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We found 100 reviews in Houston:

Trey // Las Vegas, NV

June 30, 2015
I was impressed with trey's experience and personality from start to finish. Trey is definitely committed to his craft as he stated in his ad. I found him not only to be a great masseur, but also a handsome and charming young man. I felt totally unrushed during the session. His attention and focus was on me the entire time. He spent extra time with me after the massage downstairs at the bar of his hotel. I cannot say enough wonderful things about trey. I recommend him highly.

Allen // San Francisco, CA

June 26, 2015
What a relaxing session I was able to spend with Allen in Philadelphia. Every part of me felt better afterwards including my mind and my heart. He paid attention to what I was feeling on the surface and deep inside to a level that I felt like I had known him for years. That rarely happens with a masseur. We met in a very nice and easy-to- get-to hotel which of course added to my comfort. Allen is an original, I'll be watching for his return and I recommend him without hesitation.

Rhys // Dallas, TX

June 21, 2015
Review long overdue, Rhys is a gem! One of the greatest masseurs in the state and most def in Dallas. Had a blast and intend to keep his number in my phone.

Dave // Chicago, IL

May 23, 2015
I'm not sure what caused my trepidation for the last several years about engaging Dave. Maybe I was intimidated by his over-the-top reviews, insecure about my physicality, or pleading poverty. But figuring I wasn't getting any younger, I took that nagging bull by the horns and spent quality time with him when he was visiting Kansas City recently. "Why," I ask, "did I wait so long?" This was truly a "mountaintop experience" for me and I returned home a new person thanks to Dave's remarkable skills, empathy, and passion. This was Christmas, New Years Eve, the Easter bunny, the 4th of July, and my birthday all wrapped into one. It goes without saying that Dave is a remarkably good-looking guy with a heart-melting smile. He's tall and lithe and I thought "I bet this is what Billy Elliot looked like when he grew up and was at the height of his powers." And, wow, can Dave "dance!" To spend time with him is a magical, transporting experience. You leave invigorated, rejuvenated, bedazzled, and feeling, in my case, 30 years younger and 100 pounds lighter. Dave is also fluidly conversant on a host of topics, focuses his full laser-like attention totally on you, and makes you feel boundlessly comfortable and relaxed as you drop whatever barriers or hang-ups you might have. This is floating-on-air which transcends anything you might have been expecting. Were I to win the lottery, I would seek Dave's companionship on a regular basis no matter where he was holding forth. But as a retired music teacher I need to mete out my funds judiciously. Yet spending time with Dave eclipses using my Y membership, a great alternative to spilling one's guts to a shrink, and a spiritually uplifting, transformational experience that simply can't be beat. I recommend Dave with no reservations whatsoever.

Randy // Houston, TX

April 22, 2015
Open-minded and one of the better legitimate massage therapists in the capital. I had a great relaxing and soothing session with Randy. He earns his clientele and his professionalism is 100% as good as any spa or hotel staff.

Maxim // Houston, TX

February 24, 2015
Maxim is passionate n professional about and with his work. I could feel it, through the touch of his massage. He also educates his clients n makes recommendations for healthier living. I would highly recommend him. I look forward to another session with him on my next visit to Houston. D. of Central La. Oh yes, great eye candy, wonderful personality.

Jess // New York City, NY

February 20, 2015
I set an appointment with Jess for 90 minutes. His technique mixed Thai stretching, with Swedish style massage, and nice sensual elements throughout. Jess is really nice and better than his pics - very kind with a large surprise. I left very relaxed, mentally and physically. This was well worth the time.

Allen // San Francisco, CA

January 27, 2015
January 27, 2015 Over the past 18 months I have had many massages from Allen, both in his lovely quiet studio on a heated massage table and on the bed of various hotel rooms where I have been staying. Over that time, as Allen has gotten to know my muscles and their quirks, and I have come to trust him entirely, well each massage.. WARNING! cliche ahead!...has been better than the last. And Allen has taught me so much; not just about my body, but about MYSELF. At first I tried too hard to show him how much I was enjoying his touch. He doesn't need to hear that...least of all from me. His experience tells him what works and what doesn't. But the most important thing he has taught me is how to RELAX! Not just while I'm enjoying his special touch, but after I leave his studio. The past couple of times his massages have taken me to a place that I never knew existed. It was pure MAGIC! Gentleman, you deserve this. Treat yourself to the very best... Allen Silver! Thank you, Allen. See you again very soon.

Maxim // Houston, TX

January 26, 2015
I had an apt with Maxim and the massage was incredible...he first started with stretches that were exactly the ticket an increased range in motion...the massage was deep tissue as I requested with extras,,,It will not take long to see why he was a centerfold in Playgirl! he is a most pleasant person with a wonderful odd-ball sense of humor...Will I see him again; yes, Yes, YES

Maxim // Houston, TX

January 01, 2015
Maxim delivers what he promises. His space is calm and inviting, very clean with dimmed lighting for ultimate relaxation There was nothing uncomfortable about this experience he talked to me and eased my hesitations throughout. right away he knew where my problem areas were and right away worked those areas best. I enjoyed the experience so much I didn't want to leave. I will definitely return.

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