describe how good it felt to have his strong curious hands explore my butt every which way. I guess it has to be experienced to be believed. Rob really has a gift. He is the whole package wrapped into one. If you are coming in from out of town and don't know who to pick, give Rob a call! You are sure to get a little bit of heaven without having to go all the way to Now I know who my new masseur in Orlando will be. Thanks Rob for one fantastic massage. Male massage review by antonio (1 review)
  • January 20, 2011


    i arrived in orlando for a conference in the afternoon and knew i would be very busy for the next few days, so i decided to call rob, because i liked his pics and reviews, and he looked like a nice guy who really knew his stuff. He was very pleasant on the phone and agreed to come to my hotel room at 8:30. When he arrived, he looked just like his pics and i could tell even under his clothes that he worked out a lot. he proceeded to set up the table, his lotions and music, washed his hands and then we got started. I am not sure exactly what happened after that, because at some point i lost all track of time and drifted in and out of euphoria and reality many times over and over again. the massage encompassed everything i could want from a massage and then some. all my tight spots were addressed and all my "tender" spots were addressed as well. he really spent a lot of time on my gluts too, which had been very tight from the plane ride. Even rob himself seemed to get very comfortable with me at some point, which i might add was a pleasant surprise. yes, he definitely works out! so if u get to orlando and want a fantastic, relax me completely, give me a break from my everyday life massage, CALL ROB! Male massage review by robert (1 review)
  • May 15, 2010


    He greeted me at the door and is very nice and warm to meet. He has long strokes and you can tell by his touch he has lots of experience. He makes sure you're relaxed and feel comfortable at all times. He asked where some of my pain is and worked on that. It was like talking to an old friend. He makes you feel welcome and at ease. I highly recommend Rob if you want the ultimate relaxation massage to ease off tension. I hope to see him soon! He is a true treasure. Male massage review by Timothy (1 review)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thanks for your very nice review. It was great to be able to help you heal and relax and give you pleasure all at the same time. Hope to see you again soon!
  • April 17, 2010


    Rob was the only massuer I emailed who replied with a full and informative email. When I replied back, he took the time to reply with full honest answers to my questions and we went on to have some informal dialog as well. I appreciated him taking the time to let me get to know him and feel more comfortable making my first appointment with him. When I called Rob, he answered instead of letting it go to voice mail as most massuers seem to do. Rob is a genuinely nice guy and is even better looking then his pictures. He instantly made me feel very comfortable and relaxed for our first ever massage session. Rob's home was easy to find and he has a very welcoming home in a quiet area. Rob's home is very clean and comfortable as well. He greeted me warmly and offered water. He showed me to his studio and left me to get undressed and get comfortable on his table. The room was very clean and relaxing with music and low lighting. He asked about my preferences and problem areas I wanted the massage to address. He started promptly and always had a good flow to the massage. I really liked the way he varied the pressure and would work a muscle group firmly and then back off with a more soothing stroke to relax me. The massage flowed very well over my entire body, from my scalp to the bottoms of my feet. I really enjoyed the great foot massage. He also did a great job on my legs with firm full flowing strokes to relax the muscles and stimulate my circulation. I prefer to be undraped so the massage can flow without interruption over my entire body. This was not a problem for Rob. Also Rob had the room organized so the lotions were always within reach without interupting the massage I enjoyed Rob's techniques and his experienced touch. He was confident and followed my cues if it seemed he was applying too much pressure or not enough pressure. He clearly wanted to tailor his techniques to my individual needs and desires. Rob's experience showed in that he was one of the few masseurs I have tried who really used his skills to build a massage session tailored to me and it showed how much he listened to what I wanted and was able to deliver a customized massage session on our very first appointment. My massage included the techniques and benefits I asked for, as well as being a very pleasureable and relaxing session. So many other masseurs I have tried just seem to have a set routine and give the same massage to everyone, regardless of what you request. I was in Orlando on vacation. I would highly recommend Rob to everyone. I will certainly be seeing Rob again next time I am in Orlando, I have a time share so I will be back! Male massage review by Gary (1 review)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thanks for the great review. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope this is only the first of many more meeings to come!
  • March 26, 2010


    I called rob to make an appointment and left a message on his voice mail. He got back to me within an hour and we made the appointment. I chose to come to Rob's studio, since I felt that the atmosphere there might be more comfortable for the both of us. His place was easy to find, and as soon as I walked in I felt comfortable. He invited me back to his massage room, but first asked me if I needed to use the restroom and if I wanted some water. Right after that he led me into his massage room and asked me to hop on the table. The room was great, candles, a fountain, dim lighting. relaxing music and a very comfortable massage table. The massage was clothing optional which I prefer. AS soon as Rob put his hands on me, I knew I was in for a treat. I could feel his 10 years experience and strngth in his touch as he warmed me up with nice long and relaxing gliding strokes. He covered everything from head to toe, and the whole massage flew by, especially since I was in a dream-like state for most of it. What I especially liked about rob's massage was his professionalism and attention to detail. He never took his hands off my body from the time he started the massage until the time he finished. He also had lotions strategically placed throughout the room, and his butt massage was first class! If you get a chance when your in orlando, give Rob a call. He is nice- looking, in great shape and most importantly gives an awesome massage. Male massage review by bob (1 review)
  • November 25, 2008


    Rob; Was professional and very accommodating even thought it was quite hectic for me to confirm a time with him do to my schedule. He always returned e-mails quickly and when I called him he got back to be within the hour. We has the day in mind just not the exact time; but he was very flexible. -When he arrived he was very nice and concerned about whether he was putting just the right amount of pressure in different spots. He knows how to take care of every muscle in your body. If you are going on a trip to Orlando or live in the area; call him you and your body will be bery relaxed in relieved. You will call him again and again he is that good. Male massage review by Ray (1 review)
    Masseur Remarks:
    thanks for the feedback! it was great massaging you. I love to leave my clients with a smile....
  • October 07, 2007


    I called rob for an appt when I got into town. He promptly returned my phone call and we set up the appt for that evening at 8:30. He arrived on time, and I was pleasantly surprised when he actually looked like his picture, clean cut and in shape. he was well spoken, friendly and professional. rob came prepared with a nice table, head rest, clean sheets, different kinds of lotions and music. As soon as rob put his hands on me, I knew I was in for a treat. he is one of those masseurs who has very strong, soft and healing hands. He also used a nice variety of strokes and did an especially great butt massage, which he said he developed himself. I could tell he had it down to a science. It was by far one of the most relaxing massages I have ever had, and very complete. Rob could sense where I needed extra attention and he seemed to literally play my body like a musical instrument. He almost never took his hands off me through the entire massage, and the whole thing just seemed to flow like a great piece of music. when the massage was finsihed, so was I. I was so relaxed and at peace, I felt like I was weightless. I'm just glad I could roll right into bed after it was all over. I don't think I could have found my way back to the hotel after rob's massage. If you are looking for one complete massage, from head to toe, given to you by a good looking, in-shape professional, then rob is your man! Male massage review by bill (1 review)

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3 hrs
Cash, Credit Cards
Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Night
15 Years
Table, Bed
Custom, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Thai
Deep tissue massage lotion/cream, Heated lotion, Various, Biotone Massage Cream, Biotone Massage Lotion
Rob is an open-minded, professionally trained massage therapist providing you the utmost in therapy and pleasure. Sit back, relax and allow his magical hands to take you to a place where you can completely slip away into a feeling of nirvana and complete relaxation. He will always follow your cues, take the massage in any direction you like, while completely respecting your boundaries at all times. Once you get a taste of Rob's abilities, you will be sure to become a repeat customer

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