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June 2015<br />Carson
Above Photo Uploaded: June 2015
Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Custom, Swedish Massage,
Sports Massage, Reflexology 
$ 150 / 60 minutes
$ 200 / 80 minutes
$ 200 / 60 minutes
$ 250 / 80 minutes
  • June 2015<br />Carson
  • June 2015<br />Carson
  • September 2015<br />Carson
  • September 2015<br />Carson

About Carson's Massage

My mission in every client I see is to give not only a first-rate therapeutic massage, but the best massage they've ever had. Please feel confident that you'll be pampered from a physically fit masseur with very strong and intuitive hands. Along with a certification in Swedish massage, I've come to incorporate various other techniques (Deep TIssue, Reflexology, and Stretching) depending on your specific needs of the day, or overall preference. If you're heading to my studio in Chelsea, I work on an extra-wide, extra-plush table (otherwise I use your bed). I provide relaxing music in a very tranquil environment that I specifically created. For an intense spa experience, I now offer a deluxe spa package which includes a relaxing, bubbly salt bath in a combo 11 jet/38 air-jet jacuzzi hot tub prior to or after the massage. For more information on this, or to set up an appointment, please feel free to call or text anytime. (Please note: emails can take 2- 5 hours to finally reach my phone, so please keep that in mind when emailing.) Thank you for viewing my ad, and I hope to hear from you soon! And a big THANK YOU to all those who have taken the time and the initiative to write such kind and heartfelt reviews. I sincerely appreciate it!

Massage Reviews For Carson

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  • March 15, 2015


    Years ago I was in a bad car accident, fender bender and since then always have to get massages every 6 months. I decided to get a massage with Carson. Based on what I was told by a buddy, Carson would be a perfect match for me. And he turned out to be awesome. Male massage review by Tim (2 reviews)
  • July 20, 2010


    I had the incredible fortune of being able to book an appointment with Carson last night and I've gotta say, I'm one hell of a lucky guy that I did. I'm a 63 year old man, and trust me, I've had hundreds of massages over the years, but this massage was something like I've never experienced before nor will I ever forget. Not because it was my last, but because it was the best. Carson has the hands of a God and knows how to use them like no one I've ever met. Every muscle was tended to with such focus and intensity and 24 hours later, I'm still basking in the afterglow of feeling like I haven't felt in years. His studio is wonderful and his massage table is the most comfortable I've ever laid my body on. My suggestion to you....RUN, don't walk to get an appointment. You'll be happy you did. Oh, and by the way, did I tell you that Carson is absolutely gorgeous. Truly the best massage of my life! Male massage review by dan (2 reviews)
  • March 22, 2009


    I have visited several massage therapists in the city, and Carson is now my new favorite! He answered my call promptly and scheduled me for a massage. His studio is very nice... extremely clean (fresh sheets for the massage table) and professional looking. His pictures on here are accurate. He's an extremely good looking guy, and he is very friendly. He used a combination of deep tissue technique and lighter pressure on me. Carson seemed to be very intuitive to my needs and areas of concern. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a REAL massage therapist. It is obvious that Carson is well-trained and intuitive. I give this a 10 plus. Outstanding experience. Male massage review by Jay (2 reviews)
  • January 31, 2014


    Finally got to meet Carson! Fantastic guy with a great demeanor, great hands, and especially cute backside! Convenient Chelsea location and nice pad. His massage worked out every kink from my sport-related injuries and Carson maneuvered around my body using light to deep pressure almost instinctively. I cannot recommend him enough. If it's your first, he'll put you at ease. If you're a pro at this, you WILL NOT be disappointed nor will you be able to hide the fact that your hard on is so stiff that you are about to turn around revealing a meat pole sticking straight up! But keep in mind, he is classy, not blue collar or crass, so show him respect, as he is qualified and worth every dime he earns. Looking at his beautiful chiseled face is worth the entire fee but he gives you so much more. Male massage review by StrctlyBi (3 reviews)
  • May 08, 2013


    Carson was great... He was prompt at returning my text, and was extremely Zen when I arrived and hour later......He was kind, gentle, and professional. His touch is sweet and masculine all at the same time.... I will definitely do back. His massage space is clean and artsy.....Overall I had a wonderful experience. Male massage review by Josh (2 reviews)

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1 hr
Morning, Noon/Lunch, Afternoon, Evening, Night
12 Years
Table, Bed
Custom, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage
Biotone Massage Cream
Wide Range
New York, NY – Carson Cruizian, a male massage therapist, works out of his nicely furnished Chelsea studio, centrally located in New York City. At 5'11 ft, 180 lbs., Carson prides himself with giving one of the best massages in the city. Certified in NYC, Carson combines his knowledge of the anatomy and his intuition to provide what many describe as “heavenly”. With over five years experience, Carson is reported to have built a remarkable clientele base. Carson attributes his success to his loving personality, strong technique, and explorative hands.

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305,541 times
New York City

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