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We found 9 reviews in Minneapolis:

Topper // Chicago, IL

July 22, 2014
I am not sure what I was expecting when Dave showed up. I had read the reviews and frankly, I was not thinking that I wanted to be "topped". But Dave was so kind and gentle and SO MUCH FUN, before I knew it, I was giving it all up. What a great experience. Not at all like some other masseurs. He is a great kisser and he knows how to find your hot buttons and deliver in spades. I would definitely recommend him and give him the top rating because he is truly one of a kind. Definitely not a clock watcher. After we showered and dressed, we went down to the hotel bar for some tacos and wine. I wanted to ask him up to my room again. But he had to go and I had to get some sleep for my meetings the next day. This guy is a total gentleman and a fantastic time. I can see why everyone is raving. I am too. Thanks so much Dave!

Topper // Chicago, IL

June 18, 2014
Mmm, Daddy liked! Blissful experience by a big dong man. From the calm arrival, to the aggressive man handling, to the professionalism of Topper. His guidance is perfect and expertise is hot. He new exactly what I wanted and needed between my legs, and he knew how to provide it without guilt. Until next we meet, handsome.

Topper // Chicago, IL

January 18, 2014
Recently I had the pleasure of visiting ChicagoTopper in Ft Lauderdale. From the moment I walked into this man's domain, I knew I was in for an experience! Topper is a remarkable young man who exudes charm, wit, intuition, and talent.  It was one of the most wonderful and pleasurable experiences of my life.  He touched me knowing just what my body and soul needed. He is one of the kindest, most caring, loving, tender, passionate, skilled, professional men that I have ever met!  He is in control and a true Topper while still being gentle and caring as he made love to me, and I am truly grateful for that. I felt so protected and loved. I can’t wait until he returns and we can have a reunion. Topper is very handsome and has the body of a hung god and knows how to incorporate it into your time together.

Topper // Chicago, IL

July 11, 2013
I meet Dave during a visit to Denver a few months back and eagerly wait for his next visit. He was easy to connect with and worked with me on my crazy scheduling. I was looking for a good massage from a fantastic masseur with a little m2m fun. It had been a while since being with a man but Dave sensed exactly my needs. He gently but firmly opened me up and before I new it I felt him slide is big thick 9 inches up my tight hairy hole. I found my self in a number of positions being ridden by this bull of a man. Can not recommend him more

Topper // Chicago, IL

December 05, 2012
wow,Wow, WOw, WOW!!!! This was one of the most awesome nights I have ever had. Dave is a superb, extremely passionate lover and does he enjoy being the TOP. I just enjoyed an overnight with him--we went non-stop continuously making love throughout the nite. His profile says he is 42, but has the body of a man in his 30s, and has the stamina and energy of a man in his 20s. He's better than the energizer bunny. The English language just doesn't have enough adjectives to describe the experience. It was sooooo awesome (and that seems so inadequate). He took my breath away. In reading some of the previous reviews before I went I thought if I experienced at least half of what they talked about I would be happy. It was much more and the time with him is one to experience. I fell in love with Dave and will without a doubt make more time for him in my life. Just an additional note the different rating charts have a rating for 1-10, they should be more like 1-100 and Dave would blow the lid off a rating of 100 on every single chart!!! Men this man is 1 of a kind, a gift sent from heaven. If you have time enjoy, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Topper // Chicago, IL

December 04, 2012
Tall Topman in Town is absolutely the Tops in every way. I drove two hours to meet Dave and it was so very worth it. This was an erotic/escort type appointment. I have never been so gently, erotically, romantically treated in my life. As an older gentleman myself, and fairly inexperienced, Dave fulfilled so many of my fantasies and gave me so many firsts. He kissed me and loved me and I cried because it was so wonderful. Too bad he is based in Chicago, I really really want to see him again very soon. He is amazing and beautiful. Thank you, Topper for taking such awesome care of me. Hurry back to Portland! You are in my dreams. Josh

Topper // Chicago, IL

October 29, 2012
I first read about Tall Top Man on this site and I liked what I read. I was lucky that he was coming to Indianapolis. I am a submissive bottom and he is a total dominant top, perfect match. I booked 2 hours and as I arrived he immediately kissed me and held me passionately. So handsome, clean and hung!!! I was naked immediately and in his arms. He made me feel so desired and he was so assertive. He knew what I wanted and it seemed he wanted it too. His 6'4" body dwarfed my 5'7" hairy body he and controlled every move. Once deep in my body he guided us into various positions. I was amazed at the ease I accepted his large!!! I couldn't enjoy it enough. My legs wrapped around his long torso. I had only one other experience but Tall Top Man was so much superior. He was warm passionate and so dominant, a real strong young daddy's boy. I intend on visiting him in Chicago next time and it will be overnight. I need multiple sessions with this dominant top. Don't hesitate, call him. He very genuine and delivers everything he says and more. As I said I am a newbie and he put all my nerves to rest, so kind but a total top. As his ad says he likes older, shorter hairy men with a few extra pounds. Thats me and he made me feel desired. I am easy on the eyes but hey I am 56 years old and not everyone likes a daddy but Tall Top Man sure does. Can't wait to see him again.

Topper // Chicago, IL

August 24, 2012
All I can say is WOW. This man has it ALL. His pics are incredible but his deep voice and charisma is overpowering. We set it up by email and he followed up promptly with a phone call. I was nervous when I arrived but he soon alleviated all my anxiety with the most incredible sensuous kiss I've ever had with another man. I melted in his arms. He slowly guided me to his bed and lets just say we BONDED. There's no other way to describe it...and him. If you're looking for the honeymoon bf experience, this is your man. I wisely booked him for 2 hours as he held each other and explored each other's bodies with such passion, the time flew. He is even more handsome than the face pics he sent me prior to our meeting. I recently had some personal issues so I needed his affection, his caring, his sensual touch and of course his attention to release...his and mine. Repeatedly. I travel quite often and will try to see him every chance I get as he is many cities that I also frequent. The only caveat is that I left wanting him for more than a masseur. I've never experienced this kind of passion before. Next time I will have him for OVERNIGHT. I can only imagine what it would be like to be his lover from dusk til dawn. I'm 52, hairy, a few extra pounds, balding. I've had many massages over the years and many with release. I look for a sexy masculine man who knows how to make love with his hands and his body. This is the new gold standard for me.

Topper // Chicago, IL

August 17, 2012
I have been with him three times, the last time for an all night session, he is the best top I have ever had. He can go non-stop for hr's his cock is so hot and so is he. If you are in chicago area and are looking for a masseur, look him up.

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