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We found 100 reviews in Houston:

Nathan // Houston, TX

October 19, 2014
Actually had two sessions over a weekend since I was so impressed with my first session. Nathan is excellently trained and has additional medical background; he is personable, interesting and professional. He tailored the sessions to me at the time I was there and adjusted it according to what he learned as the sessions progressed. I felt completely at ease. He created a "spiritual" ambience that allowed all of my various responses to a great massage to be appropriately a part of that ambience. A variety of music allowed for a non-cliché touch. His studio was easy to locate and the facilities were professional and private. Just what I wanted and with so much respect. I left with a feeling of assurance and with specific advice on how to maintain between sessions. Definitely want to get back into the hands of Nathan as soon as I can.

Georgio // Dallas, TX

October 15, 2014
George was on time and very respectful, I really appreciated this aspect.n he was thorough and very competent. I appreciated his conversation, he is on the ball and very focused. Georgio's competence was obvious, he was not just a good looking man, he was a great masseuse. I will call him again as I return to Dallas, he is one on the best sessions I have had.

SexySpaniard // Miami Lakes, FL

October 15, 2014
WOW - what a find! Made an appointment for the following afternoon with Sebastian, and he showed up right on time wearing a T-shirt outlining his buff bod, a massage table, and an engaging smile. (He's one of the few masseurs who doesn't charge more for outcalls) The massage itself was soft but firm, and touching him throughout was a real treat. Jacksonville is somewhat scarce for M4M resources,and it was a real treat having Sebastian stop here on his way home. He even gave me the name of a masseur locally who's not on any sites.

SexySpaniard // Miami Lakes, FL

October 14, 2014
Awesome massage - I flew in from a long trip and saw his ad and was immediately intrigued. I texted him and he responded back promptly, really nice and respectful, and answered all of my questions before we settled on a time. His rates are very reasonable and he only takes on a limited amount of clients per day. I had an incall at his hotel in Orlando that was centrally located. I was greeted at the door, he's better than his pics - extremely accurate, tall and amazing body. He was very clean and expects the same from his clients which was a huge plus for me. The massage itself was very sensual with light to medium pressure - and he added on a lot of his touch which made it a lot of fun. He's very into getting to know his clients, he's a smart guy with a lot of talents elsewhere than massage. Sebastian travels quite often but is based in Florida for most of the time. Don't miss out if he see him advertising in your city. I had plenty of erotic massages, and even though I just met him once, he was the absolute best. Don't miss out.

Rhys // Dallas, TX

October 10, 2014
What is more fun than being with a man who likes to show it all off? Nothing. Rhys did some major work on me that kept me wanting more after it was all done and over. I had to write a review to give the man props. I was VERY pleased when I arrived to see that he was even MORE handsome than his pictures online. I have a thing for young, hot masculine well build military guys and he definitely fit this bill. He looked like he was straight off the base, haircut and all. He has dark American features, a great smile and an awesome body too. I felt very comfortable right away. And VERY turned on. I think my dick just up and went schawing! He gave me a great nudie massage and was very complimentary about the tattoo work I have in progress. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, but guys, rest assured, Rhys will turn you on like you haven't been in a long time. I was eighteen again for the hour. The finale was so much fun! He sure doesn't have a problem making a man feel welcome. I felt totally accepted and relaxed. He was also very easy to talk to and has some really interesting stories to tell. The massage was just right. Plenty of action. Ample pleasure. A bit of slutiness in between. Good pressure. He started on my back and finished me off on the front. He was nude, and touching him was welcomed. I would turn slutty with any guy who looked like him. Because you don't get to be with a hunk so often. No time for mother's disapproval. Just go for it. He is totally professional at what he does. I would see him again and recommend that you do too!!

Vincent // Austin, TX

October 08, 2014
I got my massage with Vincent today (10/8/14) While he was in New Orleans, he did great! Spent the right amount of time on areas that needed to be worked on, without a doubt booking with him again.

Georgio // Dallas, TX

October 07, 2014
Georgio is a beautiful young man who gives a wonderful, relaxing massage. He works in the nude and touching is definitely in. I've had many massages in my life but he had some new twists (iterally) that I have never heard of. The oil was great. He sat on top of me for several muscle groups which was also a new thing for me. I recommend him to you.

Joe // Washington, D.C., DC

October 02, 2014
Real pleasure indeed! My second session with the ever so sexy and talented, Mr. hot stuff himself, Joey. Pleasure is his middle name. So is Fireball and Master. Joey is always fun and always successful in removing "knots" in my lower body. My stress is gone after spending time under his skillful watch. His place is immaculate - the decor is inviting - lovely music, easy to make you want to undress and get down. In addition to the therapeutic touch, Joey pulls a level of intimacy and sensuality that not many men are able to. He really is a unique and friendly bad boy in the city.

Jaxton // Las Vegas, NV

September 30, 2014
Jax is an amazing massage therapist with juicy sensual skills that transport you into the movies. He is a man who really knows his stuff. Knows what makes men feel good. And lives for sexuality and selfish hedonism. WOOF! INDEED! He's extremely knowledgeable about mens bodies, and goes as "deep" as you need it. He is the man you go to for top tier experience, but especially for all things erotic. Jaxton is also very easy to get along with, and I truly enjoyed our time together. Don't bother with any of the others on here; they act like L.O.S.E.R.S.... Go and schedule an appointment with this stud NOW!

Georgio // Dallas, TX

August 27, 2014
Georgio is fantastic! If you are looking for a professional massage with the right combination of sensual/erotic touches, he's your man. He varies between just the right amount of deep pressure and very sensual strokes. I would have paid him for 90 minutes just for his glute work. He is also extremely good looking, has a killer body, and is educated and articulate.

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