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Home City:
santa monica
I also offer massage in: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point
  • Yoga
Hey buds.

Ex-soccer player and swimmer here, 6'1, 190.

Professionally trained masseur - 8 years experience. Rolfing and lomi and physical therapy stretching. Used to work on a pro baseball team. So this is real therapy. I Still work on pro athletes- ufc fighters - mma and reg joes so all r welcomed.

This is my own specialized Deep Sport combination (see below) massage technique I created. Not only is it a relaxing massage- but it is very beneficial to your health and well-being.

Massaging your deep knots and pressure points inflammation areas over your body and under the muscles. Using- rolfing and trigger point skills- I can get under the muscle and add or subtract as much pressure needed in the certain area- breaking down toxins and build up knots. Adding lomi lomi into it for the longer massage strokes.

Combination available with Physical Therapy muscle stretching to the massage this way you can manipulate the muscle groups and inner joint pain or build up mass fluids and tight/solid fibers and tendons p floor. . Making sure your alignment/core and hip flexors R in proper place and shoulder and posture structure is even.

I use my body weight during the massage. Also do forearm foam rolling to dig deep into the muscle fibers - a skill i came up with. Very strong hands here . I have lots of regulars but m glad to talk to you and figure out the best massage modalities for you.

I also worked on many injuries so please dont be afraid to call me if you had a muscle or fiber tear or any other type , trust me i have seen it all and dealt with it all. I have saved many guys and pro athletes from surgeries- Im able to brake up scar tissues so it wont inflame. also getting back more range of motion from the muscle movement . so we can fix u up!!! If you want just a more relaxing massage i can do lomi lomi with some lite stretching.


Incall (Starting at)

$ 80 / 30 minutes

Outcall (Starting at)

$ 80 / 30 minutes
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