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May 2013<br />Walt
Above Photo Uploaded: May 2013
Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Sensual, Therapeutic Touch,
Swedish Massage, Sports Massage...

Inactive Masseur

This masseur is currently unavailable. If you are interested in booking a massage with him, please write him an email to let him know you are interested."

$ 70 / 30 minutes
$ 115 / 60 minutes
$ 145 / 90 minutes
$ 200 / 120 minutes
$ 135 / 30 minutes
$ 115 / 60 minutes
$ 135 / 90 minutes
$ 230 / 120 minutes
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About Walt's Massage

Thank you so much for taking out the time to look over my profile/ad, if your needing amazing massage please contact me now. And for those of you who have already used me thank you. I will cater to your needs, I do use a professional table and fresh sheets.

Do you need to unwind, relax, and feel pampered? I use a professional massage table and pride myself in using only the best products. There is absolutely no rush and your comfort and satisfaction is my priority.

Aveda products including, but not limited to:

Foot Relief, Hand Relief, Blue Oil, Aveda Blend Oil, Stress Fix, Rosemary Mint, Replenishing, Pure-formance™, Calming, Active, Energizing, Beauty, Candles/Air Care, Chakras.

Just in I am also using a new product called True Blue spa so amazing with the Aveda it blends so beautifully.

Non-scented products available as well.

Out-calls and In-calls available!

Massage Reviews For Walt

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  • November 29, 2014


    Contacted Walt by e-mail to get info and we later talked to set up the appointment. The pictures are 100% accurate, and the real thing is even better! The massage was more on the sensual side than therapeutic but I didn't mind. I definitely want to set up another appointment when my schedule permits. Male massage review by CW (20 reviews)
  • April 14, 2013


    I emailed Walt last night and he emailed me back in less than 10 minutes requesting me to contact him on his cell. He was very polite and persoanable on the phone. He provided me with ispecific information regarding his tenure in the massage industry, his education/certification, and his customer base. I found this information to be very helpful. When we met in person, Walt was just as pleasant and personable as he was on the phone. He was also very nice and extremely professional. Most importantly, he provided me with am amazing and memorable massage. Thanks Walt! Male massage review by Drew (1 review)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thank you for choosing me as your masseur. I understand there are a lot of great therapist in Atlanta, and I feel truly blessed that you gave me the opportunity to have you as a client. Thanks!
  • June 26, 2013


    There's not a whole lot more that I can say about Walt that hasn't already been said. I was running a little late, and he made made me feel great the minute I walked into the door. He is incredibly good looking, has probably one of the most beautiful smiles I've seen on a man. My massage was everything that I could ask for. Total professional in every way. He gave me one of the best massages I have ever had. I would highly recommend Walt. I can't wait to book another appointment with him. The products that he uses are first rate, and he's a first class man all the way. Funny thing about him was that he lost one of his shoes just before the massage so he gave me a massage with just one shoe on... it was very charming. First rate guy.. again can't wait to make my next appointment with him. Male massage review by Ford (1 review)
  • June 04, 2013


    I have been to Walt several times and I have never met a massuer or anyone for that matter who is more personable. He is full of life and vigor and gives a very relaxing massage that puts me into absolute bliss. His captivating personality will win you over and you will want to go bck to him again and again. Not to mention that Walt is very nice looking with a strong firm body twith a very masculine touch. The best feature I like about him is that he greets you with a great big smile and continues to smile all while you are with him. I just melt!! Male massage review by Steve (2 reviews)
  • May 24, 2013


    This is a perfect combination of a handsome, gorgeous man with a pleasant, warm personality. He greeted me with a pleasant smile and made me feel comfortable upon entry. The next hour plus would be the best massage I have had, massaging me from head to toe using great lotions and awesome hands. His massage was the perfect start to a Memorial Day weekend. I have scheduled another massage, and will be scheduling many more. Would be well worth your time and money to schedule a massage with Walt Male massage review by Kirk (2 reviews)
  • May 17, 2013


    I can't add much to what others have already said. Great technique, excellent conversationalist, kind and gentle heart, talented masseur, clean and classy, and yes, I will say, VERY HOT. Used a table for the massage in my hotel room by the airport (luckily it was a suite type room). Uses top line products. I felt pampered and safe at all times. He also gave me a little gift bag with some nice products and some chocolates. Such a nice touch. OK - one thing I did miss. A peek-a-boo. He did strip down to his boxers for the massage. He will take your breath away. But what is inside those boxers? I want to see what the hot girls in Atlanta get to see. A peek and a touch and I would have been over the moon. After dozens of massages over the years, this was the best. He is a special and rare find. I am sure to call him again next time I am in Atlanta. Walt, if you are reading this, maybe a little peek??? Male massage review by Dan  (2 reviews)
  • April 28, 2013


    I am sold on Walt as a masseur. Not only is he incredibly gorgeous and hot, he is very thorough in his massage technique. When he opened the door, I knew I was in for a treat. He had candles and used Aveda products. He explained what each did. Once the massage began, I was in heaven. His touch was firm yet not painful. He asked me if there were parts of my body that needed more attention and I said I was just needing a great massage. And that is exactly what I got. It was very sensual but appropriate. My massage was 90 minutes and I was disappointed when it was over because the session was phenomenal. If anyone wants a massage from a hot guy, with a beautiful smile and tender heart, coupled with great hands and wonderful massage technique, Walt is your guy. I plan on making a habit of scheduling more sessions with this gorgeous.guy. He should be kept busy. A fantastic masseur. Male massage review by Harold (1 review)
  • April 23, 2013


    What can I possibly say that hasn't already been said by the 6 guys who've beat me to the punch here?! I'll try: HATS OFF, GUYS - WE HAVE A WINNER HERE IN WALT!!! Meeting Walt and experiencing his unique brand of massage was definitely worth my entire 3-day weekend in Atlanta...I won't "tell-all," as you'll have to experience Walt for yourselves, Guys...but I will state that he's TOP-NOTCH in every possible category you could imagine: handsome, better-looking in person than in his pics, definitely a gentleman from the get-go and a SUPERB MASSAGE THERAPIST! I no longer have the twitching pain underneath my left shoulder blade, as Walt expertly located the source of my trouble and worked the spot until the pain had subsided...and I slept like a baby the evening after the massage! I won't blab on and on, excpet to say that I plan on seeing Walt on every trip to Atlanta in the foreseeable future...he's worth every dollar you'll spend, Guys...TREAT YOURSELVES...and ENJOY!!! Thanks,'re my main massage therapist from here on out!!! :) Male massage review by Leigh (15 reviews)
    Masseur Remarks:
    I really appreciate your kind words. I hope you had a safe trip back. Hope to hear from you when you get back in town
  • April 21, 2013


    Walt returned my initial call within 15minutes. He was more than kind to help me schedule a time that worked. He spoke with me personally on the phone to provid very detailed information about his massage. When I arrived I was immediately at ease with his friendly welcome. He went out of his way to focus on my needs and desires for the session. I was overly impressed with how good looking he was and even better in person than his ad. You will not be disappointed!! The massage itself was extremely relaxing and therapeutic. He mixed strong deep strokes with soothing relaxing movements. Overall, you will not find a better massage experience. This was by far the best one I have ever had. A true class act! 10 stars!!!!! Male massage review by josh (1 review)
    Masseur Remarks:
    I am happy you enjoyed your time with me. I am very flattered by your review. Hope to see you soon
  • April 20, 2013


    I had an appointment with Walt and he gave an excellent massage. I injured my leg last winter and he helped with the stiffness that results from being in a cast for 8 weeks. He did not look at the clock and was very interested in how the pressure felt. Walt's overall knowledge of massage is exceptional and I would highly recommend him. Male massage review by Henry (8 reviews)
    Masseur Remarks:
    I definitely take every client's needs into consideration. I hope you are feeling better and you keep getting stronger. I hope to see you soon.
  • April 16, 2013


    This is the second review I have submitted within a week of discovering this superb masseur. Walt is truly a wonderfully gifted massage therapist. Aside from being absolutely one of the most genuine people I have ever met, he definitely loves doing massages and it shows. Again, when I arrived at Walt's place, he was ready for me, very prepared and well groomed. Walt is extremely good looking with a killer smile. As a returning client, I was not sure what to expect but Walt proceeded to give me one of the most relaxing, rejuvenating massages I have ever experienced. His hands are excellent and the pressure he uses is just right. He continued to ask me if the pressure he was using was appropriate. Having such an incredibly gorgeous man work his magic on me was so blissful. He uses Aveda products and explains what the various fragrances do. His room was nicely set with candles and he has an excellent table. I can honestly say that I will be scheduling many more massage sessions with Walt. He obviously has had excellent training in massage therapy and it shows. I would encourage anyone who is seeking a top-notch masseur to schedule a session with Walt. You will be impressed with his handsome good looks and his high quality of massage. I know I will be back again and again. Male massage review by Mac (18 reviews)
    Masseur Remarks:
    I feel really honored that you came back a second time within a week. Your words mean a lot. Thanks for being so positive and uplifting. Hope to see you soon.
  • April 12, 2013


    I had wondered how to start this massage review without sounding so cliché and trite, with the usual “handsome guy, looks better in person than in the pictures/great hands, etc. etc.”. Yet, when thinking back over a fantastic massage experience I just had, I would be remised if I didn’t say something truthful like: Walt is better looking than his pictures, great masseur……etc. etc. When I saw Walt's pictures and read his profile, I immediately knew that I wanted to schedule a session with him. I emailed him and within a few minutes, I had a reply, not only via email but also via a text message. Plus, he was very accommodating in scheduling me for the very same evening. After I arrived at his place, I was immediately met at the door by one of the most exquisitely handsome guys I had ever seen. Walt has a gorgeous face, a captivating smile (beautiful teeth, I might add!!) and a wonderful body. I could tell by his demeanor that he was an incredibly gentle and sensitive person, very courteous, and gentile and did I mention, extremely handsome?! His place was simply stated. I am someone who is very self-conscious about their appearance, and I can say that I was put at ease immediately by his caring manner. This massage session was excellent and very soothing. Although he says that he is somewhat shy, I found him to be an excellent conversationalist. For the massage, he asked me what type of pressure I preferred and throughout the massage, he asked me if the pressure was appropriate. When he asked me to turn over, I was suddenly able to face this handsome man. Walt spent time on my feet as well as my scalp. The product he uses, Aveda, is superb and has several fragrances. Without sounding trite, I have to say that he was extremely compassionate and caring. To say that Walt lived up to his profile would indeed be an understatement. I can say with certainty that this will NOT be my last massage with Walt. If you want to experience a wonderful, very rewarding massage, schedule your appointment with him. I am confident you will be impressed. Walt is a very warm and kind person and did I mention that he is very, very handsome? A beautiful face, a beautiful body, a great masseur and a beautiful spirit. He deserves to be booked solid. I just hope he can find time to schedule me again for more massages. If the scale went higher than a 10, Walt would receive it. Male massage review by Mac (18 reviews)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Such kind words, from a kind man. I pride myself in using good products like Aveda. I am glad you left feeling uplifted and rejuvenated. Give me a call anytime to come back Thanks
  • April 11, 2013


    Amazing experience from the moment he met me at the door, with that big welcoming smile, until the moment I crawled off the table. His big hands really know how to get in and dig deep. No cheap lotions either, he uses nice Aveda products. Ill be a regular. Male massage review by Mark (1 review)
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thanks for the sweet review. I appreciate you being a true gentleman and allowing me to massage you. You're welcomed back on my table any time. FYI: just got some new Aveda, you should come by :)

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Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Night
12 Years
Table, Bed
Aromatherapy, Aura Balancing, Bioenergetics, British Sports Therapy, Canadian Deep Muscle Massage, Chair Massage, Chakra Balancing, Deep Tissue, Integrative Massage, Neuromuscular, Orthopedic Massage, Rebalancing, Reflexology, Sensual, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Touch, Touch For Health, Trigger Point
AVEDA massage lotion, AVEDA massage oil, Soothing Touch Massage Cream
Ask me for details
incall, outcall, hotel, travel
I am 6' 2, 180 lbs in great physical shape and i pride myself in taking care of my body. I have strong magical hands to ensure you leave me feeling great. I have years experience in massage. All my photos here are real. Thanks for viewing my profile and i hope to hear from you soon.

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51,125 times

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Body Grooming
Body Scrubs
Gong Meditation
Hair styling
Inversion Table Therapy
Life Coaching
Meditation Coaching
Mud treatments
Nutrition Consulting
Personal Training
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Yoga Instruction

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