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Fantasy Massage Fulfillment & Foreplay Expert

December 2010<br />J.Anthony
Above Photo Uploaded: December 2010
Type of Massage:
Therapeutic & Erotic
$ 220 / 60 minutes
$ 220 / 90 minutes
  • August 2013<br />J.Anthony
  • December 2010<br />J.Anthony
  • October 2012<br />J.Anthony
  • December 2010<br />J.Anthony
  • June 2013<br />J.Anthony
  • December 2010<br />J.Anthony

About J.Anthony's Massage

FULL LEGIT MASSAGE:IT's Best To Text the Day & Time of Desired Appointment! I offer a unique approach as a Massage Therapist who has a Double Bachelor Degree in Nursing & Psychology. As a sensualist by nature and experience, I find it natural to offer release with an excellent balance between massage and erotica; which keeps me busy, therefore, I appreciate 1-2 day advance notice. My starting price is $220 for 90min described as Royal Treatment Massage and we can discuss in person, after you arrive, regarding longer sessions. It is well known with my regular guys that I truly can mold your body like a clay sculpture using my intuitively strong hands and muscle to body massage/contact. A high quality massage with wonderful exchange of positive and relaxing healing energy. I suggest this longer period of massage that includes sensual aspect for MEN who appreciate finer things in life. I truly am "top notch" guy with an engaging personality. But seriously, as a certified masseur my work is often referred to as heavenly and Have NOT met any other masseurs that exceed my quality. My body and apartment are kept in show room condition; clean, comfortable, and located near 49th & 11th. I live alone, no pets and can offer free easy parking after 7pm. As a healer by nature with all the altruistic traits I've never had a dissatisfied client. Yes, quite handsome, well-built, very wholesome man with intuitive, strong hands and the gift of an "Artistic Touch": A true original. Knowing how to relieve stress, take away pain, rid your body of adhesions and working from point of origin to point of insertion in all muscle groups while applying advanced training skills to glutes/pelvic areas. The more you allow me to work on you then the sweeter & better it gets as I love giving massage mixed with erotica. You will leave feeling great from this overall experience. I'm a natural born lover of men and exude passion naturally as I allow my true self to exhibit thru when giving massage. I possess strong therapeutic knowledge. Any method of contact is adequate but I tend to look at TEXT first & appreciate a contact #. Rates: $220/90+ minutes as I work real "hard" to spoil you with lots of foreplay (Royal Treatment): usually exceeds expectations. Reasonable & special request are acceptable. World Class & Satisfaction Guaranteed! JUST UNBLOCK YOUR PHONE BEFORE CALLING. NO PRIVATE #'s. Real Pics! Polish-Slavic-Italian guy. 200lbs'- 5'11" all natural muscle, all Natural Pheromones. You will be treated as an individual :)
ADDENDUM: An Extra Charge of $40 is added for intense deep tissue and highly skilled therapeutic work and an Extra charge of $40 to $80 for overtly Erotic work. Please note that I must charge for labor intense purposes and have reached a point where I perform more skills on fewer people. $220 is my STARTING Rate. Thank you

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  • January 06, 2014


    Superb experience today. I arrived a few minutes late and the welcome was warm and friendly. The massage room in his HK apartment is spacious and comfortable. He took the time to chat to me beforehand about what I was looking for and how I felt about massage. He explained what he planned to do and then delivered... The massage started with some serious deep tissue work and stretching in my neck and shoulders where I am tight from computer work. He made a real effort to loosen me up and this was much more than the 'polite precursor' I have sometimes experienced. As the session went on it became more sensual and he used his body wonderfully to make the occasion genuinely erotic rather than just transactional. We chatted at length after the massage and he's a really interesting guy with hinterland and a genuine desire to massage rather than it being a 'fill in'. I have to say his body is absolutely amazing and he knows how to use it. Was staggered at the end of my massage that 90 mins had passed so quickly. Would definitely return whether looking for something more therapeutic or erotic
  • October 05, 2013


    This is my second time with Tony, on a recent trip to NY I found some time to sneak away from a crazy day and relax on this superman's table. He has a great space in Hells Kitchen easy to find and for New York this pace is great he has a large room dedicated just for massage. If you ever been to a masseus in NY you know this is treat in it self. Tony's massage is one of the best, great deep work strong touch when you needed it and a erotic spark when you least expect it. this guy is amazing well priced for NY and his looks are even better in person, I hear he gets to Houston know and then I will sure drive the 3 hours to Houston from Austin just to see him again. Thanks for being one of the good ones Tony. you make the rest of us Massage guys proud Your friend from Austin. G
    Masseur Remarks:
    Quote: "Nowadays, people know the price of everything, and (rarely) the value of nothing. " Oscar Wilde So, thank you for valuing my Art. Best Regards-
  • September 27, 2013


    I had the distinct pleasure in meeting J. Anthony last evening as his place. From start to finish it was a wonderful massage mixed with sensual and erotic moments. He's a true professional in giving an excellent massage, working out all the kinks and finding those knots. His place is very nice and the massage room is just right. The lighting and music are perfect. The words in his ad are all true. Don't hesitate to book a session with him. Thank you J. Anthony. I slept very well last night.
    Masseur Remarks:
    A pleasurable, professional and personal massage. It's my standard. Thank you for the review.
  • March 07, 2013


    It's daunting to right a review for someone that has a long list of superlative reviews. However, having spent just 90+ minutes with this guy I am moved to add my comments to that of his other extremely satisfied clients. J Anthony tells it like it is. He is straight forward and articulate. His philosophy of combining therapeutic and erotic massage comes from a genuine appreciation (attraction, respect, and passion) for the male body. During our session he was regularly checking in on my likes, dislikes and adjusted his therapy accordingly. I felt that my needs, which ranged from relaxation, deep tissue massage and erotic release where recognized and responded to, surprisingly way beyond my expectations. When I left his apartment I asked myself.... did that really just happen or was I engaged in some sort of erotic/therapeutic fantasy? The reality is that I was with a completely professional massage therapist, totally capable of orchestrating both a therapeutic and wildly erotic experience, while remaining in control at all times. Two days later, I am still blown away by what and how it all happened! J Anthony is a well muscled dude whose body resembles the homoerotic sculpture of Michelangelo. He generously provides access to his physical treasures throughout the session while combining both therapeutic and erotic massage. I am just one of many grateful clients who were moved to recognize this guys talent, beautiful physical attributes and genuine commitment to deliver a service that way exceeded my expectations.
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thank You, Thank you, Thank you and Thanks to M4M for allowing me to meet such extraordinary people here in New York. Best Regards-
  • February 19, 2013


    I like MEN not BOYS. Anthony is a total MAN. I read Anthony's ad and was instantly intrigued by the visual and the notion of being massaged by him. Scheduling was easy and efficient. His massage location cannot be any more convenient - easily accessible. Anthony immediately put me at ease. His massage technique was varied and the erotic elements better than I ever imagined. I will DEFINITELY schedule another session and look forward to this stud touching me again! A full 10/10.
    Masseur Remarks:
    Thx. I am a man's man and I have the patience to make guys feel like they have not only had a fantastic massage but that their is still passion and love in the world. Yes, some muscle guys can be very romantic and sexy too! Best Regards
  • July 24, 2012


    I had my first massage from Anthony today. He scheduled me in at the last minute. I ran a little late and texted him so he knew, but he didn't rush me at all and let me shower. His apartment is very nicely decorated. He has a room designated for massage, which is nice, and the table was nice and sturdy. Anthony's massage was SOOOOOO good and he is such an easygoing guy. He is strong and knows what he's doing. He is also really attractive, a man's man. The massage was heaven from start to the ever so wonderful finish. I didn't notice until I left, but he went over time and was relaxed and NEVER felt rushed. He is an A+++++ in my book.
    Masseur Remarks:
    I stand by the belief that a massage can be of therapeutic excellence and generously playful. The point of such a massage experience is to allow the guys to forget about the world for a while and in this respect, I choose not to rush. Enjoyed meeting you.

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