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We found 100 reviews in Houston:

Maxim // Houston, TX

January 26, 2015
I had an apt with Maxim and the massage was incredible...he first started with stretches that were exactly the ticket an increased range in motion...the massage was deep tissue as I requested with extras,,,It will not take long to see why he was a centerfold in Playgirl! he is a most pleasant person with a wonderful odd-ball sense of humor...Will I see him again; yes, Yes, YES

Black Rock // Miami, FL

Black Rock
January 03, 2015
Charming only begins to describe this guy. From beginning to end, the experience provided the most relaxed state I can remember being in in recent memory. From a warm hug when we met to a firm massage that relieved some tired muscles, he worked my entire body with long even movements (it helps that he's tall and has long arms!) He made a comment at the end about how quiet I was. Honestly, I was in such a welcome state of relaxation and enjoying every movement he made that anything but breathing deeply and being in the moment would have taken away from the enjoyment. Well, maybe not. It was a terrific, non-rushed massage by a nice guy - and we had a nice conversation about his travels at the end. I hope you come back to Portland. I would like to see if I can be that relaxed again.

Maxim // Houston, TX

January 01, 2015
Maxim delivers what he promises. His space is calm and inviting, very clean with dimmed lighting for ultimate relaxation There was nothing uncomfortable about this experience he talked to me and eased my hesitations throughout. right away he knew where my problem areas were and right away worked those areas best. I enjoyed the experience so much I didn't want to leave. I will definitely return.

Allen // San Francisco, CA

December 26, 2014
While in San Francisco on business, I had the extreme pleasure of hiring Allen to provide me with an excellent massage. When I scheduled, I requested the 4 handed session with him and his partner. I will plan on having another session with Allen and Will the next time I visit SF. I highly recommend anyone needing a massage to contact Allen, and getting a wonderful massage from him. Allen and Will were completely personable from the moment meeting each other, until the time I left. I felt so good after leaving.

Will // San Francisco, CA

December 26, 2014
While visiting San Francisco on business, I had the pleasure of hiring Will to receive a massage. As requested, he accommodated me to receive a 4 handed massage with him and his partner. I highly recommend Will to anyone that needs a massage. He was quite personable from the moment we met all the way until I left. The massage was excellent which proves Will knows what he's doing. I will recommend Will to anyone that will be visiting SF, or anyone that lives in the area. I will be contacting him the next time I will be in the city. Thanks for everything, Will.

Joe // Washington, D.C., DC

December 18, 2014
I had a great time with Joey. I look forward to a hot, relaxing rendez-vous next time we meet again.

Will // San Francisco, CA

December 17, 2014
I met Will on his current trip to Chicago. What a nice, sexy man he is! After a few e-mails about scheduling an appointment, and my wants and needs, we settled on a time at his hotel. There was nice conversation, nice body contact, and Will knew what I needed and fulfilled my needs! WOOF! Just discuss what you want and need, and Will will make you fantasy come true! Hope our paths cross again sometime, Will!

Nathan // Houston, TX

November 23, 2014
Nathan's massage was absolutely sublime! To be honest, I chose Nathan because I thought he had a very kind face. That kindness translated into a very genuine interest in providing a massage that would help my runner's legs and alleviate the stress in my neck and shoulders from an office job. Unlike many other therapists I've gone to, he does not "zone out" and go through the motions. He was very aware of how I was reacting throughout the massage. I can't say enough about how unbelievable my session was. I will definitely visit Nathan again and again.

Nathan // Houston, TX

October 19, 2014
Actually had two sessions over a weekend since I was so impressed with my first session. Nathan is excellently trained and has additional medical background; he is personable, interesting and professional. He tailored the sessions to me at the time I was there and adjusted it according to what he learned as the sessions progressed. I felt completely at ease. He created a "spiritual" ambience that allowed all of my various responses to a great massage to be appropriately a part of that ambience. A variety of music allowed for a non-cliché touch. His studio was easy to locate and the facilities were professional and private. Just what I wanted and with so much respect. I left with a feeling of assurance and with specific advice on how to maintain between sessions. Definitely want to get back into the hands of Nathan as soon as I can.

Rhys // Dallas, TX

October 10, 2014
What is more fun than being with a man who likes to show it all off? Nothing. Rhys did some major work on me that kept me wanting more after it was all done and over. I had to write a review to give the man props. I was VERY pleased when I arrived to see that he was even MORE handsome than his pictures online. I have a thing for young, hot masculine well build military guys and he definitely fit this bill. He looked like he was straight off the base, haircut and all. He has dark American features, a great smile and an awesome body too. I felt very comfortable right away. And VERY turned on. I think my dick just up and went schawing! He gave me a great nudie massage and was very complimentary about the tattoo work I have in progress. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, but guys, rest assured, Rhys will turn you on like you haven't been in a long time. I was eighteen again for the hour. The finale was so much fun! He sure doesn't have a problem making a man feel welcome. I felt totally accepted and relaxed. He was also very easy to talk to and has some really interesting stories to tell. The massage was just right. Plenty of action. Ample pleasure. A bit of slutiness in between. Good pressure. He started on my back and finished me off on the front. He was nude, and touching him was welcomed. I would turn slutty with any guy who looked like him. Because you don't get to be with a hunk so often. No time for mother's disapproval. Just go for it. He is totally professional at what he does. I would see him again and recommend that you do too!!

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