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June 17, 2013

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Nino // Queens, NY

April 18, 2014
There are so many wonderful masseurs on this site but Nino really stands out!! He lives in a quiet lovely residential area of Astoria, Queens - not so far from the subway. His studio is quite large and beautifully and simply appointed. Nino has thought of all the little details that makes the whole massage work so well. I felt like I was in a 5 star spa. He loves to pamper and I felt that his total attention was always on the fantastic service he was providing. The massage itself was soft and tender and the massage lotion felt so silky smooth. There was some great therapeutic stretching and bending. And several times I looked up and saw that Nino was looking so sweetly and gently into my eyes as he worked. There is not enough room to give all the details but I will certainly be back for a complete, totally relaxing session. He only does incalls but it is really, really worth the pleasant trip to experience him!

Timm // North Hollywood, CA

April 18, 2014
Guys, you can believe what you see and what you read on Timm's page. His pictures are current. His hands are strong and his touch is awesome. The minute he laid hands on my back to warm me up for the massage I could tell he knew what he was doing. I'd had a good workout the day before and he got places on my lats and on my hips that most ignore and, man, did it feel good! I wanted firm pressure and he delivered. All in all, maybe the best massage I've ever gotten, whether in a spa or elsewhere. The erotic elements throughout were really great too. At one point he was up in the table and feeling his hairy chest on my back. I'm breathing hard just thinking of it now. And what a hell of a nice guy! Genuine, warm, honest. I really did feel a connection, that he did care about me. So the entire experience was wonderful and next time I'm back in LA, I really hope to see him again. Book the 90 minute massage. Timm doesn't rush and you're going to love every minute of it! Timm, you're a fine man with a good heart! Thanks. Paul

Chris // Las Vegas, NV

April 18, 2014
What an incredible massage. Chris really knows what he is doing and is so in tune with his client. Total comfort and kept checking to ensure that I was comfortable. By far this was the best massage I have ever had in Vegas on a last minute call. Chris is a very sweet and sexy young man- a guy who is extremely hot! You can tell he enjoys what he does and that he is very good at it. Aside from his massage skills (which are considerable for his young age) he is very friendly. His photos do not do him justice. He provided me with a memorable experience. You will not want to miss out on an opportunity to get an incredible massage from Chris. I guarantee you will be a repeat client.

Tai // San Diego, CA

April 18, 2014
Tai is a fucking stud!!! A+ massage from an A-list dude! Not only does he give one of the most thrilling male massages on here, he also is born with a knack for being just one hell of a sensual guy. He was professional, caring and extremely confident. That stuff is not learned. His erotic touch still makes me purr 2 hours after our session. Tai's a natural and just loves being around men! And we are all lucky to get a guy this sexy and confident to massage us! I was so happy afterwards. Make a good note - all of his photos are current and accurate and he has the most bubbled ass I ever seen! That alone gets 110 out of 100!

Alec // Framingham, MA

April 18, 2014
Alec busted my chops. He was so good looking and so good at this I had to review him and leave him 5 stars! He should have 100's of reviews. He is everything Boston is: Tough, smart, friendly, real and I might add... sexy as the real McCoy. No jack of all trades here. Alec gets down and dirty and takes full control of the massage experience.

Elton // Oakland, CA

April 17, 2014
He is an exceptional masseur. I did not know what to expect, but I was genuinely pleased. I believe most masseurs take a class for a few hours, and call themselves a CMT. He has obviously studied and become an EXPERT. The intelligence, professionalism, and the witty conversation were just icing on the cake. The next day I still felt the effects of the massage. This is the first time I've written a review for anything. I don't customarily do this, but recognition is warranted. I am glad I took a chance. I was pleasantly rewarded.

Devan Bryant // Los Feliz, CA

Devan Bryant
April 17, 2014
Made an appointment several days in advance and was fortunate enough that Devan didn't have to work on that day (Passover). Sometimes, things just work out for a reason :) When he arrived for the appointment, he went about setting up for the massage. We chatted a little bit, and asked which areas to focus on, what to avoid, and how deep of a pressure. I wanted a deeper type of massage and Devan definitely gave me what I asked for. It was a very strong, firm, and deep pressure (just the way I like it in the areas that needed it), yet gentle and nurturing in other areas (which was perfect). Oh, and the foot massage! bliss! He truly, and genuinely was focused on making sure to exceed all my massage expectations (not just met, exceeded!). Devan, as a person, has such a nurturing and beautiful energy coupled with an absolutely gorgeous, tall, and lean/muscular physique. So beautiful inside and out. He made me feel so good about myself (inside and out), with his energy, his words of encouragement (never thought a hunk like Devan would find me cute). What we shared as we wrapped up the session, I will always remember and cherish. You can be sure that if I ever travel to LA again, I will set up another session with him. But next time, I think I might visit him instead to experience the full "spa" experience. Oh, and the tattoos! He was so kind and accommodating in letting me admire them!

Patrick // Bethesda, MD

April 17, 2014
With my first contact with him on the phone, his soft southern accent immediately put me at ease. It was very easy to set up an appointment with him that fit my schedule. When I saw him I was thrilled with his gentle handsome face and sensuous body. His massaging hands were both invigorating and sensual at the same time. We had a nice chat which revealed a friendly, easy-going, intelligent guy. The happy ending of our session put a smile on my face that lasted a long time. Can't wait to see him again!

Drake // Pittsburgh, PA

April 17, 2014
This was my first session with Drake and I can honestly say that he will be the only masseur I go to from now on. Drake has an amazing personality and takes what he does very seriously. He's easy to talk to and very professional in the way he explains the techniques and session types that he offers. And the massage! I was genuinely amazed at the considerable difference in quality that I received during this session when compared to other masseurs I have gone to. This was hands down the best massage I've ever received and well worth the money for the way that I felt during and after the session. The pressure used was perfect for me, and he explained the reason behind every technique as he applied it which was a nice touch as well. Drake is very informed about what he does and the experience meant that much more for me to understand the benefits of each step along the way. He told me I would feel like a new man and he wasn't kidding! Thank you for a great experience, Drake! I'll be back again in the near future. This was an amazing massage and I would recommend Drake to anyone (and I don't often say that). He's a great guy with a great heart and a passion for what he does. So glad I found him!

Michael // Manhattan Beach, CA

April 17, 2014
I emailed Michael several days before my trip to LA and he promptly responded and confirmed the appointment at my hotel in Hollywood. I chose the 90 minute session from his options. He showed up exactly on time and we chatted for about 15 minutes before the massage. Michael was fantastic - truly top notch in every way and worth every dollar. He has great hands and an even better technique. Michael uses deep pressure and a variety of stretching exercises that loosened all of my tight spots. He is an incredibly nice person and looks even better in person than his pictures. A first class experience from the beginning to the satisfying completion.

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