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July 2014<br />Miles Previtire
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Miles Previtire
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This masseur is currently unavailable. If you are interested in booking a massage with him, please write him an email to let him know you are interested."

$ 180 / 60 minutes
$ 180 / 60 minutes
  • July 2014<br />Miles Previtire
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  • February 2013<br />Miles Previtire

About Miles Previtire's Massage

Hi. I'm Miles. Thank you for your interest in my ad. I'd like to invite you to come spend some time with me at my private studio in downtown Louisville where I offer a unique spin on sensual massage as you may know it.

What sets my services apart from others is the use of full-body contact. I have a wide, heated table with a 1500 pound weight capacity, affording us the luxury of sharing this space while I use my entire body weight on yours (my chest to your back) to promote skin-to-skin stimulation. I use light to medium pressure with my hands, emphasizing the sensual benefits of massage but implementing certain conventional therapeutic techniques, as well. Applying the elements of breath, touch and whispered verbal direction throughout, I administer a sexually-charged treatment complete with aromatherapy, candlelight, complimentary ****tails/refreshments and music that I am CERTAIN you will love. Heated massage oils or lotions of the finest quality enhance the experience. In a natural progression, together we will explore different rhythms and intensities with my guidance, joined head to feet, my hands all over you.

Let me introduce you to feeling better this way.

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  • May 30, 2014


    This massage was unlike any I've had before. To be honest, I was slightly hesitant to hire Miles due to the strong nature of his reviews on Daddy's Reviews website. Miles has a notable reputation as a dominant, aggressive, verbal top, commanding and assertive in his bedside manner, sexually non-reciprocal and eager to use and humiliate his clients, much to their liking, I should add. Miles has a long list of stellar reviews to his credit as an escort who catered strictly to those who are submissive at heart. All of his masculinity and good looks aside, I couldn't help feeling that a dominant, selfish, aggressive and verbal top, no matter how handsome, does not a successful massage therapist make. BOY OH BOY WAS I WRONG. Miles greeted me on-time at his lovely studio in Jeffersonville, which was just as described. He greeted me with the kindest boyish smile and asked what I would like to drink. He made me a gin and tonic to relax before the session. Hendrick's Gin, no less. Compliments of my host. He poured himself a glass of Diet 7up and we sat on his couch and talked for about fifteen minutes. I couldn't help it. During this talk, I confessed to Miles I had vacillated before hiring him because of his reputation for being such an extreme top man. He was such a gentleman. He merely smiled and reminded me, "Different service." Miles' charm and hospitality put me immediately at ease. Once we were well-enough acquainted, he showed me the studio, which, really kinda is like a real studio, complete with hanging original art pieces and sculptures throughout. He showed me the treatment room which was pre-set with candlelight and sexy aromas. Ambient music is piped throughout his place. Miles is a big music guy, I found out later. From there he showed me to the shower facility, as promised in his ad which was immaculate and well-stocked with amenities galore. I enjoyed the warmth of his shower for about 5 minutes before I took his instruction and took my place on his heated table and waited for him. He appeared after about two minutes or so, still clothed in blue drawstring pants, a black shirt and tennis shoes. I lay naked on his table. He immediately started speaking in his deep, sexy voice, asking me the standard pre-treatment precautionary questions about past surgeries, illnesses, etc. Then he gave me a brief explanation of what to expect. Miles had already made it clear to me that his treatments center around stimulatory techniques more than they do conventional therapeutic techniques. He reminded me of this and then reassured me that the session was pretty intense and involved a lot of body contact. If it got to be too much, he said, just say "Miles, enough now." I never once even considered stopping him during the session that followed. Miles is a class act. An utter gentleman. And although he still remains in control of the session, he displayed very little in the way of dominance. It was distinctly clear all the while, however, that Miles had a handle on everything. I was just along for the ride. As he explained it prior to beginning to work on me, "I'm going to be moving you around a little bit as we go. I'll adjust your arms according to how I need them positioned. I'll turn your head to face me during your scalp massage. You just pretend you are putty in my hands and let me lead the way. I promise, I won't steer us wrong." I gotta say it. This was the sexiest massage I've ever been given. There was indeed very little of therapeutic techniques I've had other masseurs perform on me during conventional therapy. But that's only if your definition of therapy is limited to conventional methods. What happened to me under this man's care was as therapeutic as anything I've ever experienced. You can keep your sheep counting and deep-tissue massages. The feeling of Miles' chest on my back as he got atop the table with me and proceeded to massage my body with his is probably the closest thing to sex I've ever had without actually having sex. If it's doable, guys, I recommend the nude session for $50 more. Miles has a hot body all the way around. He encourages reciprocal body contact (within the boundaries of a massage service). It's nice to feel him. I couldn't believe how close he remained to me throughout the entire session. There was constant body contact. It was divine. If you're hesitating, you're missing out. This man is a sexy demi-god, all his own. Thank you, Miles. I'll be in touch again soon. I promise. Male massage review by Mark (1 review)

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Cash, Check, Credit Cards
Morning, Afternoon, Evening
3 Years
Aromatherapy , Sensual
Massage Oil, AVEDA massage oil
Light to Medium
incall, outcall, hotel
Miles Previtire is an Italian Middle Eastern male, born and raised in Los Angeles.. He's 35 years old and has one strong year of experience in providing relaxation sessions in both Kentucky and Indiana. Miles works with men and women of varying ages offering services that range from a strong therapeutic sessions to a sensually-charged sessions. He stands 5'8" tall and weighs 155 pounds. He's moderately hairy with a slim to average build. He's resided in the Kentuckiana area for over 5 years

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Miles Previtire

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