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Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Custom, Swedish Massage,
Reflexology, Lomi Lomi...

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new york city
$ 90 / 80 minutes
$ 110 / 100 minutes

About David's Massage

I'm reopening my practice after a year off and relocating to the east coast. It feels wonderful to be back!!

I am an intuitive and skilled spiritual counselor, bodyworker, sacred intimate, and healer who has been studying and giving bodywork privately since 1979, professionally off and on since 2003. Touch is a spiritual practice for me -- affirming the unity of spirit and body, using a range of modalities and modes of communication to celebrate the wholeness of self and the sacred, potential of the body.

I receive a lot of bodywork (I think everyone should), and every modality I encounter informs my work. All the stuff I like gets integrated into my own personal style of touch. You'll recognize elements of Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, , and Lomi Lomi for sure, and I couldn't begin to tell you what all else has crept in over the years.

I work happily with folks of all ages, races, genders. I work with a lot of Trans men and am totally comfortable with men of all body types.

At home, I work on a table, primarily using pure fractionated coconut oil. It's good for your skin, it washes out of fabric, and it's almost entirely without scent. I believe full body massage to be an essential element of holistic healing and health maintenance. Inevitably, all engagement on this level is therapeutic, , and . It can be soothing or adventurous or ecstatic, or all three and more. During our time together, you decide where you want to receive touch and where you don't. Please arrive for your session having recently showered. If you need to shower here before we start, no problem, but the time does count as part of our session. You choose the degree to which you stay clothed/draped or not -- just choose whatever will allow you to feel most fully present and blessed in your body. My keeping my shirt or shorts on is part of my commitment to be present with and for you at every moment.

I specialize in butt touch and have been giving presentations and leading workshops around the country for a number of years. If butt play is something new or intimidating to you, I can definitely help. If you are interested in any kind of internal touch ( massage, for example), please do a light cleansing before we begin.

If you are interested in a Sacred Intimate mode of engagement, I am happy to talk about what you want from our session and how I can help provide that. Please ask if you want to know more about Sacred Intimacy work.

My druthers are to play classical music when we work together. Feel free, though, to supply a disc or two of any music you want to hear. Alternatively, ask for no music at all.

For out calls when I don't bring a table, we can use either a bed or padded floor for touch work. I've gotten very adept at working this way; you won't be disappointed.

Until I get to know you well, I will solicit your feedback often during the session. We can converse or maintain quiet otherwise, whatever ensures you the best experience possible. The session begins and concludes with a moment of blessing for your physical self and your life. I am confident you'll feel the joy in both body and spirit.

What I ultimately guarantee is a spiritual connection with you. I promise to be fully present for you, regardless of how we choose to use the time. Some clients ask for a session composed primarily of speech or meditation. Other clients want to begin with a greater level of physical engagement. The way we spend the time is up to us. The cost is determined purely according to the length of our session.

People ask about tipping. Here is my philosophy:
If a session is especially meaningful to you, yes it is fully appropriate to offer a gratuity. Extended or distant travel for an out call can incur extra costs, obviously. Please don't be shy in inquiring about the money aspect if you have any questions.

Thanks and blessings!


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Varies, Please Contact
Morning, Afternoon, Evening
12 Years
Custom, Deep Tissue, Integrative Massage, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, Swedish Massage
Massage Oil, Biotone Massage Cream, Coconut Oil
Wide Range
David is a queer academic and activist, theatre artist, sex educator, clergy-person, and healer. He has practiced yoga for over twenty years, and is an experienced voice and breath coach as well. Massage is one of the talents with which he was born and a skill he has honed over the years.

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Body Grooming
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Gong Meditation
Hair styling
Inversion Table Therapy
Life Coaching
Meditation Coaching
Mud treatments
Nutrition Consulting
Personal Training
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Yoga Instruction

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