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June 17, 2013

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Alex // Salt Lake City, UT

April 22, 2014
I saw Alex while he was visiting Seattle. I met him at his hotel room. Alex greeted me with a smile. He stripped down to his underwear and asked me to take off my clothes an lay down on the massage table. Alex's body is absolutely beautiful, his skin is tan, smooth and perfect. And yes, he looks better than his pictures. Alex began massaging oil into my back, and was talking to me in english with his sexy spanish accent. Occasionally, he would say a few things in spanish to see how much spanish I understood. He asked me if I liked the music, the pressure he was applying, etc. Everything was perfect. His touch was perfect, his accent was perfect, the music was perfect. As Alex was massaging my body, he would frequently make sure one of my body parts was touching his somewhat firm cock. It felt absolutely incredible! I was a bit nervous, and both my hands and feet were very cold. So, Alex warmed my feet by pressing my foot up against his cock- one at a time, and he blew hot air into my hands. Alex teased me a little bit, and got me to warm up...and eventually I was totally relaxed. Alex has an amazing touch, and provided me with one of the best massages I have ever received. Alex used techniques to massage my arms and hips that I had never experienced before. It was truly a delightful experience. During the massage, Alex gave me little kisses on various parts of my body - which made me hard:-) Bottom line - Alex is amazing and worth every penny! Not only will you get a great massage, but you will feel a great connection to him. He is charming, sweet, sexy, handsome, and will make you wish you bought two sessions back to back. I can't wait to see him again.

Patrick // Brentwood, CA

April 22, 2014
What a great guy! His space is amazing, full steam shower and Japanese soaking tub, friendly atmosphere and great massage technique. If you enjoy being pampered and you're after a full spa experience in a private setting, it doesn't get better than Patrick. Highly recommended.

Devan Bryant // Los Feliz, CA

Devan Bryant
April 21, 2014
I contacted Devan because I had never had a massage before and after reading his great reviews, I decided to give him a try and i'm so glad I did. His demeanor is very relaxing but when it came the massage, his strong hands and athletic build were being put to use on many many years of knots. He checked in with me to make sure I was not uncomfortable and the pressure was okay but he knows the body so well, no adjustments were necessary. Devan is surround by positive energy and the work he does out in the "real world" only made me feel better about choosing him. If you're not sure about a massage or who to choose, don't wait. i went for the 90 min and i'm glad i did - and I will definitely be back.

DANNY // New York City, NY

April 21, 2014
Danny is very cool, courteous, sexy and a "man's man. Fresh and clean. Can put it down completely. Easy to get along with. Accommodated my last minute request. He did his thing and made me feel like I was this only thing on his mind. His technical craft is worth waiting for. He wanted me to feel and know I was important from his first sensual light touch. There was such a sweetness to him. Well worth the coin$$$ fellas. You can't go wrong here.

Michael // San Jose, CA

April 21, 2014
Michael is a gifted massage therapist and one of that rare breed who genuinely *senses* what his client needs, reading the muscles, tension, zones in need of healing. I had my first appointment with him recently, which we arranged very easily and quickly owing to Michael's efficiency. When I met him at his home in San Jose, he welcomed me into a space that was warm and comforting; I began relaxing before I ever hit the table. The entirety of the massage (1 hr) was in respectful silence with the exception of lulling meditation music in the background. Afterwards, Michael explained some things about my body and what needs he encountered in his work. He's respectful, charming and completely therapeutic in his massage work. If you need things 'unlocked' in your joints and muscles, Michael's very much worth your time.

Alex // Las Vegas, NV

April 21, 2014
Incredibly easy to book an appointment with Alex while I was in town. I must say he is a very good looking man (these photos do not do him justice) and he is a lot larger (shoulders, chest, arms) are huge! What was very special about Alex was how comfortable and natural it was. It was like getting naked with a college buddy (although none of my friends were that muscular and sexy!) he checked with me several times to make sure the pressure was right and that he was not talking too much. Our session was at noon so I was not as tired as I normally am when I get a late afternoon or evening massage, and found Alex fascinating. Our conversation flowed from one topic to another and he never stopped working on my body. He has an intuitive sense for where to touch and how much pressure. My only regret is that I do not live in Vegas and could see him on a regular basis. I will definitely book with him next time I am in town.

Eduardo // Los Angeles, CA

April 21, 2014
This isn't for a specific massage but a few. i've gone to Eduardo three or four times in the last year and I felt it's time to write a review. Every time I've gotten a massage I gotten a good response from him. Usually timely texts. On occasions he won't get back to me immediately but when he does he always apologizes for the delay and he does always get back to me. His Massage room is a small space but perfectly set up for his excellent massages. enough room for him to move around and to have all of his equipment at arms reach, hot towels, hot stones, massage oils. The ambiance is really relaxing dim light aromatherapy a really cozy space. I always get the 90min massage. He is incredibly thorough from head to toe and there's all the extras like the towels and stones depending on what's called for. Every time I go to him I walk out feeling high and need to drink lots of water and rest. His technique is amazing for relaxation and flushing toxins out of your system. I can't recommend him enough.

Mike/Bruno // Los Angeles, CA

April 21, 2014
Been thinking about getting a massage from Mike for a while. Unexpected day off. Made the call. Phone was answered promptly Mike was available pretty much right away. We scheduled a time that gave me enough time for travel. Got to the place was a little bit confused as it's in a house. Made a quick call and Mike assured me it was the right place came up to the door and Mike greeted me right away. I was going to do the 60min discount deal to try it out but something told me go for the 90 and I'was really glad I did. I like harder massages and Mike gave a great pressure right where I can feel my muscles getting worked out but not so much that I'm in pain. I really like massages I give them to friends and like to get them. When I get up from the best ones I feel a little disoriented from the toxins in my body starting to flush out. This was one of those massages. I was surprised he said he's only been doing it for 3 years. I've met people who have been doing it much longer who weren't nearly as good. Definitely plan on going back.

Markus // New York City, NY

April 21, 2014
I've opted to write a follow-up review because after months of working with Markus, I have discovered so many wonderful things about myself and my own sexual power/energy. First and foremost, with his guidance and support, I have become a "man magnet" and find it easier to meet a wide range of men interested in connecting with me. I believe this is largely attributable to the work I did with Markus claiming my own sexual energy and connecting with my own inner needs and feelings without apology. Second, I have become a much more proficient sexual partner/lover. I know this to be true because I've been showered with compliments lately. Here too, Markus's guidance and focus on technique proved most helpful. Finally, I want to emphasize that working with Markus over a period of months allowed me to deepen my understanding and skill levels. I strongly urge others to not opt for a once or twice encounter but rather to make the commitment to work with Markus for an extended period of time. It worked for me. I'm confident it will work for you too! You deserve it!

Michael // New York City, NY

April 21, 2014
Michael is a great masseuse. He is passionate, very caring and a sensational personality. The fact that he is extremely good looking is a HUGE bonus.... He is Russian with all the characteristics and speaks English very well.... I am so happy to have found him during my last visit to the city. I saw him twice in just four days and look forward to being in New York the first of May and will call Michael again.

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