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June 2015<br />Carlos
Above Photo Uploaded: June 2015
Techniques: Deep Tissue,
I'm in:
new london
09/01 - 09/02
09/02 - 09/03
$ 100 / 60 minutes
$ 150 / 90 minutes
  • August 2015<br />Carlos

About Carlos's Massage

*Masculine, Good Energy, Respectful, Discreet, Friendly, Outgoing, Non-Judgmental

I have over two years’ experience with rejuvenating, relaxing and providing a hands on massage to my clients

Colombian/Puerto Rican Mix 26 y/o 170 athletic build

My Goal and Experience:
*I don’t provide a quick rub or anything less than a full body rejuvenating massage experience

* My massage includes a combination of techniques that I have learned over the years of working with different people in which I tailor each experience to each client’s preference. It varies to Deep Tissue, Sport Massage, Cranial Massage, Foot Massage and much more.

* Full head to Toe massage which includes body to body contact and a nice touch that always leaves a client relaxed and satisfying.

*Private home with a serene environment of quiet relaxing music, soft candles, and nice warm comfortable heated table and soothing oils. I'm located in the South Shore area but also travel to Boston and surrounding areas.
* Discretion is always upheld as I respect people's privacy and personal lives*

In calls- $ 100/hr. Out calls- Prices range on travel time Please drop me or line or give me a call at and I will get back to you. Please no blocked numbers.

Massage Reviews For Carlos

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  • April 11, 2015


    This was a new massage experience for me. Carlos has an incredible energy to him that pours out in his hands and my body felt it. Positive energy all around. At ease the entire time. He rolled me over on my back and it was an amazing feeling looking at him while he massaged me. He is handsome and and just so kind. Really was an amazing massage experience. Male massage review by John (1 review)
  • January 14, 2015


    At the last minute I had an unfortunate meeting I needed to attend and had to cancel with Carlos. I don't ever like to do that out of respect for his time but I had no choice. However to my surprise Carlos was extremely professional and helpful with trying to rebook with me before I left the next morning. I was SHOCKED and grateful he accepted my offer for a 7 am massage session. Carlos was flawless with his entire presentation, massage and attitude. I was overly happy with how everything transpired and greatly appreciated him waking up early to come see me. I boarded my six hour flight slept like a baby and couldn't ask for anything more. Everyone reading this take a moment and go let his hands work your body. Male massage review by Jeffrey (1 review)
  • January 10, 2015


    I love a massage and masseur that includes his own personality to the massage experience. Carlos did just that in all aspects of the session. Attentive to my needs and he targeted all the areas that I told him were bothering me. Strong hands, thighs, legs it felt great feeling his body throughout the session. I enjoyed also he didn’t rush me out of the bed but rather let me take my time to recover after the great session. Male massage review by erick (1 review)
  • December 21, 2014


    The best massage ever! This was the 3rd time I've seen Carlos and the sessions keep getting better. Carlos is very good looking, friendly, and puts you at ease from the moment you arrive. The massage is an amazing mix of traditional/Swedish massage with elements. I'm already looking forward to my next session with this excellent masseur. Male massage review by andy (4 reviews)
  • December 12, 2014


    Carlos has an equal amount of looks and skills that produce great results. The whole concept of massage is to really relax, unwind and try to escape some of the daily tasks we do every day. I have found in my encounters with massage therapists now in days it’s much timed, rushed or just no real care for the client. Carlos did everything that I feel these “massage therapists” lack, which would be having massage skills and personality and warmth behind it. Beginning to end he really made me feel naturally good and allowed me to feel comfortable which I have noticed I am not in the past experiences I have had. I WILL see him upon his return because it was very great experience. Male massage review by Donald (1 review)
  • December 11, 2014


    The options on this site for masseurs is way too many and filtering which is a good one or bad one is even more strenuous. However good instinct attracted to Carlos for his attractive looks, reviews and seems to very busy. Instinct was spot on and he was the right chose. Carlos gives you a new sense of fresh air, positive energy and easiness that allowed me to calm my nerves instantly. I can see why he is busy and it’s quite evident and it shows that he is talented. I don’t want to do a spoiler alert for him but towards the end of the massage he did a magical touch that I never experienced and I was mesmerized by it. Give him a shot I doubt you will be disappointed. Male massage review by Drake (1 review)
  • December 05, 2014


    It has been over a year since I last saw Carlos and I remember why I enjoyed is work, company and energy. He caught me up on with his exciting life but was shocked that he remembered about me and what our last session was about. Massage experience is put together just wonderfully. Male massage review by Al (1 review)
  • October 31, 2014


    Total stress reliever all the way. I had a horrible week and I needed to unwind and release this bad tension and luckily Carlos was the man to do it. He listened to me vent about my week and then let me enjoy his work. Everything was relaxing and what he said he would do he came through. Very satisfied with the quality of his work the energy he brings to the table it makes a huge difference in a massage session. Most guys who do this are like robots and really don’t give you a good vibe and glad Carlos offers something different. Walked away feeling amazing. Male massage review by Jaimie (1 review)
  • October 30, 2014


    Wonderfully put together massage experience. He incorporated a lot of different things that I requested and made sure his own technique wasn’t jeopardized. He took his time with the whole experience which I felt he maximized my time and pleasure. I really enjoyed every minute of the massage and Carlos made me feel comfortable relaxed and took away my nervousness. A true professional of his craft and excellent at this work. Great looks and personality to match it. Male massage review by Gab (1 review)
  • October 24, 2014


    Carlos has a great touch, a true handy man with those soft strong hands. Technique is his own and offers many different elements to it. I can say that Carlos achieved his goal of giving me a great massage. It was done on the bed and in the past it didn’t seem like the masseurs knew what they were doing on the bed and everything was off, NOT with Carlos. Everything was smooth, , and soothing. There is a calming feeling once you feel his hands and I agree with Carlos has he says he believes in chemistry and it shows. Yes he is handsome and he doesn’t come off arrogant which is another attraction to him. He does excellent work and it shows. Male massage review by Larry (1 review)

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4 Years
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I am 5'8 175lbs 26yo Latin athletic guy and in good shape. I'm a very friendly masculine and laid back guy who knows how to make another person feel comfortable.

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