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I don't use flowery language to describe anything about the massage. Special oils, candles, soft music, "strong but gentle hands" are just marketing tactics from others that are usually not formally trained. From a massage standpoint, I know where I stand amongst my competition - there isn't much. If there were, I would be seeing them as a client.

If you are visiting from out of town and have a chronic issue. You have one shot. I'm that massage therapist. My work is informed from real time experience and formal education.

The pressure I use is typically firm and strong, but without pain. I incorporate compression and firm myofascial modalities. Firm pressure is what separates my work from the larger percentage of massage therapists. I no longer do Swedish massage.

When you get on my massage table, I will ask a few questions and monitor your comfort level during the massage appointment. Otherwise, I do the massage to focus on your relaxation. The goal is to bring relief to your body and for you to zone out during the appointment.

I will occasionally book an appt. in advance, but it seems to work out better for me and for you (the client) when appts. are booked on the same day. If I have the time available, last minute booking is welcomed.

The fastest method for setting up an appt. is a call or text. If texting, please know that I cannot get into extended back and forth Q and A.

I often hear the stories from my clients of massage by others that are not good experiences. This is why I offer 30 minute appointments. Should you decide while on the table that you are comfortable with the massage, I can usually extend the time to an hour. No one should ever have to count down the minutes of a bad massage to end.



$ 90 / 60 minutes$ 60 / 30 minutes


$ 140 / 60 minutes
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