Let Me Help You Let Go  
June 2015<br />Brent
Above Photo Uploaded: June 2015
Techniques: Deep Tissue,
Swedish Massage, Sports Massage,
Reflexology, Aromatherapy...
$ 120 / 60 minutes
$ 150 / 90 minutes
$ 140 / 60 minutes
$ 160 / 90 minutes

Brent's Gay Massage in Kansas City, MO

See more of my photos & videos at http://www.lockedphotos.com/50344/
What really makes my massage unique is that I take the time to access your body, get in the muscle and find what is really stressing that muscle out.

With attention to breathing and relaxation I can help you let go of what you are holding on to and can also heighten your level of relief.

Having completed massage school in Dallas and training in Hawaii as well I have been practicing massage now for 13 yrs.

I am interested in giving you an experience that when you get off my table, you'll have a better relaxed sense of relief and a better outlook on life through my massage techniques.

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Morning, Afternoon, Evening
14 Years
Table, Bed
Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Reiki, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point
Various, Biotone Massage Gel
Medium to Deep
I grew up in Tennessee and spent the last 15 yrs in Dallas, Austin, and New York. While attending massage school in Dallas I found out that I am a natural. I like meeting new and keeping in touch with clients as I am a people person and like how massages make other people feel in their spirit, mind, body and soul lifting them up to new levels and gives me a good feeling to know that I was a part of that experience.

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99,126 times
Kansas City

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