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We found 100 reviews in Houston:

Jacob // Houston, TX

July 11, 2014
This is my 3rd time seeing Jacob. The first time was just not enough time. Then the second time, he introduced me to techniques he didn't use the first time. The third time, was even better than the second. I can only imagine what the next few massages will be like. He's super sexy. Very sensual massage but still legit. His huge hands and soft caressing are like no other massage I have had. I will be back again for more!

Will // San Francisco, CA

July 07, 2014
I was visiting San Francisco, and texted Will early in the morning. He responded swiftly, and we arranged a time to discuss my intentions for the massage. His compact and immaculately clean studio is easy to find in the Castro, and it is a perfect setting for the experience Will provides. I had chosen an interactive massage, and I am very happy with all of the interaction. He is an imaginative and passionate man with an ability to make you feel very special. I had to check the mirror every now and then to make sure this was really happening, because it was like a dream come true. Thank you, Will.

Rhys // Dallas, TX

July 02, 2014
Best massage I've ever had. He knew exactly what my body needed. He found tender spots in my muscles that I didn't even know were bothering me. He was very in tune with body. I was sad to find out that he was traveling for the next couple weeks, because I wouldn't be able to have him work on me in the next couple days. I'll wait patiently though!

Will // San Francisco, CA

June 29, 2014
Will is a big friendly stud machine and I am honored to have booked with him a few times. He takes an enormous amount of time and care to address my aching muscle's needs then sprinkles the entire experience with very erotic little tricks. Both of us naked. Me absolu-fucking-lutely in heaven!! Will is a wolf! All I wanna do is play with his nipples! Needless to say, I had an amazing time getting one of the most sexiest, most erotic massages I have ever gotten! You can tell from the pics just what you are in for. Add that by 100!

Jess // New York City, NY

June 17, 2014
Jess is a nude delight! Jess is a beautiful man - inside and outside! Excellent technique and an outstanding session. He certainly has my repeat business! Thanks Andrew!!!

Will // San Francisco, CA

May 22, 2014
Will is a beautiful man who is beefy and a great therapist! Amazing natural body and a cute butt you won't believe! Great at massage and erotica. He was polite, gentle and very sensual. The massage started with me on my stomach and ended with me on my back and I was left relaxed, happy and FULLY energized. Will is a masculine stud. Really nice guy too.

Will // San Francisco, CA

May 01, 2014
Booked a same-day appointment when Will was in Seattle. The experience was incredible from start to finish. It included bed massage, stretching, and extremely erotic elements that drove me completely wild. His touch was very strong; would have even loved it harder. Would definitely book another appointment with Will if he's back in Seattle.

Jacob // Houston, TX

April 26, 2014
I tried several times to get in contact with Jacob. It was worth waiting for! He is the tallest guy I've ever met. I am 6'2 and he TOWERS over me! I felt like I was with a giant and I loved it. The amount of pressure he gives is the most I've ever received. He got so deep into my back muscles, I think he worked out knots I've had since childhood. ;) See you in a couple weeks!

Will // San Francisco, CA

April 14, 2014
Will looked hot from the moment he opened the door - shirtless with ripped jeans - and a ripped body. After asking me what I liked, we got started right away. He customized the massage for me, showing me different pressures and asking what I liked best and where. I've received massages from a number of therapists but this was the most erotic I've ever had. Will used his fingers, hands, arms and other body parts to give me an amazing experience. The last several minutes were completely off the charts and will live on in my Spank Bank forever.

Will // San Francisco, CA

March 28, 2014
INCREDIBLE!! Made an appointment a day in advance for an interactive fantasy massage. We chatted via text to find out what I like/don't like, etc. Showed up at his hotel. He is HOT!! And the massage was everything i could have wanted (and then some!!). Great hands!! And not a clock watcher!! We chatted for a bit afterwards and he is so nice and funny!! Definitely will make another appointment next time he is in town.

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