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Muscular Asian ( In Seattle Today )

November 2013<br />Toro
Above Photo Uploaded: November 2013
Type of Massage:
Therapeutic & Sensual
$ 95 / 60 minutes
$ 135 / 90 minutes
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About Toro's Massage

- - - - - - - DONE with TAX return? . . . . . .. It's time to TREAT YOURSELF !

PLEASE TEXT or CALL ME DIRECTLY ....... if you must email, please leave a CONTACT NUMBER, thanks.

Many of my photos are BRAND NEW, they were taken the week of 11/25/2013 in Las Vegas. With my massage, you will absolutely experience a great amount of RENEWED sensual joy and happiness. I LOVE to work out. I take good care of your body by starting with my own. Many of you are feeling sluggish in the new year, but I'm just with guy with the BODY and MIND to help you feel fantastic. You have to take the FIRST STEP and CALL ME!

My studio is in First Hill neighborhood, at the cross streets of E. Jefferson and 11th Ave. Professional massage table here, sanitized after each use.

$95 Hour> $135 for 90 minutes Asian, 38, 5-10, 180, gym body, smooth skin, friendly non-judgmental. Clients describe me as personable, masculine, extremely knowledgeable in therapeutic and sensual body work skills. I have over 10 years of massage experience in Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco. My massage is a fusion of restorative stretching, deep tissue, Asian acupressure, and reflexology to help fully erase your stress build-up. Through the years, I have helped clients alleviate lower back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome pain, neck and shoulder problems, and recurring rotator cuff injury symptoms. My passion is to create a sensual massage experience that builds a more intimate connection between me and my client. It will heighten your senses and invigorate your entire body. FEELING FANTASTIC IS HOW I WILL BOND WITH YOU.

What are you waiting for, my friend? Call me now!

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  • August 19, 2013


    After reading many reviews of Toro I was very intrigued (not to mention his gorgeous pictures). I scheduled an appointment with him prior to arriving in Seattle. Toro was very polite and a knowledgeable over the phone which put me at ease immediately. Toro arrived promptly at my hotel and gave me a fabulous massage that relaxed me greatly after a very long and exhausting flight. His magical hands helped to relieve weeks of pent up stress from work. During the entire session, Toro was very attentive to my needs and exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend Toro and wished that he lived in my home city (I would have a massage very week). Thanks again Toro!
  • January 29, 2013


    Toro is the real deal. Appointment was easy to set up, and he has a nice - although small - studio not too far from downtown and parking was easy when I was there on a weekend afternoon. The massage began with some very nice work on my back legs and arms and proceeded from there, Toro knows what he's doing and is easy on the eyes. I left satisfied and with all my tensions released. If you're in Seattle you might want to catch him soon, as he's talking about moving to Vegas in the near future.
  • October 28, 2012


    I was home for the week and decided to get a massage. We do not have many masseurs listed here in Seattle but I had great luck last time so I decided to check m4m again. i had seen Toro's ad before and contacted him. It was a cinch to schedule a session. He has a tight, muscular physique when you see him in person.His massage session was a real pleasure, and he has very strong hands. I am glad I found another great masseur in the area.
  • August 08, 2012


    This is one sexy hunk! The massage was EXCELENTE! Hands, arms, neck, shoulders, legs, and calves, and everywhere in between. Nothing was missed by Toro. If you are truly looking for a great massage by a sexy guy with some nice pectoral muscles to boot, don’t miss this Bull Toro. I know I’ll be seeing him again soon.
  • April 11, 2012


    To see Toro one last time in SF a quite a bit emotional for me. His comforting aura plus flawless skills have kept my nagging lower back trouble free since 2010. A very impressive man in his total dedication with nice looks. I became a repeat client after a friend at my gym recommended him to me. It's hard to pick a masseur out of hundred of flashy ads without even the minimal personal connection. I particularly noticed the joyous tone in my friend's voice as he described the massage session. Needless to say,Toro came off as well spoken and open even during my initial phone call to him. He scored high on the trust factor. After explaining my specific issues, he assured me I would be well taken care of through his experise. He is generous to share what he knows regarding daily physical care and to keep stress symptoms away. Spiritual and wise at same time. I love how he maintains a balance of therapeutic and sensual energys throughout a session. I believe in his passions when he talks about them. For focused healing bodywork, he's the real deal, and he's got the right stuff to work with. Toro really extends himself to make me feel better in his presence.That to me is a must have quality in men who provide a personal service to other men. Of all the masseurs I hired over the years, Toro is among the top few who stand out in my mind. Bon voyage, Mr. Toro.
  • January 04, 2012


    I called Toro on the day following a grueling 7.5 hour drive back from LA to SF. He spoke as if we were long time friends and accommodated a late evening session. His studio is very comfortable and he is a beautiful guy both inside and out. I explained that he could be as rough as he wanted as I am accustomed to deep tissue massages. Toro is very strong and truly understands muscle tissue with all of the particular connection points and stress areas. In short he was awesome. It is disappointing that we will be losing such a talent back to Seattle.

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