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We found 100 reviews in Houston:

Nathan // Houston, TX

October 19, 2014
Actually had two sessions over a weekend since I was so impressed with my first session. Nathan is excellently trained and has additional medical background; he is personable, interesting and professional. He tailored the sessions to me at the time I was there and adjusted it according to what he learned as the sessions progressed. I felt completely at ease. He created a "spiritual" ambience that allowed all of my various responses to a great massage to be appropriately a part of that ambience. A variety of music allowed for a non-cliché touch. His studio was easy to locate and the facilities were professional and private. Just what I wanted and with so much respect. I left with a feeling of assurance and with specific advice on how to maintain between sessions. Definitely want to get back into the hands of Nathan as soon as I can.

Rhys // Dallas, TX

October 10, 2014
What is more fun than being with a man who likes to show it all off? Nothing. Rhys did some major work on me that kept me wanting more after it was all done and over. I had to write a review to give the man props. I was VERY pleased when I arrived to see that he was even MORE handsome than his pictures online. I have a thing for young, hot masculine well build military guys and he definitely fit this bill. He looked like he was straight off the base, haircut and all. He has dark American features, a great smile and an awesome body too. I felt very comfortable right away. And VERY turned on. I think my dick just up and went schawing! He gave me a great nudie massage and was very complimentary about the tattoo work I have in progress. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, but guys, rest assured, Rhys will turn you on like you haven't been in a long time. I was eighteen again for the hour. The finale was so much fun! He sure doesn't have a problem making a man feel welcome. I felt totally accepted and relaxed. He was also very easy to talk to and has some really interesting stories to tell. The massage was just right. Plenty of action. Ample pleasure. A bit of slutiness in between. Good pressure. He started on my back and finished me off on the front. He was nude, and touching him was welcomed. I would turn slutty with any guy who looked like him. Because you don't get to be with a hunk so often. No time for mother's disapproval. Just go for it. He is totally professional at what he does. I would see him again and recommend that you do too!!

Ronnie // Dallas, TX

October 07, 2014
I contacted Ronnie to schedule an appointment via text and was able to set up an appointment for the following day. The experience was over-the-top!! It was a great mix of therapeutic and sensual/erotic elements. Ronnie uses a lot of different techniques to make for an extremely relaxing experience. I wish that he lived in Atlanta so that I could experience his amazing talents on a regular basis. I'll definitely contact him if he's in the area again or if I'm ever in Dallas.

George // Los Angeles, CA

September 28, 2014
I met with George today. A very charming and personable man. You might not immediately notice because his body is massive. He makes an XL t-shirt look like a small. If you get turned on by 23" biceps, you need to see George. In addition to being huge, his triceps bulge bigger than some bodybuilder's biceps, he is incredibly strong, I weigh 165 and I sent like 50 under his touch. He works well and remembers and attends to your problem areas. Mine felt infinitely better under his hands. My only wish is that the massage would be better if the happy ending had been a little more participatory. George did honor my request to straddle me and flex. He did offer to let me know when he comes back to San Francisco. I look forward to visiting him again.

PJ // West Hollywood, CA

August 22, 2014
Wow! I just returned from one of the most comfortable and enjoyable mornings I've had in some time. Yes...I spent 90 minutes with PJ and am now on board with all those other "10's" you see in his reviews. I was a little cynical reading so many positive comments....are they family?....are they friends?....well, I'm not either one, but I'm now on board with exactly how they feel. Of course, unless you're blind, you can see this guy is really "hot" looking and has a body most of us will only see in pictures. But in addition, he is one of the nicest people you will meet and an accomplished masseur. His technique is skilled, focused, customized to your preference and "very" effective. You feel totally relaxed, renewed, invigorated and ready to go! If PJ comes to your city or if you're in LA....pick up the phone and make an appointment...Don't Wait! will not only be one of the best massages you've ever had, but you'll be grateful having met such a caring, gentle and just plain wonderful guy. I'm already going to book another get together day after tomorrow, before he gets away. Thank goodness I live near LA.

Topper // Chicago, IL

July 22, 2014
I am not sure what I was expecting when Dave showed up. I had read the reviews and frankly, I was not thinking that I wanted to be "topped". But Dave was so kind and gentle and SO MUCH FUN, before I knew it, I was giving it all up. What a great experience. Not at all like some other masseurs. He is a great kisser and he knows how to find your hot buttons and deliver in spades. I would definitely recommend him and give him the top rating because he is truly one of a kind. Definitely not a clock watcher. After we showered and dressed, we went down to the hotel bar for some tacos and wine. I wanted to ask him up to my room again. But he had to go and I had to get some sleep for my meetings the next day. This guy is a total gentleman and a fantastic time. I can see why everyone is raving. I am too. Thanks so much Dave!

Jacob // Houston, TX

July 11, 2014
This is my 3rd time seeing Jacob. The first time was just not enough time. Then the second time, he introduced me to techniques he didn't use the first time. The third time, was even better than the second. I can only imagine what the next few massages will be like. He's super sexy. Very sensual massage but still legit. His huge hands and soft caressing are like no other massage I have had. I will be back again for more!

Maxim // Houston, TX

July 03, 2014
Maxim is a truly exceptional therapist and a genuinely handsome guy. The fact that he looks so good naked and is aggressive is icing on the cake...

Rhys // Dallas, TX

July 02, 2014
Best massage I've ever had. He knew exactly what my body needed. He found tender spots in my muscles that I didn't even know were bothering me. He was very in tune with body. I was sad to find out that he was traveling for the next couple weeks, because I wouldn't be able to have him work on me in the next couple days. I'll wait patiently though!

Topper // Chicago, IL

June 18, 2014
Mmm, Daddy liked! Blissful experience by a big dong man. From the calm arrival, to the aggressive man handling, to the professionalism of Topper. His guidance is perfect and expertise is hot. He new exactly what I wanted and needed between my legs, and he knew how to provide it without guilt. Until next we meet, handsome.

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