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Varies, Please contact me.
Varies, Please contact me.
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About BEHR's Massage

I'm a hispanic 46 y/o CMT. My massage services are based mainly from swedish massage training as well as some other techniques learned through the years. I also encourage the mature men to be pampered as they deserve. Come jump on my extra padded and warm massage table and let your stresses melt away.

Best ways to contact me are text/E-mail and I also do answer to phone calls when I am able.

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  • November 13, 2012


    I've known Mario for many years, even though I lived and worked out of state. My first experience with Mario was certainly very relaxing and comfortable. His technique made this a once in a lifetime experience and I hope to return sometime in the future, now that I am retired and back home in Wichita. Most definitely recommend him among my mature friends. Male massage review by John  (1 review)
  • December 26, 2010


    Flight delays made me several hours late getting to Wichita, making it late in the evening and causing me to miss my original appt. Mario was gracious and accommodating. Upon being greeted at the door, I immediately liked what I saw - good looking guy with a great bod I was welcomed downstairs to the studio - comfortable and professional. It had been a very long day, and Mario seemed very intuitive of that fact. The massage started light and progressed to this man using those great hands and bod to give an incredible massage. Totally relaxed and stress free at the end of the experience. Will definitely be back when I return to Wichita on business, and that can't happen soon enough! It's rare to find a genuinely nice guy who seems to know exactly what you need. Awesome massage! Male massage review by jay (11 reviews)
  • July 27, 2010


    It had been over a year since I'd last seen Mario owing to the long distance between my hometown and Wichita. Luckily, I had an event in Oklahoma City which I attended and was able to stop in Wichita on my drive home. Moreover, it was my birthday so seeing Mario again was going to be a present to myself. In that he had relatives visiting his home, Mario asked if I'd mind having an outcall appointment at my hotel which was, in fact, even more convenient for me. I swear, Mario must have been standing outside my door with a stopwatch because he knocked EXACTLY at the time appointed. I doubt I've improved with a year's aging, but Mario appeared even more well put together and handsome. He's a man of relatively few words who gets right down to work. He performed the massage on my bed which required some tricky (to me) gymnastics on his part. He even brought along his own cover sheet and music system. Mario's tactile radar and sensitivity is unequalled. He can identify trouble spots with near instantaneous accuracy. He employed a wide gamut of touches and modalities and was always checking for my approval. My only regret is that Wichita is such a long (and boring) drive from my hometown. Were I to live closer, I'd set aside money each month for an appointment with Mario just as I do for my Y membership, utilities, etc. A session with Mario is not an indulgence. Rather, I'd consider it a necessity for my well-being and Mario fulfills that need to perfection. Male massage review by Jim (8 reviews)
  • June 19, 2009


    I'd originally hoped to get a massage from Mario in October of '08 while traveling to/from Texas via Wichita, but my final, hectic travel schedule precluded that. Mario graciously accepted my apology but, like "The Terminator," I promised "I'll be back!" Luckily, I had a convention in Wichita this past week so I was able to engage Mario prior to my arrival for my first night in town. He phoned me at my hotel to tell me he was running a bit late, gave me fool-proof directions to his home and we met as re-scheduled. Mario's undertaking quite a bit of remodeling upstairs but his basement quarters and massage studio are beautifully furnished, equipped, and lit. I told him the areas in which I needed attention (shoulders, lower back, hands) and his focus on them plus my calves (I have edema) was invigorating and relaxing at the same time. An easy conversationalist, we were later joined by his partner who, like me, is a classical musician so with our like fields, we bonded instantly and I enjoyed my first-ever four-hand massage as a conclusion to my solo session with Mario. It wasn't until his partner arrived sopping wet that we were made aware that there had been a torrential rain storm outside to which Mario and I had been totally oblivious. Such was a testament to Mario's concentration on my massage and my blissful state. Wichita is usually off my radar, but now I would never dream of even passing through without stopping to enjoy Mario's ministrations. He's sensitive, skillful, engaging, thoughtful, and a consummate professional on all fronts. Male massage review by Jim (8 reviews)
  • May 19, 2008


    It had been far too long since I had seen Mario and was very pleasantly reminded of what an attractive warm man and what a fine masseur he is. He was very sensitive to my needs and provided a very relaxing rejuvenating and satisfying experience. He really gives himself over into a strong very interactive and pleasurable massage experience. It is so enjoyable to feel his warm firm body against you. It won't be long before I schedule another experience with this expert man. Male massage review by John (2 reviews)

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Varies, Please Contact
10 Years
Swedish Massage
Massage Gel, Massage Oil
Medium to Deep
in call, out call, hotel

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