Massages for Men: Did You Know Massages Have These 9 Benefits?

One of the most well-known benefits to massage therapy is the reduction of stress and increased relaxation. But did you know that a massage can also help to decrease pain, speed up the healing process, and improve overall health? The wide range of massage types and techniques used by gay masseurs allows massage therapy to have a variety of different benefits for men, and we’re here to highlight 9 of them.  

Massage for Men: Safety and Benefits

Defined as the manual manipulation of soft body tissues (specifically muscles, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments), massages help to enhance overall health along with boosting physical and mental well-being.

Massages are more than just an indulgence. Scientific research points out that massages actually help with pain and other symptoms associated with different health conditions. While most of these benefits are short term, getting routine massages will allow the continuation of these benefits to become long term. Another added benefit to massage therapy are the few health risks associated with them. Oftentimes, other avenues to help ease pain can bring on a whole onslaught of other annoying symptoms, but with massages that’s not the case. What are some other benefits to massage therapy?

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Gay Massage Finder: 8 Popular Massage Types You Should Know About

A massage is one of the best things to do for the body, mind, and spirit. But with over 200 different types and techniques of massages, it might be overwhelming to decide which one will be the most beneficial to your needs. Being the leading online gay massage finder, below we’re highlighting 8 of the most popular massage types so you can make an educated decision on what one you should get.

Relaxation and Stress Relief

Perfect for first-time massage goers, and those looking for stress relief, relaxation, or releasing muscle tension, relaxation and stress relief massages will leave you feeling “reset”.

1: Swedish Massage

The most popular (and standard) of massages, the Swedish massage was founded on Western concepts of physiology and anatomy. During this massage, your gay masseur will use a variety of strokes. At first, these strokes will glide over the body, but it will end concentrating on certain problem areas (which will be discussed before the massage starts).

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5 Things To Know Before Becoming A Male Massage Therapist

You’re interested in becoming a male massage therapist. Congrats on taking the first step towards a career that is both rewarding and impactful. What should you know before committing to massage therapy? What are the educational requirements and physical demands in this field?

At MassageM4M, we’re answering these questions along with revealing the truth about male massage therapy and giving advice for career enhancement and success. Continue reading to learn everything about becoming a male massage therapist.

What to Know Before Becoming a Male Massage Therapist

Male massage therapy is a great career where people can truly help others feel both physically and emotionally better. While there’s a lot to consider before taking the plunge to become a gay masseur, below are 5 of the most important things to know.

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13 Reasons Why Massages for Men are so Important

Pumping iron at the gym, weekend sporting games, heavy-duty home improvement projects – it’s no secret that these activities can take a huge toll on muscles causing intense strain. But did you know that everyday stress and muscle tension can lead to soreness and other potential health and body problems if not properly addressed? Massage therapy can help. Booking a male massage will alleviate the suffering you are experiencing from strenuous activity. But that’s just one reason why massages are so important. Continue reading on to learn some of the other reasons why massages for men are extremely beneficial and needed more often than you think.

1: Massages for Men Increase Faster Recovery & Improved Performance

Massages are a necessity for men who regularly play physical sports. Not only will a male massage help to ease muscle tension but just one appointment can actually boost the circulatory and immune system which aids in a faster recovery. While any type of massage is helpful, a sports massage can really speed up the healing process and even improve athletic performance.

2: Relieves Discomfort from Intense Workouts

In conjunction to the first reason, male massages are known to provide relief, especially when discomfort is felt after heavy weight lifting. How so? A deep tissue massage targets specific proteins (inflammatory cytokines) and will help to reduce inflammation and pain by soothing sore muscles. Massages also increase levels of protein, which signal muscles to produce mitochondria resulting in speedy muscle recovery from activity.

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10 Health Problems Your Male Massage Therapist Knows About You & Your Body

Did you know that massage therapists can detect more than just stress? Due to their extensive training and core understanding of the human body, male massage therapists can often times detect several different kinds of health problems their clients are facing (sometimes before they even know about them). Below we’re uncovering ten health problems your male massage therapist knows about you and your body.

#1: You have a desk job or sit for hours each day

Your male massage therapist will be able to guess pretty quickly that you sit at a desk all day. How? There are a few warning signs including having a weaker lower back, tight glutes and leg muscles, and rounded shoulders.

While a massage is a great way to get some relief, there are some quick fixes that you can do during the day to help aid in your relief. While sitting at your desk, take a break and do the following exercise: tense up your shoulders, hold and squeeze for ten seconds, then drop them down and relax as you let gravity pull your shoulders down into a relaxing position.

This quick stretch combined with regular massages will give your body (and you) a much needed release of muscle tension and stress.

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Male Massage Therapist & Top Qualities to Look for

Top Qualities to Look for in a Male Massage Therapist

Is your hectic lifestyle causing aches and pains you never had before? Stress headaches and chronic back and neck pain are just some of the problems that can pop up as a result of a busy schedule. What is the best thing to relieve the pain and prevent it from recurring? A terrific massage!

What you need is a fantastic male massage therapist who will help you get rid of your aches and pains and make you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!

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Here are the 5 Main Reasons to Use a Gay Massage Therapist

When it comes to massages, there is typically a bias between a gay massage therapist and female therapists – due to outdated societal “norms”.  Most women prefer a female massage therapist, and so do many men. This isn’t too surprising, given that more than 80 percent of licensed massage therapists are women. Male massage therapists, especially professional, gay male massage therapists, are hard to find, and even when they are available, most clients choose female therapists.

Societal norms of the recent past have skewed people’s perceptions of what is “normal” when it comes to massage therapists and clients gender. When a client goes to get a massage at a spa, the first question they face is whether they want a male or a female massage therapist. Sometimes, even if a man is gay, and prefers a male massage therapist, he might choose a female massage therapist simply to hide their sexual orientation, or because he doesn’t want to be judged.

Though things are changing for the good and most people now accept different sexual orientations, there are many reasons why some men would like to keep their sexual preferences under wraps. Considering the fact that there is a severe shortage of gay massage therapists all over the country, platforms like MassageM4M can help you source and hire a professional male masseur with complete privacy in the city of your choice and comfort of your own space. And there are a concrete number of reasons why men – gay or not – should choose a gay massage therapist. Below are the five main reasons why….    Continue reading “Here are the 5 Main Reasons to Use a Gay Massage Therapist”