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Therapeutic & Sensual
$ 160 / 60 minutes
$ 220 / 60 minutes
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About Andres's Massage


I do offer a SENSUAL experience. This is full NUDE MASSAGE, but I'm open to making sure you have an excellent time. Just let me know what you are looking to do and I will accommodate.

I am well educated, cultured and well presented. I have a pleasant personality, absolutely no attitude, good company and I am a lot of fun.

My place is a modern, clean and APT. TIME SQUARE LOCATION . If I don't answer my phone, just leave me a clear message and I'll call you back. Now relax and lets have a good time together. text my phone, email me or call me and we can schedule our session together.

$160 Incalls Cash/CC Visa Master Amex Disc USD.
$220 Oucalls Cash/CC Visa Master Amex Disc USD.

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  • August 24, 2014


    Andres is a remarkable young man. He is handsome, friendly, compassionate and so sexy. He made me feel like I was in heaven. He knows the male body well and gives one of the strongest, most sensual massages that I ever received. Andres respects your wishes and is excellent at helping me try new things. I will definitely book Andres again. I would wrap him up and take him home if I could. An exceptional young man. Male massage review by Matt (10 reviews)
  • August 21, 2014


    The massage is never the same! Andres has an innate ability to know exactly what to focus on during each session. On top of all the sensual fun, this time my back and legs were left in bliss, and boy did go to town to get me there. As a regular massage therapist of mine, Andres has gotten know my body and my cues, both vocal and otherwise. I am truly lucky to have Andres as part of my healing and sensual regimen. Male massage review by F–type (10 reviews)
  • August 20, 2014


    I have been with Andres numerous times as he is the only masseur I use. Words can not describe this hot sexy Latino and his techniques. I see him on a regular basis and it's so great to know that he is always accommodating, professional and just the best all around. This is an experience you won't forget. His body is amazingly rock hard and he is gorgeous. His pictures are the real deal. Male massage review by Ralph (5 reviews)
  • June 20, 2014


    I've had a lot of massages by any number of people. Andres was: 1. Very professional, HOT, and soooo sensual. 2. The "out-call" was perfect. 3. Andres' touch is what you want it to be, I prefer deep tissue and he did not disappoint. 4. Did I say he was HOT and hung with a gigantic bubble butt your whole family would want to kiss and spank if they could?! So handsome and a GREAT body and when he took off his pants... I started to pre-cum. 5. He was as nice and professional and sensual and HOT and sensual and HOT and sensual and HOT. The hottest man who's ever touched me. Bravo Andres! Male massage review by MiamiHeat (3 reviews)
  • June 17, 2014


    This was my fifth time with Andres. Needless to say, he's amazing. I no longer search this site for other masseurs because they don't get any better than this compassionate and sexy Latino. Andres makes it all about you. Extremely handsome, great body with a nice thick piece. I love touching his rock hard arms. He's personality will immediately put you at ease. Highly recommend him! Male massage review by Ralph (5 reviews)
  • June 07, 2014


    Another slamdunk massage on m4m. Best website. Had a wonderful, nurturing time with Andres. He has a unique style that combines pressure and long strokes that completely relaxes you. He understands all parts of the body and how they interrelate with sexuality, something that many masseurs don't understand. Through that knowledge, he's able to to produce a massage and sensations that are nurturing for the body, the mind, the soul. I was in heaven under his tender arms. It feels wonderful with his hands working all of your nude body.. I highly recommend Andres as a therapist, both for his skill and for his awesome personality. Male massage review by Thicklove (5 reviews)
    Masseur Remarks:
    thanks very much,u r special and beautiful person, andres
  • March 13, 2014


    Really sweet sexy guy. He was open to my wants & needs. I was left very satisfied & eager to book my next session. Male massage review by Sean (1 review)
  • March 06, 2014


    I consider myself lucky to be warmed up by Andres during the worst weather I've ever seen in my life. New York, what is up with you?! Andres is serious fun! He gives a massage as good as any spa but the addition of nudity and his signature erotic touch blows away any store competition. For New York, Andres can't be beat! Male massage review by amir (8 reviews)
  • March 05, 2014


    This was my first time with Andres! He is more than accommodating in taking a last minute appointment. Andres greeted me at his door with a warm smile, with that magnificent body of his, and with an ability to provide an exceptional massage. He is a strong guy, very professional, a truly wonderful massage therapist and a good conversationalist. And yes he looks sexier, so much better in person and treats you with respect, as a very good friend. No attitude, truly a straight up man that has great hands. His massage is excellent from start to finish. He customizes the pressure according to your own tolerance level, the perfect way to distress! So far Andres is the masseur to beat! Hopefully I will meet him soon again Male massage review by James (1 review)
  • February 12, 2014


    This was my fourth time with Andres! He replies promptly and is always courteous and punctual. Andres is the best if the best. He is gorgeous on the outside but has an even more beautiful heart and personality. From the moment he greeted me with a kiss and hug until we parted with a kiss and hug, he made it all about me. When I am in NYC this is the only one for me. He is completely confident in giving you a boyfriend like experience. He has a beautiful muscled body and a thick Latin cock to go with it. I can't say enough about this sexy Latino man. Simply the best! Male massage review by Ralph (5 reviews)
  • February 10, 2014


    Andres is really such an amazing man. Extremely sexy and down to earth, but more than that he is a very gifted healer. Great impression whenever I see him. His timing is perfect, his sexy body is perfect - everything from his handsome face to his beautiful pecs and nice nips to how he touches you with his loving hands. And never forgetting about the release at the end that just sends me throbbing. Andres gives one of the best sensual massages in New York. No need to go to anyone else! And he works in all your kinks while staying very professional and sensitive to your limits. I will always hire him back. Male massage review by davies46 (9 reviews)
  • February 06, 2014


    I was recommended to book Andres for a session by a colleague who said he is the one to call for massage, bar none. I trust this friend of mine so I def booked an appt with Andres. Tonight, I am reporting that I had one of the most sensuous experiences of my life! Andes opened the gates of my inhibitions and for sixty minutes took me in a world that every human being should savor at least once in a lifetime. He is engaging, participative, generous. His techniques professional. His body and attitude out of this world hot (hung, hard, sensual, macho, aggressive). His Latin warmth made me comfortable and I felt the flow of his energy mesmerizing me and intensifying the benefits of the massage. Andres is the perfect man for what I would call the most sensual experience of my entire thirties. If I could get my lover to book a session, I am sure our love life will turn to dynamite again. Male massage review by David (6 reviews)
  • February 05, 2014


    Book Andres. He is well worth it! The king of the friendly, man to man massage and sexual interaction! It began with a text, his response was quick and nice. His space is warm and quiet and his welcoming hug set the tone for our session. The massage was at once extremely relaxing and thoroughly sensual. His touch is deep and tender and being next to him naked set me on fire! I found him amazingly intuitive about my body and the release at the end had me hard for 2 hours afterwards. Andres stayed connected and present for the entire time. it was amazing! Andres is sexy as hell and really great at this! Male massage review by maxgr8 (11 reviews)
  • January 31, 2014


    Had a great time worshiping Andres' amazing body. I feel he equally gave me such attention in my massage that saying Andres is anything short of breathtaking would be selling him short. He is a perfect man! I'm Bi so just imagine the initial worry calling up guys on here. Andres gave me no attitude whatsoever and communicates better than any of the other guys I've contacted. He truly is a closeted man's dream come true. He also has unbelievable sex appeal and a package that can't be described here without steaming my lenses! His chest with those perky set of nips make me blush. Very hot! His pictures also do not lie. He looks like them all and even better... both clothed and naked! I would rate the massage a 100, his attitude 100, his sexiness 100. Everything was exactly as I hoped for. Male massage review by Neil (8 reviews)
  • January 20, 2014


    I guess the summary of my massage experience with Andres was, well- Amazing! I wanted a great naked massage experience and Andres was the perfect choice. I’m a bit on the reserved side in business but not in physicality, and there are so many choices for a mediocre massage but not for a great massage. I always read the masseurs description of how they view themselves, plus what the reviewers have to say. I was looking for a massage experience that was relaxing, de-stressing, balancing the emotional as well as the desire to be around a great naked man with a big tool! Andres' massage style will leave you refreshed, energized and motivated to face the big city. In Andres’ title he uses the phrase “real person” and his description and insights about communication and comfort being naked among men was the perfect foundation. Every man is unique and I believe every massage is unique, so the communication part is a key to making the experience great. Andres' massage, stretches, and erotic style were all everything I had envisioned- relaxing, while at the same time stimulating to the bone. The time flew by and it was a 10pm. He is a great guy who treats you with kindness and respect. Can it get any better? In New York City, I don't think anyone can pass Andres. Can’t wait to have another massage session when I get back. Thank you for the great time! Male massage review by F–type (10 reviews)

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Therapeutic & Sensual
Afternoon, Evening, Late Night
4 Years
Table, Bed
Erotic , Sensual
Massage Cream, Massage Oil, Soothing Touch Massage Cream, Soothing Touch Massage Oil
Ask me for details
incall, outcall, hotel, travel
He combines Swedish massage with erotic elements using his naked body, he loves body contact, so BE CLEAN. You can take a shower before and after the session. My place is a modern, clean and private Apt. in midtown west TIMES SQUARE LOCATION.Downtown Location.

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