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Ryan Steel // West Hollywood, CA

Ryan Steel
March 05, 2015
It was very easy to get in touch with Ryan and set up the appointment. He gives a great massage and definitely knows what he is doing. His apartment was very clean including the bathroom. He looks better than his pictures and is super friendly. I really enjoyed my time with Ryan. I will definitely see Ryan again.

adab // West Hollywood, CA

March 05, 2015
Adab is a very sweet guy. I really enjoyed his massage as well as chatting with him. He arrived on time and was comfortable using the bed for the massage. He was able to tailor the massage to my specific needs instead of just doing a set routine.

Ed // New York City, NY

March 05, 2015
I had my first massage with Ed today. He arrived slightly early (my request), was incredibly friendly and upbeat, looked great (as good as his pics), and makes a very masculine regular-guy'ish presentation, which I prefer. He employs a great touch, regularly checks in during his session to ensure the pressure matches your preferences, and refrains from making the chatter too pervasive during the session which I SO appreciate. I wouldn't hesitate to schedule another session with him, as I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks, Ed!

Chris // New York City, NY

March 05, 2015
It’s been a bit over a year since I’ve had a massage from Chris, and on February 20th, my dreams came true as I had a business trip to New York, and getting another massage from him was first on my list of things to do in NYC. Like my last massage with him, this latest visit with him was awesome, and deeply satisfying. New York was bitterly cold at the time of my visit, and Chris’ heated massage table was awaiting me upon my arrival, as his place was warm and toasty. After a few minutes of chatting, I undressed and hopped on his massage table, and proceeded to receive what I deem was the world’s finest massage. In addition to its exciting tactile elements, Chris’ strong hands massaged my back and made my tense muscles melt and relax, which felt utterly fantastic. My one hour massage session was total bliss, and words could not describe my feelings of contentment and satisfaction. I was euphoric, and in awe. You’ve got to experience a massage from Chris to see what I mean! It’s extremely tough to come up with the correct words to accurately describe this feeling of contentment you’ll get when Chris massages you. I’ve got to get to New York much more often, and when I get there, getting a massage from Chris will always be first and foremost on my agenda. By all means, I highly recommend getting a massage from him. Try him once, and you’ll be just as addicted as I am.

David // Washington, D.C., DC

March 05, 2015
David is an excellent masseur with great hands and energy. He quickly (and correctly) identified areas of my back and shoulders that needed attention and spent the necessary time working on those areas. The massage was not a standardized, choreographed routine; rather, it was tailored to what my body needed. I've been to several masseurs in DC and David ranks very highly. I left feeling satisfied and tipped out of true appreciation, not a sense of obligation.

Brent // Las Vegas, NV

March 05, 2015
My regular masseur was not available and I wanted to get some relaxation. It was late on a Friday and I knew I wasn't going to have much luck. I left messages with a 4-hand team who still haven't answered and a masseur near where I was staying in Henderson made me wait until 10PM then said he was out with friends and wasn't going to make it back. I had read Brent's profile and thought it was going to be too much like a stale parlor massage with not enough pressure and not getting to the right spots. However, I saw that he wrote late notices were okay. So, I sent him an email and he responded back promptly. It didn't take long before information was exchanged and I headed for the massage. Well, what I got was surprised. First. Brent greeted me warmly upon arrival and I automatically felt comfortable. Second, Brent was just the nicest guy and had a level of professionalism that was missed by the others I tried that night. Third, Brent delivered big time. The massage was absolutely great and he delivered with great enthusiasm and fantastic understanding of the body structure, easily switching techniques to accommodate the various parts and needs. I was very impressed. I will definitely use again.

Alex // Salt Lake City, UT

March 04, 2015
I have been seeing Alex on a fairly regular basis for several months. He gives a classic, soothing massage and is very professional. Alex has a kind personality and is very responsive about making appointments. 60 minutes seem to disappear. I would strongly recommend seeing Alex, as long as you don't take my time with him! He gets a top rating from me.

Corey // Brooklyn, NY

March 04, 2015
I've had the pleasure of experiencing the certified massage skills of Corey on two occassions now & look forward to the next time he is in my city. Corey exceeded my expectations of what a massage session could actually be! His body is truly a vision to behold. This man is so tall, slender & extremely well defined. Corey definitely personifies the term "Alpha Male". From his stature to his personality, he is all man. He posseses a very commanding, dominant energy yet maintains the balance of a subtle understanding masseuse at all times. He's NEVER overly aggressive! His hands are big & strong working effectively to release all the tension and built up stress over every inch of your body. He uses all of his body strengthen to get the job done right. Being that he is very cultured and well traveled, he also provides great conversation to further ease any anxiety or nervousness. I would highly recommend Corey to anyone who is in need of great massage therapy. If you are going to pamper yourself, you should always make the best selection. I look forward to my next opportunity to take advantage of his excellent skills.

JayG // San Diego, CA

March 04, 2015
Jay was extremely flexible in setting up my appointment despite my very difficult schedule. His studio was clean and very professional and the temperature was perfect.His pictures don't do him justice. Jay greeted me warmly and spent a few minutes asking about what I needed and making sure I had no medical issues. When the massage started, he used long, perfectly-pressured strokes and hit all the needed body areas without my needing to ask. It was really interesting to hear about the specialized training he received while he lived in Asia, and he definitely used those skills during my massage. He was completely relaxed and unrushed and went well-beyond the allotted time.I can't wait to see Jay again- I felt fantastic after he was done!!!

Eric // San Francisco, CA

March 04, 2015
Eric is an exceptional well trained massage therapist and a fitness personal trainer. He has been always tailored an excellent massage session that suits to my needs & desires; his various amazing mixed Western & Eastern techniques are very effective, healing and rejuvenated which has benefited so much to my body and mind. I was his long time client for years before 2011, then I relocated down to L.A. due to job changed. Now I have been seeing Eric again since January after moving back to SF. I enjoy Eric's work ethics, awesome skills, excellent service plus his sweet personality. I just can't miss Eric's magic, caring hands and healing touches. Thanks Eric, you are the best.

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