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Sebastian // New York City, NY

October 24, 2014
Sebastian was very easy to get a hold of via text and set up an appointment a couple of days in advance. Upon arriving at his apartment, he was extremely welcoming and made me feel comfortable right away. The massage was great and he also has a gorgeously chiseled body that was quite a sight to behold. He is also extremely handsome with a contagious smile. The experience was relaxing while also being playful and hot. After the massage he kindly let me use his shower and even offered me an umbrella when I said I had forgotten mine. A class act and really sweet guy.

Brandon // New York City, NY

October 24, 2014
Absolutely the best! Great hands, great personality, and incredible body. What a very good looking and sweet guy. Very strong!

* * * * * // Honolulu, HI

* * * * *
October 24, 2014
I wrote this review three years ago and have been seeing Ross regularly ever since. Every word of my original review is still true: "How can I describe the transcendent massage I experienced with Ross? I have had many massages over the years, and I approach a new massage person with some anxiety. I don’t like pain, and it seems to be an axiom among massage guys that you can’t get rid of tension without pain. Not so with Ross. I came to him with painful tension in my neck and shoulders. He eliminated the tension during his amazing pain-free massage, and my muscles have been relaxed and loose for four days now. This is unprecedented for me! But his massage is about far more than getting results. It is about nurturing, pampering, and surrendering to skilled healing and loving touch. My massage began and ended a with hot, scented towel rub. Then his hands moved all over my body, eliminating my stress and leading me to a place of deep pleasure and peace. This experience was all about me. I didn’t have to say anything or do anything. Ross seemed to know intuitively just what to do to make my experience perfect. I just moved to Honolulu and am so happy to have found Ross. I plan to make his massages a regular part of my life here. I deserve it!"

Carlos // Taunton, MA

October 24, 2014
Carlos has a great touch, a true handy man with those soft strong hands. Technique is his own and offers many different elements to it. I can say that Carlos achieved his goal of giving me a great massage. It was done on the bed and in the past it didn’t seem like the masseurs knew what they were doing on the bed and everything was off, NOT with Carlos. Everything was smooth, sensual, and soothing. There is a calming feeling once you feel his hands and I agree with Carlos has he says he believes in chemistry and it shows. Yes he is handsome and he doesn’t come off arrogant which is another attraction to him. He does excellent work and it shows.

Chris // Chicago, IL

October 24, 2014
I give Chris a 10 only because I can't go any higher. He responded to my email within minutes, answered all my questions and set an appointment. It was no problem for him to reschedule for a day earlier. I was nervous because of the gap in our ages, but when he showed up at my hotel room, he very shortly made me feel like the most desirable man on the planet. His touch is firm where it needs to be and soft and gentle at the same time. He truly did make use his whole body to massage every part of mind, and when we finished, he let me hold him and stare in to his beautiful eyes. I doubt anyone will ever make me feel so good again. Truly wanted to take this man home with me. Can't wait for the next visit! Hugs! Marty

Alex // San Francisco, CA

October 24, 2014
What a totally great experience. Alex is a very skilled masseur. I asked for and he used deep pressure. It was perfect - painful only when it should have been. I'd been having pain in my right hip from tight muscles and without my even saying anything, he found the problem. He worked on my IT bands and did some stretching and it really did the trick. I haven't felt this good in weeks. It was also a very sensual experience throughout. Sometimes he was up in the table with me doing some particularly long strokes and feeling his body stretched over me and the soft brush of his body hair ... well, it was wonderful. To me, Alex exudes a strong physical magnetism with his tight body and fur - I love a hairy man. And what a sweet, empathetic, open guy Alex is too. The way he used his body, I felt he enjoyed working on me -- that to him I wasn't just a body stretched out in a table. So I felt a very welcome intimacy and closeness. He's fun to talk with. His apartment was super clean and tranquil. He responded quickly to my initial inquiry. So, as I said, it was a totally terrific experience, which I'm sure I'm going to remember and hope some day to repeat. Thanks, Alex. It was great and I won't forget you. Paul

Bryan // Las Vegas, NV

October 24, 2014
AMAZING, Wonderful, Feel like a million bucks now. Bryan knows how to do deep tissue massage. He is beyond hooked into your body and its needs and where the strains, pains and knots are. He destroys the pain and leave you a new man. He is so much hotter than his photos. He is personality, caring, nurturing and AMAZING... See you next trip to LV, and Thank you again.

Eric // Salt Lake City, UT

October 23, 2014
Normally I schedule my massages at least a day ahead, but I found myself with an unexpected free evening and sore muscles, so I texted Eric, who was luckily free, and who responded promptly. He came to my hotel, arriving a few minutes early, He set up a comfortable table, and away we went. This 90 min massage was at my request a blend of deep tissue and lighter Swedish style. The first time I see a therapist I like to see what their natural style is like, and I liked Eric's--it was technically precise, and it was very calm. He uses diverse styles, but he blends them well. I especially liked how he moved from shoulders to legs and back again--it was very unifying. It seems odd to mention his face cradle (especially here), but it's slightly square, and very comfortable. His description of his massage is accurate. I would definite call him again..

Muscle Jake // Chicago, IL

Muscle Jake
October 23, 2014
Muscle Jake showed up on time in a black muscle tee and tight jeans. He immediately striped down to his black low riser briefs and stood hi magnificent muscular body in front of me. His massage is absolutely the best I have every had, in fact I never have called anyone else since I started with Muscle Jake. His strong muscular body is used during the massage as his powerful hands explore every part of my body. He goes tome moderate to deep pressure and is constantly checking to see if I am feeling okay. His handsome good looks, powerful muscular body and great personality make for a very enjoyable massage. I have had over 25 massages from Muscle Jake and will not consider anyone else. This is a man not to be missed, if you are looking for the very best.

TheJourney // Baltimore, MD

October 23, 2014
This man knows his craft. I scheduled my appointment two days in advance due to some sports injuries and was happy to find Andriy was able to accommodate me quickly. The space is spotlessly clean, inviting and the sound system and heated table mentally put you in the right frame of mind before the massage begins. Andriy's technique is different than any I've experienced. He incorporates intense stretching techniques intermittently with deep massage. He is adept at sensing areas that need more attention while taking his time to massage your entire body slowly and with care. I didn't feel the need to let him know areas that needed more pressure or attention. He is "in the zone" and intuitively provides your body witch the pressure and touch it needs. Hard to adequately describe the experience other than to say he was in tune with my body and left me feeling both energized and deeply relaxed. Andriy is an artist and skilled craftsman. Definitely an experience worth repeating.

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