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I am a trained therapist in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have been providing legit erotic/sensual massage experiences to a wide range of clients for over 13 years. I have approx 65+% married/bi men as clients who come to me seeking sometimes just the touch of another man. Some of my clients come to me out of curiosity and have never experienced the uncensored touch of another man up close or been able to touch another man without the fear of being rejected.

Men feel very comfortable with me as I am completely non-judgmental with my focus on my clients and what THEY need. So many therapists out there are too focused on what they want from their client and judge men by the way they look, their age, their weight and even if they are gay or not. I welcome ALL men to my massage table, INCLUDING trans men (who are transgendering from female to male).
Because of the way I approach men, they instinctively know that I RESPECT them both Spiritually and Physically. I was once married myself so I understand the need to be discrete and how nervous a first time client might be. I let them set the agenda if they want their massage sensual/non- sensual, done with me unclothed, if they want to keep their underwear on or any boundaries they may set prior to their massage, but also offer the opportunity for them to change their minds anytime during their massage experience. A physical release may or may not be part of their experience. Some men may come as soon as I touch their skin, gluts or inside their thighs. I let them know that whatever happens, happens and it is all a good experience!

I want to provide an experience to ALL of my men, a pleasurable experience where they want to come back to me for further bodywork/experience . Sometimes a client will ask me if I could give them the opportunity to explore my body as they never had that experience before, and I give them that opportunity to do so. I change places with them and let them explore my body without any fear of rejection. None of us can be comfortable with our own bodies if we don't understand the male physical form.
If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line! Rick in Tulsa

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Cash, Check, Exchange of Services


Early Morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Late Night

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1997 / 17 Years


Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Bioenergetics, Body Electric, Chair Massage, Craniosacral Th ..., Deep Tissue, Erotic, Hot Stone Therapy, Integrative Mas ..., Lymph System Ma ..., Myofascial Rele ..., Neuromuscular, Orthopedic Mass ..., Pfrimmer Deep M ..., Pregnancy Massage, Rebalancing, Reflexology, Rolfing, Sensual, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Structural Inte ..., Swedish Massage, Thai, Thai Herbal Mas ..., Therapeutic Touch, Touch For Health, Trauma Erase, Trauma Touch Th ..., Trigger Point, Watsu, Yoga

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InCall, Outcall, Hotel, Travel


Heated lotion, Heated Oil, Massage Cream, Various, AVEDA massage lotion, Biotone Massage Cream, Biotone Massage Oil, Soothing Touch Massage Cream


Rick is a laid back, nice guy that loves his work and goes the extra mile to help others. He is very knowledgeable in Massage Therapy and is licensed too. He's been doing this since 1997 and plans on doing it well into his later years. He has a good nature and is fun to be around.

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