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Leo // New York City, NY

July 25, 2014
First, Leo is an excellent masseur. I needed a massage to work on some tight spots in my back and shoulders. He very skillfully and thoughtfully found them all and worked them out. His pressure is deep. He really relaxed and worked out my muscles. He is one of the best. Second, he is kind and very sweet. I was inexcusably late due to my own incompetence. Leo was very understanding of the situation. He teased me a bit, but still gave me a full hour massage. Not many people would be so generous. Lastly, he is very attractive. His pictures are accurate. However, they don’t do him justice. Leo has a very sexy presence and voice. He is very handsome and his eyes are a captivating blue. His work is restorative and sensual and erotic. I can’t wait to see him again. Very hot mutual touch.Everyone should book an appointment with him ASAP.

Mario // Los Angeles, CA

July 25, 2014
This was my third appointment with Mario I Called Mario and set up an appointment for the next day. He prefers advance appointments but, will work with you. I called him and told him I would be late because of traffic. He was very patient and understanding. This man is as handsome as his photos. His physic is amazing. There is hair in just the right places. He is very clean. He is sexy with his cloths on or off. His home is spotlessly clean. He preforms a expert massage with all the correct pressure in the correct spots. The massage is what you want where you want it. He will ask you if it is the right pressure and what areas you need extra work. The erotic part is fantastic. He has the most amazing body. He has a really great personality. I hadn't seen him in several months yet I was amazed he remembered me went we were talking on the phone. Truly a great experience with a handsome, hot and sweet guy. To sum Mario up in one word "woof !'.

Thomas // West Hollywood, CA

July 25, 2014
Thomas gives a truly amazing massage. He is incredibly welcoming, impossibly handsome, and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Thomas gives a truly therapeutic massage and puts so much physical and emotional effort into his work that he makes other masseurs pale in comparison. I am dealing with a long term injury that I do not want to get surgery on and Thomas not only massaged and treated my injured shoulder with extreme sensitivity, he uses a very mellow and smooth technique to increase the range of motion that is so freeing it was like an out of body experience. Another thing that set Thomas apart for me, was his suggestion to look into a specific kind of physical therapy that he thought might work for me. I took his advice and looked into and what I discovered has made a huge difference and he was right on the money. People always say you get what you pay for and Thomas is truly worth every penny of his rate. I have been to Thomas probably 8 times and I wish I could afford to see him more often. Do yourself a favor and splurge. Your body will thank you.

Nick Cruz // Seal Beach, CA

Nick Cruz
July 25, 2014
What a great experience! Nick has a great technique; the massage was relaxing and he provided some great therapeutic techniques that really enhanced the session. He was able to heal some soreness I was experiencing in my back and shoulders and left me feeling pain-free for the first time in weeks. Furthermore, Nick provides a clean, comfortable environment in which to relax - his place is inviting and very accessible. He provides a massage that must be experienced!

Justin Jordan // Los Angeles, CA

Justin Jordan
July 25, 2014
Such a nice guy.... right away I felt safe and comfortable. He was a great masseur, went over 1 hour, and I just really liked him. I am always nervous trying someone new out, and within seconds I was comfortable. I highly recommend him-- he took out all the knots! He's very good looking and very intelligent.

Jeremy // Orange County, CA

July 25, 2014
It's hard to truly explain in words how comforting and enjoyable the massage is. Its not just the massage it's the way Jeremy takes care of every need I could possibly have, from offering a drink, to soft music to the extra little things he does. I'm extremely comfortable when with him and trust Jeremy 100%. His techniques are amazing and I don't want to leave. He puts me in such a relaxed state that it's SO enjoyable!! I will be looking forward to the next time I get to spend some time with Jeremy, It's something I truly look forward too. Thanks Jeremy for all you do!

Odain // New York City, NY

July 25, 2014
a beautiful apartment, excellent hands and figure, nice and beautiful attitude, looking forward... best regards philip

Justin // Los Angeles, CA

July 25, 2014
Saturday I had my first massage with Justin, and it lived up to the reviews that others had posted. The massage was thorough .. from head, neck, shoulders down to hands and feet, both front and back. My goal was relaxation, so the massage was not too deep and he would modulate the pressure to meet my requests. As part of the massage Justin also did stretching of the quads/glutes and shoulders ... working to limber me up and improve my range of motion. I would heartily recommend Justin to others and plan on going back for repeat business.

Tim // Atlanta, GA

July 24, 2014
I cannot say enough good things about my massage experience with Tim. Scheduling with him was easy, he returned my email and texts within minutes. He gladly accommodated my schedule. His studio was clean and easy to get to. I booked a 60 minute massage that actually lasted a while longer. Meeting him was like reconnecting with an old friend. I can honestly say that I have never had a better massage. His easy going attitude made the experience even more relaxing. He seemed to sense just what I needed. Tim absolutely had the perfect touch. The techniques he used were a combination of massage styles that flowed together perfectly. I felt like we parted as great friends. I will definitely opt for a 90 minute massage the next time. He looks like he could tear you apart, but is as gentle as a kitten. I highly recommend him.

Mark // Palm Springs, CA

July 24, 2014
I have been on Massage-M4M for some time. I have used the service before, but until I had a massage from Mark, I didn't know what excellence really meant! From the time I e-mailed Mark, and asked for an appointment, Mark exceeded my expectations every time. Mark was prompt to send me back an e-mail, confirming the date and time of the appointment; and he gave very clear and easy to follow directions. On the day of the appointment, I found Mark even better looking than his photographs, and he was completely prepared and ready for my 90 minute session. He listened to any information I wanted to share with him about prior injuries and invited me to lay down on his very comfortable table. It was then that I began to learn what a true Master (and I use that title with full respect and honor) of massage can do with his skills. Mark uses all his attention and energies to ensure that my massage was centered on me and my physical and spiritual comfort. This was honestly the best massage I have ever experienced, and every massage I get in the future, I will compare it against this experience. I am writing this to encourage anyone who is interested, try booking an appointment with Mark. Give yourself a chance to experience a real Master of massage therapy. I know I will be returning.

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