Award Winning CMT & Esthetician. Best Of Atlanta!!  

June 2015<br />Ryan
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This masseur is currently unavailable. If you are interested in booking a massage with him, please write him an email to let him know you are interested."

  • June 2015<br />Ryan
  • June 2015<br />Ryan
  • June 2015<br />Ryan
  • June 2015<br />Ryan
  • June 2015<br />Ryan
  • June 2015<br />Ryan
  • June 2015<br />Ryan
  • June 2015<br />Ryan
  • June 2015<br />Ryan

About Ryan's Massage

Long before I pursued an education in my profession, I always had a sincere interest in fitness, wellness, holistic health, skin therapies, and the spa experience as a whole. In my mid twenties, I began my massage therapy training in San Diego, California. Since receiving my license, I have continued extensive training through out California and the USA. In 2005, I went back to school and received my esthetics license. I have won numerous awards for outstanding service. I am consistently told, that was the best session I have ever encountered. I am very proud of my abilities and unique expression of massage therapy.

I strive to create a truly unique, professional human experience for each client. I work in a studio, used exclusively as a spa space. Every single detail is geared to bring my customer to a harmonic state. From specialty spa water with fresh mint, strawberries and a heated table with luxurious aromatic blends of rosemary and lavender scenting the work space. I ALWAYS interview my client, and ask a full range of questions, so as to orchestrate a blend of therapies, aimed at your own personal wants and needs.

MASSAGE: I am nationally certified and licensed, Each massage treatment is tailored to each client. I am one of the strongest therapists in this city. I like to infuse a rhythmic blend of powerful, deep tissue techniques.......soothing long strokes........thai work......stretching.......detailed pressure point. As stated previously, an extensive interview precedes each treatment. We will design your massage together, for maximum results.

SKIN: I work with a high grade, cosme-ceutical, medical grade product line. Ozone infused steam, hot towels, bacteria killing exfoliants, wrinkle softening acidic blends.......whatever your particular skin care concerns? I will construct a pampering, results oriented facial, thats specific to you! You 100% will see a difference in the clarity, smoothness, and brightness of your skin in just one hour. GUARANTEED!!!!

WAX AND CLIPPING: I am a master waxer. I use both soft and hard waxes. Minimal discomfort, fast, and efficient. Back, shoulders, arms, butt, legs, toes, brows, nasal, ears, chest, abs, Brazilian.

Please see my website for all info, pricing, and more. Thank you, men. I look forward to working with you.


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