Relax, Let Go, Let Me Take Control

May 2014<br />John
Above Photo Uploaded: May 2014
Type of Massage:
Therapeutic & Erotic
$ 100 / 60 minutes
$ 140 / 90 minutes
  • May 2014<br />John
  • May 2014<br />John
  • July 2013<br />John

About John's Massage

I like to take care of my guys and make them feel good using a combination of strong technique and erotic touch. I get off on seeing the results my clients experience once in a deep state of relaxation. I use a massage table, massage oil and work with my clients needs and requests. I am certified in Swedish Massage and Therapeutic Touch and use these techniques to give a full body massage. So for a total mind body experience just Relax, Let Go, Let Me Take Control.

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  • January 25, 2014


    John was able to see me fairly quickly and made me feel comfortable right away. His warm and strong hand immediately put me at ease and the tensions of the day melted away. As he continued the massage he brought me to new heights and had me experience some new massage techniques that I would definitely request again. I left feeling renewed, refreshed and re-energized. Male massage review by Peter (2 reviews)
  • September 08, 2012


    I have used John many times in the past and will continue to use him everytime that I am in PHL. He has always been available for when I have sent him emails..He is a very carry and great looker. His massages have always been very professional and I have always felt very relaxed and fantastic after the massage. He has always worked out any kinks that I have had and it last for several days afterwards. His pics absolutely do him no justice, he is a very good looking man and it shows in his actions and attitude. Thanks alot John Male massage review by mike (1 review)
  • September 04, 2012


    John has the most powerful fantastic hands i have encountered. A hard chest and upper arms keeps those hands strong for the entire massage time, usually 90 minutes. If you choose the nude and mutual touch, the rest is great as well. I think that in a parallel universe he is an iron worker building the Eiffel Tower, probably by himself. Beautiful private studio, never rushed. If you think that you deserve the Best, than you have found it here. b Male massage review by brian (8 reviews)
  • August 22, 2012


    I had my first appointment with John yesterday. It was easy to set up the appointment via email which I did the day before. I arrived at his studio on time and he was there waiting for me. He introduced himself and he showed me to his studio. He was very cordial and welcomming. The studio is very neat and clean with a calm and peaceful feel. After discussing any physical issues I was having, and asking if the room temperature was OK, he put on some soothing music and we got started. His touch was firm and confident and was very relaxing. He worked on the areas I mentioned and he found a few more on his own. He made sure throughout the massage that I was comfortable and having an enjoyable experience. I had a 60 minute session which although lasted a few minutes longer, seemed to be over all too soon. I was so relaxed, it took me awhile to get up from the table. A few minutes later I left his studio feeling great. I would recommend John to any guy interested in a totally relaxing experience and I will definitly go back as often as I can. Male massage review by Jim (1 review)
  • August 15, 2012


    With each visit to John, he earns a greater degree of trust from me. John is prompt, courteous, respects my limits, and honors the full time to the minute. His repertoire ranges ranges from therapeutic to sensual and for those interested in a leather experience he allows for complete submission to his hands as a massage therapist. Though other masseurs may be younger and appear more attractive on the outside, John has always delivered with a deeply satisfying experience. I have seen John at least five times and he continues to be my 'go to' massage guy. Male massage review by Mike (1 review)

More about his massage services

Therapeutic & Erotic
1 hr
Morning, Noon/Lunch, Afternoon, Evening
14 Years
Swedish Massage , Therapeutic Touch
Heated Oil, Massage Oil
John provides an exceptionally relaxing and personalized full body massage experience. Strong hands and 10 years of experience makes for great bodywork.

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